I first built up a set of 26+ Velocity Duallys with 3″ Surly Knards. The fork features internal brake and dynamo routing, has fender mounts and anything cage mounts. But I was curious to see how extreme I could go with respect to shortening the handlebar reach, so I decided to give Jones Loop H-Bars a try instead of drop bars. For lack of better feedback, I said maybe Boost spacing and maybe triple bottle cage mounts in the triangle. The first thing we did was design a straight 28.6, (1,1/8th )carbon fork around the frame. Small Step Thru 52cm, Small 52cm, Medium 54cm, Extra Medium 56cm, Large 58cm, Extra Large 60cm. I love the idea of 26+. As of the writing of this review, the only mid-fat tire bikes with shorter reach than the Evasion are the Salsa Fargo and the Advocate Seldom Seen Drop Bar. Threaded fender mounts are great but limit rack options. While you’re probably beginning to feel like this is a bike with an identity crisis, I can’t help but feel excited to see this kind experimentation and rapid iteration in the often-stale bike industry. Leave it better, even. July 3, 2020, View Thumbnails There are also integrated … These two put out exceptional bags from their Austin, TX home. I am not an advocate of putting the wrong bars on a bike just to fix a poor fit. Sometimes it has a DFL logo. If weight is really a concern for you, dear reader, check out the Crust Dreamer which is like a more svelte, USA-made cousin to the Evasion. Also not seen in photos- the black ‘Evasion’ logo on the top tube that is only visible in sunlight. The fork and frame use flat mount brakes, of which Hanson chose Yokozuna Motoko brakes. For some perspective: I generally think it’s best to run bikes with the intended bar type. This would shorten the reach to the point that if you drew a line between my hands in their primary position, it would just about bisect the stem cap/head tube. The Evasion tracks steady through fast, sweeping turns and is rock-steady on straightaways, but the wide Jones bars and shorter stem give me enough leverage to toss the bike around even when the front is loaded down with gear. I recently put 100 miles of mixed terrain on this frame build and wanted to share my thoughts. The Evasion Lite’s most noticeable feature is the straight 1 1/8″ Crust Bikes carbon fork with internal dynamo routing and brake cable routing. Any "replacement" ideas ? That’s a lot of money for a frame built in Taiwan that you probably won’t get to test ride at your local shop. 4: Integrated headset cups. Alternately, Path Less Pedaled just posted a review on the small size version of this frame if interested. Here is the take-away: - Straight 1,1/8th Crust carbon fork with internal dynamo routing and brake cable routing. It takes some creativity to fit a rack and bottle cage, but can be done. At this point in time there really aren’t any other options for a production bike that checks all the boxes that the Evasion does. 1: Straight 1,1/8th Crust carbon fork with internal dynamo routing and brake cable routing. Nebengruppe (4. Instead of the rocker dropouts, the Evasion Lite uses fixed 142mm x 12mm rear dropouts, in efforts to shave weight and keep it simple. Whereas the Lite built similarly only weighs 20lbs. Chatting with Matt at Crust shortly before I really began to put the Evasion through its paces, he asked me what I thought of the Evasion and if there’s anything I would change. Send Us Your Bikepacking Rig. For those, Hanson used Raceface Next SL G5 cranks and a Garbaruk 34t chainring. Photos unfortunately can’t capture the luster of the paint and the “stealth sparkle” glitter that explodes in the sunlight. If you’ll indulge me in a bit of bike taxonomy, imagine a branching family tree of adventure bikes with two distinct ancestors. I should post an updated review, huh? Please, pack it in and pack it out. This is not a review of the Crust Evasion. Evasion or Evasion Lite? The Evasion frame is designed around 26+ (26″ x 2.8 can also fit 3″.) Not bad! The cockpit relies on the Crust Shaka Bars, Nitto stem and Force 1x shifting. Sometimes there is seemingly no logo (it’s hidden, but there). We believe the outdoors should be respected. View Gallery, By: hanson little & john watson Despite their best intentions, these guys are pros. The obvious design solution to this might be for the Evasion to go Boost (148mm hub) in future iterations, although I understand why Crust didn’t want to go that route and I’m ultimately glad that they didn’t because this configuration is perfect for 27.5″ x 2.8″ with reasonable q-factor and heel clearance. It no longer has Rocker dropouts and no longer has rear rack mounts, it has lighter tubing through out and a few other bits and bobs. This is an unfortunate side effect of tires this wide and the only real solution is to increase front chainline by spacing out the cranks or chainring. I don’t think I got a warranty card with my frame, although I did get a signed love letter from the Crust CEO. You might find a wishbone seatstay, hidden fender/rack mounts… or not. I’ve tried a number of tires on the Evasion (more on that later) and settled on the 27.5+ 2.8″ WTB Ranger Tough which measures out a bit small at 2.65″ and is great tire in all respects except perhaps weight. The main triangle is fairly tall with little rise in the top tube which gives it a great, classic look and huge storage capacity with a frame bag. At the time of writing, the Evasion frame and fork is $875. Es gehört zu den Übergangsmetallen und steht im Periodensystem in der 4. It’s totally normal and a lot of guys do it. - Fixed 142mm X 12mm rear dropouts. One of the holdouts from the standard Evasion is the 73mm standard threaded bottom bracket, which means the Evasion Lite uses MTB cranks. This stripped-back version is quite the frame! So what do you think? Note: The Evasion geometry has been updated for 2018 and there are some important changes to be aware of. Let’s look at it in detail below. 