Details follow. Yes, this could be a problem. But after all I would do the same thing again, but maybe apply 2 coats to the floor. Installed our coretec pro lvp less than a year ago, patches all over. Floor is easy to clean.

Biggest mistake ever! Used just a damp cloth and you can see where it was spot cleaned.

My concern is will the CORETEC fade? The contractor is picking up the tab for this, but you aren’t likely to be so lucky. It never looks clean. So they continued to clean with a ph neutral cleaner but it kept happening. Additionally, should you’ve got an issue with your flooring, it will not be simple to find any sort of representation to address … We have only used the recommended cleaners and run a Roomba daily. Also, they already told us to use Hillway or Bona cleaner only because it’s ph neutral. While this is regulated, even the small amounts that come off some floors can be problematic for individuals with respiratory or related medical issues. The floor was challenging to deal with from begin as producer was Very difficult to have samples. I do not mind putting pads or couch coasters under heavy furniture (we don’t have any particularly huge pieces anyways). Hoe has that worked out? This product’s maintenance instructions specify using a *neutral* pH cleaner. Fading is not covered by the COREtec warranty. Hard to clean as well. My grandkids can’t bring their toys out of the bedroom to play because they cause scratches.

Also big claim is to mop with just water. I am considering Coretec Plus Brockport Oak as part of our upcoming remodel. My local store doesn’t stock it so I bought online (no shipping) and picked it up at the store. One major con – this particular color is matte finish. The directions state that you DO NOT have to put a vapor barrier down, so we didn’t. I am only using Cotton Rugs, I have found some in Home Goods, and At Home Stores. If you are looking at luxury vinyl plank flooring, COREtec plus is one of the best and most reliable brands on the market and should certainly be on your list of options to investigate. Safe if covered, it’s inert unless disturbed by scraping it up, which means expensive removal costs for safety. While COREtec Plus is approved for home and commercial spaces with relatively light traffic, COREtec Pro Plus is the brand’s solution for heavy traffic commercial spaces. I am now looking at glueing down this floor. When I turn the board 90 degrees with the long side running under window along baseboard, and the sunlight hits it, the pattern is barely noticeable. I am having a problem with scratches from my little dog.

I got down on my hands and knees and rubbed with a terry cloth towel and plain water, the stains still did not go away. Prices start in the middle of the range.

Apparently, the commercial strength is only if they are glued down. Are there other floorings that you feel will look better, and be scratch and water resistant? Nice. This haze makes paw prints constantly show! Run don’t walk . I have cortec floors throughout my house. Excellent information. Hello Bill! I’m with you Melissa!!

Did you have this issue addressed at all?

We are getting ready to install Duxbury Oak in coretec pro plus. Not worth the cost of materials and installation. So disappointed because the samples look beautiful. Me too!! Cork backing is also used, and all their flooring has passed VOC certification through GreenGuard. While the limited lifespan of LVP flooring and the problem impact of resale value continue, COREtec has done a lot to deal with some of the key issues raised about LVP flooring.

This is because, unlike some of the other LVP products on the market that use simulated graphics, COREtec has real texture and real graining. Gonna buy the flooring now because my builder’s supply place is having a lovely sale in October. Did you end up going with COREtec? We had Tigerwood cherry floors in our previous home with children, dogs and a pool and decided never again due to scratches, water exposure and fading.

I occasionally use Bona and a swiffer, but mostly just vacuum.

I appreciate your feedback! Can you direct me to that information so I can properly educate them on this? No pets and just the two of us and a grandson before and after school. Every time I clean it wet it looks great. If there is a lot of build up on the floors from cleaning agents, it may be best to use a sponge mop (water only) to get a good clean. It is time for a replacement. Feel free to email me in a few weeks. Q: Are steam mops okay to use with COREtec considering its 100% waterproof? I have recommended this flooring to other people and they are satisfied as well.

What we found is that while the top of the board is “waterproof”, water can still seep into the floor between the seams…..and apparently it can spread as I have so far removed 1/3 of floor trying to figure out how far it had spread.

Unlike many of the other types of luxury vinyl, COREtec planks do not require any acclimation. Also, hardwood has its pros/cons too (as everything in life does). Also, my dog has already scratched it up. All other floors would need to be 100% replaced, so having to clean, dry and reinstall a $10,000 floor seems a small thing to me. It’s almost like they are porous. It still gaps but I just stopped looking at it. I installed it in my all seasons room about 3-years ago. When you buy decotile flooring additionally, it is critical to be sure that you order the item from a trusted supplier. No warping or degradation in any way. Will be several months. I am considering purchasing the Plus Premium 9″ as well. about to pull the trigger until I started reading this forum. Just got my oriental and Aubusson rugs back from cleaning. Thanks!

Worst product we have ever had.

And if water sits there for awhile, guess what you get???? COREtec uses a 3mm cork pad rather than the standard 1.5mm pad, stating, “the patented COREtec construction has been enhanced to create a softer, warmer and quieter floor.”. So I ask them what to do with the mold….answer…..we are not responsible for that.

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