In my introduction to the collection, I mention a passage from a speech we didn’t include, during which my father described his love for conducting research—the excitement of making surprising discoveries, of generating new ideas. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He also left behind a legacy of speeches that he delivered numerous times over the course of his career.

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My father often wrote and spoke about religion – about his own beliefs and about the role faith has traditionally played in American public life. As many of his friends and former law clerks attest, my father inspired and sometimes even helped convert by example, through what one of his former clerks, A.J. Despite their deep ideological divide, liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her conservative court bestie Antonin Scalia had been such good pals that he once presented her with a bouquet of two dozen red roses. It’s not surprising, then, that my father as an active participant at Mass – he wasn’t the kind of churchgoer who’d stand quietly and go through the motions. One thing that I took for granted growing up but that has impressed me as I raise my own family is how hard my parents worked to make sure we were surrounded by good influences, that we received solid instruction in the faith. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. We've received your submission. This story has been shared 189,375 times. I’m very, very grateful for her contributions. In an interview with The Federalist, Christopher Scalia opens up about his father and discusses 'Scalia Speaks,' a new collection of the late Supreme Court justice's speeches. This was a revelation to me: For some reason, I had never thought to talk to him about that, even though I’d been an English professor and he had been a law professor. One of my favorite passages is the first sentence of “Games and Sports”: “I have been asked many, many times to what do I attribute my well-known athletic prowess.” No, he wasn’t. All the while, he anticipates their counter-arguments, appeals to their love for the arts, and expresses shared interests and concerns.

189,375, This story has been shared 132,834 times. Sitemap I think his range—both in subject matter and tone—is one the most impressive things about these speeches. This story has been shared 247,353 times. Naturally, this inheritance first unnerved me because it meant that I was getting old and that soon enough I’d be losing my hair and my hearing. I’ll refer to passages from “Writing Well”: It takes hard work—what he calls “time and sweat”—to be a good writer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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