A suitcase is opened. Plus DC's new speedster, Crossover arrives & more! The record is taken into evidence by Len, who listens to a portion of the record before bagging it as evidence. He tells stories about his adventures in record collecting, ... A mess is cleaned up. She agrees to stay over at his house, as he is clearly distraught by his experiences, and that night Etta watches Len undergo inexplicable supernatural phenomena. The show's title refers to the space between a record label and the final track, where no audio can be recorded.[4]. An unexpected ally helps mount a difficult escape. After which, a two-hour finale was announced to tie up any loose ends. Finally, the title of the show is great in the sense that "Deadwax" is a legitimate term for the space on the record where music cannot be recorded as explained in this show. All in all, a great way to blow around 100 minutes of your time if you ask me! She passes out again but wakes to find Ian, who says that Len's death made it possible for the insects to become perfectly tuned and produce quality lacquer and that they will retune the world together before drugging her into unconsciousness. Why Rae Sloane and other women of color deserve better from Star Wars, See you on the Otherside: Everything you didn't know about Silent Hill, Why Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is still the most influential comic, Catch up and rock out with our Back to the Future franchise rap-up, Screenwriter Olivia Dufault reveals how The True Adventures of Wolfboy guided her journey of self-acceptance, Share Development roundup: Deadwax spins a premiere date; Timeless sets its 2-hour finale on Facebook, Share Development roundup: Deadwax spins a premiere date; Timeless sets its 2-hour finale on Twitter, Share Development roundup: Deadwax spins a premiere date; Timeless sets its 2-hour finale on Reddit, Development: TNT orders sci-fi drama from Ridley Scott; Dresden Files returns to TV, Development: Ian McShane biting into Dark Shadows doc; Netflix orders Unsolved Mysteries; more. Etta wakes later and finds that she has been restrained. View production, box office, & company info, Complete Lineup for 2020 Telluride Horror Show Includes Possessor, 50 States Of Fright, Hail To The Deadites. The series first aired on November 15, 2018. Based on the novel "Unless" by Carol Shields. Lana scares up a lead. She meets her captors and learns of her role in their plan. Perry tries to make sense of what is happening to him, and why. New leads emerge while old ones disappear. After arriving at her address, Lily details her family's past running a company that tends lac insects that produce lacquer that can make records of superior quality. [2][3] It stars Hannah Gross as a young woman who is hired to track down a rare vinyl record rumored to have the capability of killing those who listen to it. Note - the synopsis is told in chronological rather than episodic order. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. She's discovered by Detective Rhodes, who followed her there, only to watch Lily murder him. [8], Deadwax- Graham Resnick feature interview in YRB Magazine by Jonn Nubian, https://yrbmag.com/feature-deadwax-interview-with-graham-resnick-shudder-grahamreznick-tribeca-peterphok-tedraimi-theevangamble-hannahgrossfans/, "DEVELOPMENT ROUNDUP: DEADWAX SPINS A PREMIERE DATE; TIMELESS SETS ITS 2-HOUR FINALE", "Development roundup: Deadwax spins a premiere date; Timeless sets its 2-hour finale", "Teaser for horror series DEADWAX looks like The Ring was re-made by a hipster", "Fantastic Fest: Deadwax creator Graham Reznick on using sound to manipulate his audience", "Deadwax Review: A Sinister Series with Killer Sound /Film", "Tribeca TV Festival: Pagan Peak is On Point, Patricia Moore has Bite, Deadwax Skips a Beat (REVIEW)", "[Review] "Deadwax" Has An Eerie Atmosphere And Killer Sound - Bloody Disgusting", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Deadwax&oldid=977303659, Shudder (streaming service) original programming, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 03:05.

She takes Etta and Len to a room where they are prompted to listen to the Key records on perfectly tuned record players and remain in a circle in the center of the players, noted to be the best place to listen. The original Shudder series Deadwax gets a premiere date, and the two-hour finale for NBC's Timeless gets a slot on the schedule in our latest development roundup. 3 of 4 people found this review helpful. Briggs Sheridan can't chase his gambling-dragon fast enough, and when it looks to cost him more than a few broken limbs, he unwittingly puts more skin in the game than intended. Created and directed by filmmaker, acclaimed sound designer and electronic musician Graham Reznick (I Can See You, co-writer of the PlayStation hit Until Dawn), Deadwax chronicles the … First up, Deadwax, Shudder's short-form horror series about one vinyl collector's obsessive search for a record that kills anyone who listens to it has landed a premiere date on Shudder. [4] Writer and director Graham Reznick was also interested with the impact sound design could have on viewers, as it allows him to alter their perception without having to give visual story clues. After passing out, it's revealed that Ian did not die and that he is in league with Lily. Her investigation leads her to Len, revealed to be Etta's former lover. He also implies that Lana has listened to the Lytton lacquer without first listening to the Key records, which would kill her. (2018– ). Happy Horror-days! Behind the mask of Mardi Gras, something sinister stalks the streets of New Orleans. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Deadwax, also stylized deadwax, is a 2018 American television series that was directed and written by Graham Reznick, who co-wrote the horror video game Until Dawn. Lana is able to produce an address for Lily; however when Etta goes to consult Ian, she discovers gruesome remains everywhere and assumes that he died in the same manner as Len's partner. Tuck follows after them and is killed by Len via a rock to the head. [6] Character development was also noted in a video review by Bleeding Cool, whose reviewer noted that Etta was a "generic ye olde grizzled detective that we've seen a hundred thousand times before" and that while they liked the premise of the series and the actress, the character needed to be rounded out more. Great stories and acting! With Hannah Gross, Evan Gamble, Tracy Perez, Dohn Norwood. Title Genre Premiere Seasons Length Status Missions: Science-fiction: September 28, 2017: 2 seasons, 20 episodes: 20–26 min. [1] The series began streaming on the video on-demand service Shudder on November 15, 2018, and premiered at Fantastic Fest earlier that year on September 23. Use the HTML below. Then, after Timeless returned for a second season, the show was canceled a second time. The horror-centric streaming service will premiere its first-ever original scripted series on Thursday, Nov. 15.

When he wakes, he discovers that Daryl has been killed in an extremely gruesome fashion. Afterwards, the two discover a hidden briefcase that contains a notebook with markings that lead them to Lily Child. Deadwax Season 1 (10) 2018 18+ DEADWAX is a mindbending neo-noir about a vinyl tracker, Etta Pryce, who is hired to find a legendary rare record that kills anyone who hears it and drives its owners mad. A fondness she'll soon regret. Deadwax His decision is later ridiculed by his co-worker Daryl, who believes the record to have no relevance to the man's death. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. The series began streaming on the video on-demand service Shudder on November 15, 2018, and premiered at Fantastic Fest earlier that year on September 23. Meanwhile, record finder Etta is informed by one of her clients about a rare grouping of records created by Lytton, three Key records and the Lytton lacquer. Len is questioned by Detective Kenny Rhodes, who later lets him go after viewing the building's security tapes. ", Fans, however, can expect some closure, as the show's creative team promises "an epic, unforgettable thrill ride through the past, present, and future, with a healthy dose of Christmas spirit.". It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

After being sent off for coffee, Len begins to experience the same phenomena as Tuck and passes out.

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