Fight the elder races in new underground dungeons. With nothing but the scraps on your back, you craft the tools you need to survive. Learn how your comment data is processed. As it’s in the beginning area you won’t have to walk too far to reach this place. We show you the best location to build your base in Conan Exiles.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'crgsoft_com-box-3','ezslot_5',104,'0','0'])); . With this in mind, what is the best place to build our bases in the northern area of ​​Conan Exiles? Resources. The woods are a great choice for a base on Isle of Siptah if you are looking for a bit of solitude. During your travel, you will see some crocodiles and NCP’s that might attack you. Location 1: A great view. Enter that hole and you will find a great place, isolated, with walls and roof and with lots of space to build what you want. In the beginning, you won’t have access to most building parts or crafting stations. Here is five of my favourite spots to build on.You can Support this Channel by buying Games through this link can also support here me? This allows you to traverse across the area from above. See our Privacy Policy for more info. here is the answer, The best base locations in the northern area of ​​Conan Exiles, Our recommendation of bases in the northern area of ​​Conan Exiles, Another location for bases in the northern zone of Conan Exiles, Dungeons in Conan Exiles – Location of the best dungeons. In addition, two small NCP camps are just up ahead and one camp is empty at a certain part of the day. We leave you the image, but it is in the initial zone of the game.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'crgsoft_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',113,'0','0'])); Here we leave the last location where we think it is great to build the base in Conan Exiles. Needs to be safe to run to after first creating your character and is the least furthest from resources … Well written and nice and deceptive, easy to follow. by far the best place is teliths island imo. This is the area on the East side of the map which is shown as brown colored. Near the river is a decent piece of land where you can build a small base. Explore sun-drenched beaches strewn with shipwrecks, dense and tall Redwood forests, broad valleys dotted with ancient Acheronian ruins, the remains of a Stygian colony, and the foreboding Tower of Siptah at the island’s center. In this little gui, We show you the location of the best dungeons and dungeons in Conan Exiles. This Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah guide will go over some of the best base locations in the expansion when you are just setting up your camp in this new and untamed land. You will not find as many resources as in our previous recommendation, but you will also find nearby habitual resources and, also, enough enemies and animals. Too many inconveniences for so few benefits, right? By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. But, you won’t only find water down there as the river is full of fish and fiber and its a breeding place for the Shalebacks. In the end, you decide what location fits you the most as player whether it’s in the official servers or just you alone. As it’s in the beginning area you won’t have to walk too far to reach this place. Saved by Christina. However, you can also decide to build on both as its easy to defend. Know the time and you can sneak in to loot their chest. It is best to find a safe place, which is difficult to access and therefore away from potential thieves. Conan Exiles is a Beautiful game. Locations. There is even a broken down archway from an old structure in this area that you can use as a foundation for your base. Um im Land der Verbannten zu überleben, sind Rückzugsorte auch sehr nützlich. If you’re looking to build a castle then there is an ideal spot with an ocean view on a Cliffside. Besides that, when you walk or climb down the hill there is enough water to fulfill your thirst. So, if you want to be safe quickly with all starting resources nearby this is a great place to settle. In case you want more locations to build your base, here we leave you with the third. But, hopefully, our tips and tricks will help you with finding the right location. Thugra´s stand: TeleportPlayer 4515.51123 112574.101563 -9230.598633second song: solstice  If you do not want to build your base in the tower that we have told you before, we recommend this place, which is located inside a cave (also, very safe and easy to build). There is a valley between the Giant King City and the mountain range on the West side of the map. In the image that we leave you below you can see in more detail what is your specific location. here is the answer, Best location to build your base in Conan Exiles, Another location for your base in Conan Exiles, Your base in Conan Exiles at the edge of the map, Conan Exiles Best Northern Base Locations, Dungeons in Conan Exiles – Location of the best dungeons. The Valley When playing on a PVP server most mountains or cliffs, such as location three, are easier to defend. Do you want to know what are the best base locations in the northern area of Conan Exiles? We originally tried this approach but showcasing in Very difficult to locate and easy to defend.  There are also many animals like wolves, bears and goats, so place your base there. So, we decided to pick out some early game locations and explain why they are so suitable. In this case, the Vulcano or the Jungle might be a place to check out. If you are not a fan of just eating the eggs you can also kill any of the animals nearby to get meat. READ THE DESCRIPTION1. It feels warm. Besides that, there are many rocks around which won’t leave you short on stone and the few trees provide wood. Location one is just on the other side of the river on either a small plateau or on the hill. Defeat demonic monstrosities that spawn from a storm of pure chaos. It is b, Conan Exiles Best Northern Base Locations, Idle Heroes Tier List 2020 – The Best Team Setup of 2020, AFK Arena Tier List 2020 – The Best AFK Arena Heroes Team, Have you dreamed of a book and are wondering what it means? Conan exiles berserker General discussion. Building your base around these locations will prevent you from dying of hunger or thirst. It is a fundamental information if you want to complete the game, get the best recipes and defeat all the bosses. Thanks for visiting our wiki! The best interactive map for Conan Exiles out there. The Isle of Siptah expansion brings a bunch of new content to Conan Exiles. Picking out a base location is critical. This cave is very important as it’s the best place to find crystals, which lessens the pain of not having ironstone and coal directly nearby. Surely you have had this doubt on more than one occasion: what is the best location to build the base in Conan Exiles? Top 5 Most Beautiful Base Locations in Conan Exiles - YouTube The moment you see a desert NCP camp, move to the left to walk to the bigger plateau. At first a simple camp and some crude stone tools, with time a fortress and brutal greatswords made from hardened steel or obsidian.Your eyes are drawn towards the center of the island, where a dark tower looms above the landscape. In the picture, you can see how we build two rooms, a porch at the front and an extra room on the second floor. Do you want to know what are the best base locations in the northern area of ​​Conan Exiles? Besides that, it’s fairly easy to climb up higher from this spot to find other resources, such as feathers. Thank you guys for watching! If what you’re looking for is beautiful scenery then it doesn’t get much better than a base on an island in the middle of beauty. No matter what, the house will have enough space for all the crafting stations, a bedroom, and multiple chests. Best Base Locations in Conan Exiles Below The Cursed Way. In this little guide we not only tell you what they are, but we will also provide you with their location so that it is easy to find them.

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