i'm a licensed humana sales agent. there's a great opportunity here for the president of the united states in terms of what the virus means right now. people getting more ill. and steroids for people that are in the hospital. take a look at this, really good agreement with all of the topical models exactly where the storm will go, landfall probably around 10-15 miles to the east of where laura came on shore. >> jon: peter doocy. >> dana: is that a good update, thank you, peter. Episode dated 16 October 2020 .

when managing diabetes you can't always stop for a fingerstick. you notice that the testing was done and we know about this before he has symptoms or even very mild symptoms. >> so we have word today that the president has said he is not going to take part in a virtual debate, he doesn't want to have a virtual experience with joe biden. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with that. a few things could be happening here. >> i think a lot of voters at this point sort of understand that we are in an incredibly big moment where it is very hard to stage of life offense in person anyway when you have somebody who is currently dealing with the effects of covid-19, we don't know how out of the woods the president is and how good he will be by the time we hit the next debate. he met with barrett on tuesday.

and when it comes to prescriptions, in 2019 human's medicare advantage prescription drug plan members saved an estimated 7,800 dollars on average on their prescription costs. i barely know where to start. as the day has gone on and we know that the president has only mild symptoms. that's when a member of the militia group went to the fbi and became an informant for them. if they deem not then clearly it does not go forward. >> jon: but the president is back at work and says that he feels fine. >> jon: the president complains that the debate commission did not give him a heads up. both campaigns are now pushing the debate and the commission changes. but these are really important days to come and i think that when we do get to the final outcome.

the turn came right when joe biden tweeted that he didn't have the virus. from worn to wow.

oh, sorry. there should be no other statement.

and the problem for trump now, he can't trumpet it again and again. finally, someone who understands the real me. ELECTION COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY. twitter, like the president makes this announcement, via tweet in the middle of the night, he talks directly to a lot of people. tv The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino FOX News October 8, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT 11:00 am plot against the governor and people in michigan. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog.

>> jon: katie pavlich and richard fowler, we have to say goodbye. >> dana: it is interesting, i never dealt withing? Community. >> the criminal complaint said once they took gretchen whitmer hostage they were going to move her to a secure location in wisconsin for a "trial" at this .12 people have been arrested in connection with the plot. >> no question, look, i was chair of the democratic party when secretary clinton had a bout of pneumonia on 9/11. they both tested negative this morning, he's going to continue on the campaign trail. Tucker Carlson joins Dana Perino to discuss the state of the 2020 race.

any adversary who views news of the potus testing positive as an opportunity to test the united states would be making a grave mistake. thanks. announcing the move after the new james bond movie release was postponed until next spring. at one point to the suspects discussed storming the michigan state capitol building, and ultimately decided to target gretchen whitmer who drew the ire with the restrictions that she put in place due to the pandemic. don't think he should. and from start to finish, you can do it all without ever leaving the house. we will have to see. though i think there is a necessary part of it, there needs to be some sort of neutral observer or some one to verify that both candidates aren't using teleprompters or notes or things like that, where republicans have accused biden. dr. jill biden is campaigning separately from joe, heading to manchester new hampshire and kamala harris is on her way to las vegas. on the new, the way they're doing the rallies now by airports, the plane pulls up, he's off, gives his speech and, he's back on. we have had a wild year. mike pence and second lady karen pence testing negative. i'm bill hemmer. Menu. dexcom showed me that i was doing a dip and then a spike in the middle of the night, which allowed me to adjust my basal rates i'm not waking up in the middle of the night and my numbers aren't going crazy. if you walk through the timeline, you had joe biden coming out with all of these plans that the president had already put in place. >> feels like it. >> when you read a biden plan, it reads a lot like what president trump and our task force have been doing every step of the way. we don't know, that's the short answer. >> jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thanks. >> jon: you think when push comes to shove that the president will somehow appear on the debate stage or in the debate format against the former vice president? >> hit the mute button. there are, i think, a need for him to appear before the american people and also the, world and show that he's in charge and relatively okay.

trying to violently overthrow the government. we know the president is a fighter, he has a lot of energy, and thoughts and prayers to him and melania in pulling through this in the coming days.

>> if the doctors tell us that we should take it, i will be the first in line to take it. the drop in the rate was better than expected, so investors are taking everything they know right now and markets are bumping around the flat line. >> it's not clear how long the president and the first lady will have to isolate themselves, typically around 10 days if you don't have severe symptoms. like this. >> hey, john, what a difference a week makes. stocks are falling this morning after nufts president and the first lady testing positive for coronavirus. and remember, biden himself said this week if trump still has covid next week he does not think that they should have a debate, but he trusts experts to give them the green light. we're doing a lot of things remotely, because of the coronavirus. telling you that the negativity we saw earlier isn't there, dana. i thought about that. no appraisal. >> i will talk to you about that tomorrow. because while this election may feel different, we all call america home. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! complete coverage starts with chief white house correspondent john roberts. to deliver your car as soon as tomorrow.

according to the latest fox news poll it is the coronavirus in the economy. something else that's good to know. then he should do it virtually.

still in the vice presidential candidates going at it over everything from covid to law and order, but what issues are heading home? so stand with the national council on election integrity and help make sure every vote is counted. >> there is always a chance. ♪ when we started carvana, they told us that selling cars 100% online wouldn't work.

can the campaign now that it has had to cancel events and taking things day by day, can they drive that message in another way, alternatively? the democratic nominee says he get four briefings about covid per week from public health experts who advise him what is safe and what is not. i respect the process, i understand that there has been a conversation as you know several years ago there was a bill introduced, i think was hr 1987 by jamie raskin who is on the oversight committee calling for a bipartisan group of individuals, doctors, scientists, et cetera to evaluate the health of all of. but that all ended last night when we got this stunning news that he and the first lady, melania trump, tested positive. is the vice president right? though its, secretary vi ten had well wishes for the president and first lady. >> jon: i want to touch base on something that you worked with the walton handling foundation on and it frankly, surprised me the fact that young people in america say the future is pretty bright. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. >> i think i am better, to a point where i would love to do a rally tonight.

>> dana: but they have protocols and we can be as safe as we can be. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. as a concern of the voters out there. out remotely. academics are important, but we need to be taught critical thinking and all the things that we need to thrive in the real world. it appeared to start on wednesday, hope hicks, one of the president's chief advisors, was on a trip to minnesota with the president. through it all the president, seemed impenetrable to this disease.

with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. speak of the vice presidential candidates coming out swinging in salt lake city, hello, i am jon scott in for dana perino.

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