Love that tent, just looking to shave some weight. So the point is not lost, I will repeat that: DCF is a better shelter fabric in all key metrics, and it weighs less. At just 11 oz, it’s a lot of tent for one person, and technically big enough for two. HYPERLITE MOUNTAIN GEAR ECHO II - 2-Person tarp w/inner net. When carbon fiber poles are stressed, they break catastrophically, and a sharp-edged pole will make quick work out of a 0.34-oz tent fly. So $700 plus the cost of trekking poles (roughly $180 for some nice carbon bd poles). See our full review here:, Need a gift for the outdoorsy person in your life? Flower Wall Bivy Carbon ($TBD, 6 oz) These “Carbon” models are made primarily of Dyneema Composite Fabric (aka DCF, and formerly known as Cuben Fiber), which is lighter, more waterproof, and stronger than the more conventional 15d and 7d nylons that Big Agnes uses in its UL and Platinum editions. Hmmmm.

We're Dave & Annie, the outdoor adventurers behind CleverHiker. Use a ground sheet made of polycryo to protect the floor from abrasion. Also considering using flexy seal. It’s in the works. Avid backpackers may have heard of it, but I don’t even think it gets mentioned in the usual list of cottage brands nowadays. Seems like an odd choice.
So hopefully you have good plans for a lot of mesh around the head area. - John Muir. It’s perfect. The former does not stand out among the competition (it’s just a simple 8.5′ x 8.5′ tarp), and it’s priced much higher. I … I’ve spent numerous rainy nights in our original Fly Creek (non-DCF) tent without any trouble. MLD SuperlLight Bivy was used by Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy on his incredible Appalachian Trail FKT record. (verified owner) – April 10, 2019, I cannot tell you how happy I am with this bivy!!! Complains about customer service, buys a zpacks. Fabric performance

Or was it condensation shaking off from the inside? Not significantly different in price than the BA offering.

Having had a carbon pole snap during setup, albeit ~11 years ago, no more carbon poles until someone can demonstrate they won’t snap under ordinary force.

You would NOT use this bivy to weather a mountain storm on an alpine climb, or even as insurance against overnight showers while backpacking.

Color Choices now include: Black, Olive Green and Orange Citrus. Only one night of rain. My Bivy is full size as I have not tried to downsize the dimensions for this project. ill give it to them though. I'd echo what other folks are saying about trying out on a cheaper material on your first go, and then using the pricey stuff on the second go. If you’re willing to carry more weight for camping comfort, you may want to bump up one tent size. We wouldn’t have bought a Duplex if we didn’t already use trekking poles, so perhaps the market is for ultralight hikers who don’t use trekking poles and who have to carry tent poles anyway. It sounds like additional R&D will be necessary to pull this off, however. DCF FLOOR: 0.75 oz sq/yd DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. But, the silnylon won’t break the camels back. It adds a bit of warmth – like a sheet. That’s a huge benefit, and it's why almost every tent on this list has two doors/vestibules. Social media is great, but our bi-weekly newsletter is a much better way to stay in the know. Thanks for subscribing! Press J to jump to the feed. I will of course share finished pictures here!

FOR USERS: Up to 6’6″ | 198 cm OR 230 lbs | 104 kg WITH a long (25″ W x 77″ L) pad, no thicker than 2.5 in.

But it is probably still worth it for the upper portion. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our latest posts then visit our Facebook page and Instagram to join the community conversation. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we may receive a modest commission if purchases are made through those links. 3.

Zpacks charges an extra $15 for the .74 vs the .51, less than 2.5%. Six Moon Designs had DCF In stores for years around the world. I view 0.5oz DCF as a bold but liveable fabric choice for a fly, and 1.0oz DCF is alright for a floor but much more expensive and not lighter than a 15 – 20D woven floor. Note that this variant is the lightest, least abrasion resistant DCF variant on the market. MLD’s Superlight Bivy has a cuben fiber flooring option for extra water protection and reduced weight. Groundsheets can be a great way to protect the bottom of your shelter from rips and tears, add additional water protection, and help keep your expensive gear out of the dirt. Poor cut/lack of support allows fly to collapse and leak into tent. Tarptent Notch & Saddle 2: 1 & 2-Person tarps w/inner nets. One of the lightest bivys we offer, weighing in at 4.25oz with the standard chest zipper. hard pass on that. Cuben Bug Bivy: A lighter version of our bug bivy, constructed with 0.5oz no-see-um netting as well as a 0.8oz Dyneema ® Composite Fabric floor. -4.6oz for Standard/Standard with a side zipper. Please look through the following top pick list while work on the product detail sections. It’s not like people use trekking poles just because of their tent.

Learn to research conditions, select gear, plan meals, make maps, and more.

This is also a better choice for very rainy and extra humid conditions and can lower condensation inside the bivy when you sweat or are forced to wear damp clothes while sleeping. (half the weight of the ones included from nemo). Yes, the price is tough. Just ask the experts: According to Zpacks, which uses a LOT of DCF, the 0.34-oz is, “very thin and does not take much to puncture. WALL CONSTRUCTION - Double-wall tents come with two separate parts – a mesh tent body and a rainfly. MYOG Pertex Quantum - Cuben Fiber Bivy Part 1. “I’d have to say that the Superlight bivy has been the one piece of backpacking gear that has had the biggest impact on my camping experience and comfort….It’s a very flexible piece of ultralight gear than can be used in a variety of situations to increase your sleeping comfort.” – PHILLIP WARNER | SECTIONHIKER.COM. Probably 10 years out though ;(. Optionally, you can choose whether you would like your zipper on the right or left side of the bivy. Our goal is to help make your adventures as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, and to inspire you to plan your next excursion. If you found this guide helpful, please share on social media and click the little heart button below to give us a digital high five! Any questions? The lashing knot prevents me from using a plastic piece to hold the poles together at the top to save a little weight. Reply Delete. All Rights Reserved. DCF is the headline, but the Carbon tents have another unique spec: carbon fiber poles, instead of aluminum. Also, where is the market for this product? In general, I believe they make a lot of good products and are a solid, Colorado company I continue to support. We’ll see. MLD Super Ultra Light Tarps: Cricket Pyramid Tarp, Grace Tarp, Serenity Bug Net Shelter, Patrol Tarp, Hammock Tarps, Supertarp, Monk Flat Tarp, Poncho Tarps If you’re right handed, don’t assume you’ll want a right zip bivy – many right-handed hikers prefer left zip bivy’s because as you’re lying on your back, it’s easier to reach across your body to your left side to use the zipper.

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