Brain Fog is not a medically defined term, but it is still a condition that many people know. Have you tried L-Glutamine, or any probiotics? I've never tried the powder so I don't know firsthand but it may be worth a try.

This has an adverse impact on the brain, leading to attention deficit and collapse in the cognitive function. And any guesses as to how MCT oil is helping me, how it is such a potent stimulant for me, or why it’s causing these symptoms?

So I take the “keto mct oil” brand, and I’m on my second bottle. As Sherlockian points out, the idea behind coconut oil is that it is comprised of saturated fatty acids which supply an alternative fuel source for the brain when the fatty acids in coconut oil are converted to ketone bodies. Thyroid is a likely suspect. I think it has something to do with making me hyper-stimulated, as I have problems with that in general, and have been referred to a psychiatrist for an ADHD screening. I tried supplementation with high quality Omega 3 (thinking it could be deficient since I'm a vegetarian), but that caused pretty bad side effects from the get-go and ended in a panic attack after only a couple of days of supplementation. It of course could be an allergic reaction. It happens sometimes so I ignored it. Anyway, weed always dropped my dopamine for 2-3 days after smoking, making me an easily agitated/ annoyed mess. My blood tests show no deficiencies with iron, B12, Magnesium, what-have-you. Is there a best buy date on it and it's a potentially old bottle?

This transition from a carb-heavy diet to one with an emphasis on good fats is a key first step toward dissolving brain fog and allowing your mental ability to reach its peak.

Edit: Perhaps the high saturated fat content is raising our cholesterol and making us feel bad?

So I quit it immediately and the symptoms were gone. I guess everybody is different, I sure do miss the energy burst !! Too much of it at first can cause severe abdominal pain and stomach cramps, leading to diarrhea. I would give it a few days after regularly consuming some to see if your symptoms continue. I would look up some keto-aid/ketoade recipes (there's ton in the subreddit if you use the search function) and try drinking some.
In addition to this, MCT oil consumption along with a ketogenic diet can prove beneficial in treating and reducing seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. Although in terms of metabolism, lauric acid is more similar to a long chain fat and isn’t broken down by the body as quickly for energy, it has a potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. | © SuperNutrition101.

I took it homeopathically back when I had Lyme Disease (and other tick-borne illnesses). I feel that my body is just hyper-sensitive to some things, sugar being one of those. Scientists are especially hopeful about the potential of MCT oils in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s. Ketoacidosis is a good but inconvenient treatment for intractable juvenile epilepsy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Have you noticed if certain foods upset your stomach more than others? Product(s) mentioned in this article.

I have selenium pills with me since a year but my hesitation to consume it (and general apathy) without prescription has kept me from trying it.

Depletion in glucose levels ultimately leads to neuronal death. delivered to your home or office. Anyways, I appreciate any help from you guys!! MCTs offer a number of neuroprotective benefits for a range of diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and epilepsy. Maybe scale the amount way back, see how that goes and very slowly increase the amount? Discussion of nootropics and cognitive enhancers. MCT oil is a synthesized form of saturated fat that’s made by processing palm oil and coconut oil. The real dilemma is— the MCT oil was the first glimpse I’ve had at being able to have my old mind, memory and life back. But I realized coconut oil has now become one of my go-to additions to any meal to bump up the calories when needed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To put this all in perspective, I’m a frequent migraine sufferer, and these episodes made me feel 100 times worse than migraines. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

After doing keto for a while it’s been pretty much only diarrhea. With MCT oil, It is extremely necessary to start off slowly.

MCTs are quickly converted to fuel, they can be converted to ketones, which can then be used by the brain. I’m wondering if that was due to my body switching over from running on ketones (which set off the hyperactiveness) to glucose (from gluconeogenesis) from the protein.

Coconut oil is high on saturated fats which are not healthy. Leanne Vogel recommends MCT oil powder. Totally spitballing here but to me it seems like that would make sense? Edit: meant MCT my bad, although there is MCT in coconut oil.

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