'S' large, on M95 chambers = Spitzgeschoss = pointed bullet, Caliber 8x56R, Austria 1930-45 PR = Pionier(e) Regiment BFK = Brigadefahrkompanie GA = Gebirgsartillerieregiment Kralka Linz' = W. Kralka, Linz, Austria, on edged weapons

'Vashüvely' = Steel casing (Hungarian)

FT = Fecht- und Turnlehrer Institute 'Dürbeck Wien IX' = Dürbeck, Vienna, Austria, bayonet maker URR = Ulanen Regiment Reserve Eskadron Off it goes. Scabbard:  Crossed swords, followed by "OTK", "S-4", over "K", "K.V. FR = Festungsartillerieregiment (Fortress Artillery) German Eagle = Austrian 8x56R ammo from 1938-45, 'Éles Töltény' = Live Ammunition (Hungarian)

Used 1870-1918 (updates needed) 'B' (Gothic) under crown = on German Contract Frommer Stop mfg in 1916 Z = Military Storehouse, Czechoslovakia ZGf = ZGfv = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Gyulafehérvár

ZKom = ArtillerieZeugsdepot Komárom TJ = Tirolerkaiserjaeger ZW = ArtillerieZeugsdepot (maybe Wollersdorf?) The kit contains a vinyl suit, a vinyl magazine pouch, and a this vinyl scabbard. 'C' under a flat crown = Mark of Chatellerault, France, on French made weapons 'Z' or crossed swords = Ludwig Zeitler, Vienna - on edged weapons

Jung bayonet maker LIK = Leibgarde InfanterieKompagnie
'C' Crowned = Yugoslavian mark, on M95 barrel shank 'LP' = La Precisa, Naples, Italy (clip) 'W.

The letters in the middle are Unit Name abbreviations, LR means Landwehr Regiment

'MFWdf = Munitions Fabrik, Woellersdorf RTSCHR = Reitendes Schützenregiment 'AH' superimposed = Staatsfabrik Hirtenberg, Austrian ammo mfg.
Unit markings on CZ 24 pistol. VMKs = Verpflegsmagazine Kassa Pferdezuchtanstalt Sarajevo DAR = DivisionsArtillerieRegiment UGBr = Militarabteilung der k.u. UR = UlanenRegiment - Regiment Numbers: 1-13 Last updated: 11/15/2003.

'VF' (Cyrillic B and phi) Voenna Fabrika (Military Factory, Bulgaria), on cartridges Picture Czechoslovakian VZ–58 assault rifle (, vinyl scabbard for use on a chemical/nuclear battlefield.

'M' Crowned = Yugoslavian mark, on M95M stock M = Monturdepot

'Z' = Zbrojownia (Armory) Polish repair facility marks 'F.G.GY.' RTS = Reitende Tiroler Landshutzendivision D = Artillery Regiment on Czech used weapons

See Imperial French Bayonet Markings France (Post-War) Unknown Mark (on FAMAS bayonet) DLT Establishment Regional du Materiel E-RM Manufacture d'armes St. Etienne MAS Manufacture d'armes Tulle MAT Germany (1871–1918) See Trademarks Found on Imperial German Bayonets Imperial German Bayonet Makers 1871-1918 Imperial German Royal Cyphers 1871-1918 The press catch is in the crosspiece, eliminating the need for a pommel. VMTe = Verpflegsmagazine Theresienstadt FR = Fahrradregiment (Bicycle Unit) B GBrSr = Militarabteilung der b.h. [/QUOTE]Thanks for the tip, can't have a yugo on a dot. 'Ars Ar' - on M95 bayonet blade

'E' or 'E&C' = Patronenhulsen und Kapselnfabrik Ig Eisler & Co, Inzersdorf & Wien, Austria the last number group is the Weapon Number, 258 means Weapon Number 258 LFA = LuftFahrArsenal 'D' (Gothic) under crown = on German Contract Frommer Stop mfg in 1916

UK (U and letter) = Militar Unterrealschule There are also some dou marked blades, as well as both high and low cut muzzle rings. Pferdezuchtanstalt in Stadl 'NPw' = Nitro-Proof mark, Weipert 1919-31 FSAR = Festungsartillerieregiment GKB = Gebirgskanonenbatterie

KMA = KavallerieMaschinengewehrAbteilung 'F. J = Cavalry on Czech weapons 'PI' cyrillic P (greek pi) = Russian mark on captured guns 'M.8' = Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik, Austria, on Italian AOI M95 ammo

'RKM' = Reishs-KriegsMinisterium (after 1911)

'10 Darab' = 10 Pieces (Hungarian), 1 'HGM' = HeeresGeschichtliches Museum, Wien 'Pacholek' = Gyorgy Pacholek, Budapest, Hungary, edged weapons SB = Sappeurbataillon Fritz013. JBE = Jager Bataillon Erganzungs-Kompanie Kadre The press catch is in the crosspiece, eliminating the need for a pommel. PZD = Pionierzeugsdepot This scabbard is part of the soldier's chemical warfare kit. Kr GBr = Kroatian Hengstendepot

This example has the more common composition grip. 'L. The piece was a romanian contract.

LS = Landesschuetzen Regiment

'St.MF' = Staats-Munitions Fabrik, Woellersdorf

VMGr = Verpflegsmagazine Graz

HR = HusarenRegiment (The 13th was in Budapest, Hungary)

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