In the menu, set a high drink temperature. De'Longhi manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances, home appliances and coffee machines & coffee makers. If it was not, use any long and sharp object. De'Longhi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal 4.1 out of 5 stars 2,890. • The appliance is on. Second, this can cause excess pressure in the filter basket and a leak. • Check that the power cable is plugged into the outlet. Resist the temptation to toss the machine, bring it back to the shop or call for service. The coffee does not come out of one of the spouts. De'Longhi ECP3630 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Stainless Steel (ECP3630) 3.9 out of 5 stars 721. A safety device stops steam delivery after 3 minutes. Please, verify that the water tank is placed properly. • The milk is not cold enough or is not skim or 2% milk. The portafilter also gets clogged pretty often. The power supply cable is not inserted correctly, Check that the power supply cable connector is fully inserted in the appropriate seat on the back of the device; then, check that the plug is correctly connected to the power outlet, The device is switched on, but it does not proceed with the desired function: zi/fo lights are flashing o o, The selectors are not in the correct position (attention: upon activation, the selectors must both be on O), Turn the selectors into the correct position, The holes in the filter-holder are blocked, Clean the holes in the filter-holder spouts, Espresso coffee drips from the edges of the filter-holder instead of through the holes, The filter-holder is not correctly inserted or is dirty, Attach the filter-holder correctly and turn it fully to the right, The espresso boiler gasket has lost elasticity or it is dirty, Try cleaning the gasket first using a damp cloth. Turn the grinding adjustment knob one click clockwise towards “7” while the coffee mill is in operation. • The intake tube is no* inserted or is inserted incorrectly. • The ground coffee may be blocked in the funnel. The De'Longhi ECP3630 features a cappuccino system with premium adjustable frother that allows you to select cappuccino/hot milk mixes. Since temperature is important in achieving the perfect espresso, be sure to follow these steps: I have a missing part on my new pump espresso machine. Warm the cups by rinsing them with hot water (Please note you can use the hot water function). Do not tamp coffee after pouring it into the filter basket. Repeat the operation using a maximum of 1 measuring scoop of ground coffee. The infuser cannot be removed for cleaning. In turn, the brew head features filter baskets, which contain ground coffee and get clogged from time to time (more likely if finely ground coffee is often used). The 3-in-1 filter holder allows you to select from one espresso shot or two at a time. Be sure not to overfill the coffee filter. Use the supplied measure and make sure to use the correct filter for the type of preparation desired. Run one cycle without using coffee grounds to heat up the cup or run hot water from your faucet to heat up your cup. Before makinathe coffee, warm the infuser by pressing the jg) button. View Details Delonghi 5313236401 Filter 2.00 - In Stock Add to Cart; View Details Delonghi 5513200179 Pod Filter Click for details × Item Added to Cart. You can also store your filters in the space saving design. The coffee is delivered too slowly or a drop at a time. • Turn the grinding adjustment knob one click counterclock- wise. The tank is inserted incorrectly and the valve on the bottom is not open, Press the tank lightly to open the valve on the bottom, The cream is light (coffee flows quickly from the spout), The ground beans has not been sufficiently pressed, Only use coffee ground specifically for espresso machines, After coffee, the filter is attached to the boiler outlet. Continue one dick at a time until coffee delivery is satisfactory. The secret to achieve a good crema on your coffee is to use fresh coffee and an espresso grind. 