French Voice: Diego Mestanza. William was initially able to gain the trust of the Lyoko Warriors through his bravery and resourcefulness. However, Yumi voted against him joining because she felt that he could not be trusted, and he supposedly forgot all about it after a Time reversion. He claims that love can 'drive him crazy,' and jumps at any occasion to spend time with Yumi. William and Yumi make their way outside Sector Five, only to have the incomplete digital world showing the Digital Sea in the area. He shows to be slightly seductive towards her in X.A.N.A. Odd likes his rebellious side, but deplores his lack of humor. Its name literally means "Two-Hander" in German. He enjoys flirting and 'casually' bragging about his dedication to her, despite it never leaving an impact. In Cold Sweat, Aelita discovers data that can be used to free William from the tower in the Ice Replika that X.A.N.A. William only makes a cameo in the Code Lyoko novels. Over time, this "clone" becomes much more popular than William was, but due to his 'dumb' personality, he unknowingly causes trouble for the warriors. His appearances in the show become more frequent during the third season when Jeremie suggests to the team that William should join their group, and everyone except for Yumi agrees. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 's possession after he falls victim to the Scyphozoa. Black Navy Blue (in Wreck Room)Grey (in Evolution) and its spectres, he also supports them in the discovery of the Cortex and Tyron's Ninjas. This makes him a more distanced member, as he is the only Lyoko Warrior who cannot deactivate towers. Weapon 's possession, respectively. If that wasn't bad enough for Ulrich, Yumi doesn't seem to mind it. William also takes precaution and keeps his boot on her, so she can't escape. Final Round This, however, turned out to be a huge mistake as XANA takes this chance to possess William (again) and fight off Yumi and Ulrich. It also shows that William is not following XANA willingly. William's intelligence is fluctuating at best. He is mostly known for being Ulrich Stern's primary competitor for Yumi's heart. Despite their rivalry, William has shown that he doesn't mind teaming up with Ulrich when the situation calls for it, as seen in Lyoko Minus One, when he joins Ulrich to rescue Yumi from X.A.N.A. However, all but Aelita was wary of trusting him again. Presumptuous and snide, William is commonly treated as a minor adversary to the Lyoko Warriors, despite becoming one in the end. 's possession, respectively. Tools:Images Pending Seasonal Categorization,, In the French version of Code Lyoko, he is played by. He needs it in order to attack Team Lyoko while in the Network, because all he can do is just pass through it; he can't affect it like Franz Hopper can. William displayed many of the original William's potential as a Lyoko Warrior. However, she changes her mind at the end of Double Trouble and thanks to her, William joins the group. With the warriors out of the way, X.A.N.A. The term "X.A.N.A. Even his Lyoko avatar no longer shows the silver suit he wore previously, which suggests that he may still have the black suit. Super SmokeEnergy SlashFormer Powers:LevitationSecond View Before William joined the group, they are rarely seen having interactions with each other. In Evolution, William naturally possesses nearly every ability of X.A.N.A. He reacts, having flashbacks to when he was initiated into the group, in the way that Aelita had memories of her past.

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