100mm X 12mm. Overall, the only complaint Hanson has is the Yokozuna brakes started leaking after a few months. The first, umm, genus of our family tree includes “gravel grinder” (I know, I know) bikes designed with drop bars in mind. Crust bikes categorically look better with a bit of… crust. Wahn wahn. Titan wird heute üblicherweise zu den Leichtmetallen gezählt. Sometimes there is seemingly no logo (it’s hidden, but there). In terms of the rest of the geometry, the Evasion is in well-tread territory. Titan ist ein chemisches Element mit dem Elementsymbol Ti und der Ordnungszahl 22. Sometimes it has a DFL logo. On that note, in case you missed it, you can find details about the Crust Evasion in our Rigid/Steel/Plus Gear Index that was also published this week. Okay, I lied. However, when running a 11-speed SRAM drivetrain, the chain rubbed the tire when on the largest (most inboard) cog. The model I have is from the Fall 2016 release which I think we’re calling a v3 Evasion. By: hanson little & john watson Most people are going to be just fine with this option, but I am a perfectionist and just couldn’t live with it. What more could I ask for? To my surprise, this has become not only my most comfortable bike cockpit, but one of the best handling and fun setups in my stable. I’m not convinced that the fork configuration is the best out there, but it strikes a reasonable balance between looking nice and having every conceivable form of braze-on like the latest comically over-engineered Surly Troll/Ogre forks. We’ll choose one per week to feature in a Reader’s Rig Dispatch and on Instagram. The seatstays are standard (not wishbone) and have hidden rack mounts midway down the stay. Das Metall ist weiß-metallisch glänzend, hat eine geringe Dichte, ist dehnbar, korrosions-und temperaturbeständig. In case any responsible adults are reading this, I feel compelled to address the value proposition of the Evasion. There are also integrated headset cups. The Evasion Lite is as the name suggests a stripped back version of the Original Evasion. by Dan Stroud | Feb 20, 2017 | Review | 39 comments. (note, the latest version of the Evasion now has boost compatibility!). Instead, this un-review will take a look at the design of the Evasion which I think is really something unique and a godsend for cyclists that haven’t gotten on well with traditional adventure bikes. Matt from Crust Bikes has been leaking this project for a while. Crust is the real deal. Shorter top tube and reach to accommodate the extra reach of drop bars, A more horizontal top tube with larger main triangle, Tire clearance typically ranging from 40mm to 53mm, Longer top tubes and reach to accommodate shorter reach flat bars, Compact geometry with a sloping top tube for more standover and a smaller main triangle, Tire clearance ranging from 60mm to 76mm (2.4″ to 3″), Braze-ons for racks in some cases, but fenders can be an awkward fit, Shorter top tube and reach to accommodate the extra reach of the drop bars, Lower bottom bracket (depending on wheel/tire choice), Less compromise in frame geometry for smaller frame sizes. I’m hearing similar praise for the Jones bar build from fellow Evasion owners, so I trust this is not all in my head. Lighter tires would help but I have yet to find any in the 27.5″ x 2.5″ range that I really like. July 3, 2020. Road touring, offroad touring, commuting: this bike is beyond just “good enough” for any of these tasks. But all the hand-wringing about weight and build components and chainline and braze-ons and… whatever else I can find to write about melts away when riding the Evasion. This 26+ setup was short lived, but damn if it doesn’t look fun. Maybe you’ll see one with a raked bi-plane fork… or a segmented fork with bottle cage mounts. All the welds are neat, the threads are clean, the tubing didn’t require facing, and the steerer and seat tube were nicely reamed. I don’t particularly like this option since it means more wear on the drivetrain, wider q-factor (which is already a bit wider than I prefer at 167.5mm with my setup), and the chain jumping cogs when backpedaling. While you’re probably beginning to feel like this is a bike with an identity crisis, I can’t help but feel excited to see this … Easiest bike build I’ve ever done. A quick note on my particular Evasion: as you begin researching the Evasion, you’ll notice that sometimes it sports an Evasion logo. When it’s time to hammer on a flat stretch of road or fight a headwind, the forward position afforded by the Jones bar lets me get my body a bit lower with little arm fatigue. Details, man. The finishing touches like the Crust logo seatstay bridge, the custom shaka-symbol seatpost clamp, and the hidden fender/rack mounts are all a cut above your standard production bike. IUPAC-Gruppe) oder Titangruppe. Bruno, Paris , France Re: Alternative to Crust Romanceur: Murray Watson: 1/10/20 2:07 AM: I think that the frame Norther Cycles were working on before the closed should fit your specs - it was called the Allure Libre. I guess I could have saved us all some time by saying that this bike gets the job done and never fails to put a smile on my face. Hanson has had both the Evasion and the Evasion Lite and this is by far his favorite. The Evasion has an insane amount of clearance in terms of diameter and width, so fitting up to 27.5+ 3″ tires should be fine (with the above caveats of standover and toe overlap in mind). Just take my word for it that the paint is amongst the best you’ll find on a production bike. Instead of the rocker dropouts, the Evasion Lite uses fixed 142mm x 12mm rear dropouts, in efforts to shave weight and keep it simple. A grown man can take a bubble-bath with his bike if he wants. And if you follow Crust on social media, you might be forgiven for having some doubts about whether this is a legit company (key marketing initiatives for Crust involve not giving a shit about marketing and posting pictures of naked dudes on bikes).

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