1. Refill the reservoir and put it back in its place. Category Part Number Description Demand Availability; … All you need is expert troubleshooting advice. The coffee will be dispensed after a brief pause. • Use skim or 2% milk at refrigerator temperature. This is exactly what you’ll find below. The infuser has cooled down because 2/3 minutes have elapsed since the last drink was made. The De'Longhi ECP3630 features a cappuccino system with premium adjustable frother that allows you to select cappuccino/hot milk mixes. Next. What can I do? Be sure it sits properly. • Scrape the remains of dry coffee accumulated with a needle. Watch our Pump Espresso: How To & Troubleshooting Videos on YouTube. The bottom tray of the unit is easy to remove to fit taller cups. Clean filter, Change the quality of the ground coffee powder, Only use coffee ground specifically for espresso machines and it must not be damp, The milk does not froth when making a cappuccino, Always use milk at refrigerator temperature, Carefully dean the holes in the cappuccino nozzle, The holes in the filter-hokler are blocked, Clean as indicated in the 'Cleaning the boiler outlet" paragraph, The filter-holder is inserted incorrectly, The espresso boiler gasket has lost elasticity, Replace the espresso boiler gasket: contact Customer Services, The holes in the filter-hokler spout are blocked, The espresso OK light is not on when the coffee button is pressed, Pre-heat the cups using hot water or leaving them for at least 20 minutes on the cup warmer plate on the lid, The powder has not been sufficiently pressed, Only use coffee ground specifically for espresso coffee machines, The coffee cream is dark (the coffee flows slowly from the spout), Carefully dean the holes in the cappuctino nozzle. The infuser can only be removed if the appliance is off. Please contact our toll free number (For US 1-800-322-3848; For Canada 1-888-335-6644). ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods look rather like small, round teabags, but they are filled with coffee and are tightly packed. If there is not, the machine will not brew. If you do, it will be hard for water to saturate it. The effect is only visible after delivering two coffees. Check the reservoir and make sure there is water in it. Home Furnishing News recognized De'Longhi Design Director Giocomo Borin as one of the 50 most influential designers in the world in 2006. Press the Brew Now button and wait until a blue light comes on. After making the drink, the pod or powder is attached to the boiler outlet. Therefore, if you load your coffee maker with fine ground coffee, check these elements at least once a week. • Thoroughly clean the inside of the appliance. It also steams milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks - just the way you like them. Use a decalcifier. To remove air bubbles, dispense 2 to 3 cups of water. Attach the filter holder to the boiler outlet, then remove it. • Insert the intake tube in the rubber washer in the milk con- tainer lid. Whatever your preference - single or double espresso, cappuccino or latte - the De'Longhi Pump Espresso brews authentic barista quality beverages just like you enjoy at your favorite coffee house. Then clean the infuser and the inside of the appliance. • The holes in the spouts are clogged with dry coffee. When the © button is pressed, the appliance does not come on. • Ground coffee has been added when the appliance is off. When tamping the coffee, be sure not to compact the grounds to tightly so water can flow through. Fine grind espresso coffee should be used for our pump espresso machines. What other items do customers buy after … Has something gone wrong with your Delonghi coffee maker? Make sure that the coffee maker is plugged in. Has something gone wrong with your Delonghi coffee maker? De'Longhi is known for the design of its products. Be sure it sits firmly. © De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l. • Turn the appliance off and remove the infuser. A brew head is a device, which dispenses water into coffee. • Turn the grinding adjustment knob one dick counterclock- wise. Wait, then activate the steam function again. If equipped with a warming plate, the cups can be preheated by being placed on the plate. The effect is only visible after delivering 2 coffees. Even if you’ve never repaired a coffee maker in your whole life, you have every chance of fixing it on your own. You can also use easy-serve pods - perfect for busy mornings. Manufacturer Model Number ECP3630 Description Pump Espresso Us Ca Owners Manual. Remove the carafe and then put it back onto the warming plate. Register Product; United States en-us. Watch our Pump Espresso: How To & Troubleshooting Videos on YouTube. ECP3630 Delonghi Pump Espresso Us Ca Replacement Parts. The milk contains bub- bles or squirts out of the milk spout. To replace the espresso boiler gasket, contact Customer Services, The holes in the filter-holder spout are blocked, The filter-holder does not hook onto the device. Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,745. The crema is dark (the drink flows slowly from the spout), Only use coffee ground specifically for espresso machines and it must not be damp. Attach the filter holder to the boiler outlet, deliver a coffee, then remove the filter holder.

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