You will be offered a chair to sit in during a portion of these rounds, so make sure your dress is long enough that you are comfortable sitting down in it. You should wear a dress with heels or wedges. They wear jean shorts and orange t-shirts to games until they feel obligated to conform to the southern ways. This person sleeps and breathes Clemson.

If their skin could be Clemson orange, it would be. Make sure you look at the date when things are being posted and look out for possible self rankings, which can be hard to spot if you’re new to campus.

When you register for recruitment you will be asked a t-shirt size and that is for a t-shirt that you will wear to your first rounds. Most sororities will be wearing either white or black dresses during recruitment so I would avoid wearing either of these colors, so you can stand out from the sorority itself. You will list your bottom three sororities and depending on how many sororities ask you back, you may drop these sororities.

Tip: If you only list one sorority, your name is put at the bottom of their list and your chances of getting a bid are greatly diminished. They don’t drink, and definitely don’t curse, but instead enjoy doing big group activities outdoors.

Stereotypes exist far beyond the juvenile hallways of high school.

However, remember to not judge an entire sorority based on one encounter you’ve made with a member because every organization has a very diverse group of women in it. You will be told from the moment you decide to rush to not listen to the stereotypes or gossip about the sororities here at Clemson. These guys and girls wear chacos and have hundreds of GoPro selfies hanging around in ENOs. Preference Round, commonly called Pref Round, is the last round of recruitment and you will visit at most three sororities. Where first round was mostly about you, this round will require a little more talking from the sorority’s side. For third round you will go back to a maximum of six sororities.

Don't worry too much about the reputations of the sororities.

The fraternity boy. Fierce ponytails and hoops are staples to her look. I’m breaking down the 10 best-looking individual chapters in each of the five major conferences: Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC, and the SEC. You could also look at Greek Rank but be very careful when doing so.

This is your time to decide which sorority you want to join most and get a feel for where you really fit.

Your schedule for Sunday may be more spread out than the previous days, with some rounds in the morning and some in the afternoon.

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