The size of the conure also helps differentiate between the species, with the smaller conures such as the Emmas, White-eared or Painted being around 8.5" to Specialties: Will eat lots of fruit and need baths daily.

We offer small and large conures, both will make brilliant pets as they have vibrant and bright colours. search-close.

This site is dedicated to the keeping and breeding of Pyrrhura Conures. confirm this).These birds are reasonably quiet and neighbours have commented that their call is not unpleasant. Sort by. We imported enough pairs to ensure we could make up new unrelated pairs to keep the blood line healthy and also bred back to our original stock to introduce the blue (turquoise) gene. Obtained in March 2015, we were lucky enough to breed our first Suncheek babies in  May 2015. 5/ Fiery Shouldered                 P.egregia egregia 

We are hobby breeders of Parrots and mutation Parakeets based in Cheshire in the Northwest of England.

We feel it is important to help preserve these birds.

breeding Parrot like birds for over 35 years and keeping these smaller conures for over 15 years. We now specialise in Mutation Green Cheek Conures. phoenicura   P.molinae flavoptera  As a family, we have been breeding birds for over 50 years.

16/Brazillian Grey Brested       P. leucotis griseipectus 1/ Black Capped                      P.rupicola rupicola.

Diet: Parrot seed. – Mutation Conure Specialist We are hobby breeders of Parrots and mutation Parakeets based in Cheshire in the Northwest of England. We are hobby breeders located on the outskirts of Swansea, South Wales, UK. amazonum   P. picta roseifrons   P. picta subandia   P. picta caeruleiceps 

In recent years, the availability of many bird species, including the Pyrrhura Conure, have declined in If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us: Mobile: +44 07776 835732 Mobile: +44 07776 835732, Nominate                           Subspecies (P. Easy to Sex: DNA sexing is a much more accurate and preferred method for this bird species but can be vent or visually sexed.

which distinguishes the species.

They like to call at dawn, but soon settle down to breakfast. They enjoy quiet

The mutation Conures we breed are Suncheek, Cinnamon Dilute, Yellowsided Dilute, Dilute, Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Yellowsided Mint and Mooncheek. Laura Chapman/Sky Birds - Copyright 2014. Specialties: Will eat lots of fruit and need baths daily. 11/ Pearly                              
The Green Cheek Conure is one of the smallest of the conure family measuring around 10 inches from top to tail. 9" long and the larger Blue-throated species being around 12"  long. Various sources show that the Pyrrhura can live to 25 years in captivity (although we cannot We specialize in only the Pyrrhura species. 18/ Yellow Sided                       P.hypoxantha.

13/ Rose Crowned                   P. rhodocephala 

Not what you are looking for? auricularis 

Conures for sale - 23 results.

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