Learn how your comment data is processed. People also followed him on Twitter and Facebook. It sounds so James Bondian to me. However, later he has selected basketball as his professional career. Dinar Chronicles is not a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, banker or currency dealer and as such, no information on the website should be construed as investment advice. It seems to me that Charlie Ward’s whole life prepared him to be a speaker of TRUTH in WWIII. The Seventies saw many women's rights, gay rights, and environmental movements. The Chinese Dragon family, who were never Communist Chinese but are descended from the Himalayan line, are funding this entire Global transition. He grew older along with his four sisters named Charita Ward, Leta Ward, Carla Perkins, and Sheila Ward, and a brother Chad Ward. 12:07 And I know that because I was involved in moving funds around the world to assure that certain people got in… so your vote really didn’t count… Charles (Charlie) Ward Charles (Charlie) Ward, 69, of Youngstown, FL went to be with the Lord Saturday, February 29, 2020. Ward was traded to the Phoenix Suns in February 2004 as part of the blockbuster trade that brought Stephon Marbury to the Knicks and was promptly cut by the Suns for salary purposes. People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and can keep a secret. I just love that. On the morning Churchill was scheduled to appear before King George IV so that the King could formally ask him to form a Government, Churchill was putting on his shoes and thought. This expertise has come in handy for the United States Government who have hired Charlie to be part of the team that are moving cash, gold and valuables around Earth to back the currencies that are part of the Revaluation and Global Currency Reset. 6:08 I’ll give you one little example… Piers Morgan picked up on one single Tweet today that a 7-year old girl was stabbed to death but there’s been absolutely no coverage of it in the Media at all… that’s not their agenda… And from there grew a vocation he designed and has been involved in for more than 15 years, at least. Owing to this, Charlie decides to borrow the money from Mrs. Wilson (grandmother of Claire) on the occasion of her birthday. Charlie has said he moves most of the cash/valuables by private jet. 1:40 He told both American and British Authorities that the expected death rate would be around 2.2 MILLION in America and 500k in the U.K. from the coronavirus… the governments made their decision based on that… In an 8-18-20 video, Charlie said “What most people are oblivious to is this whole financial transition from SWIFT to QFS has been funded by the Dragons… When the Dragon bonds were valued 6-weeks ago they were estimated in the multi-quadrillions.”. The reason was he played basketball quitting football. 6:55 Anyway… it’s Saturday… Because of his work, He has known the Dragon family for more than 15 years. That sounds like the definition of a Goddess to me.) This gift of his to smell BS and seek out the truth, has stood him and all of us who listen to him in great stead. That's not a dig at Micky either- that's just the nature of boxing and boxing couples (unless you're a defensive wizard like … Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. The video transcription below will verify for you that right from Day One, Charlie Ward knew something was up behind the coronavirus BS, as he would say. He was placed in an arranged marriage at the age of 18 and had 3 children by the time he was 23. It is worth every minute of my days and weeks to get their words down. Thanks to Bluwolf. I need to think about what they’re saying and if I’m reading their words then it’s easier for me to retain and understand the essential points. With thanks and God’s blessings unceasing to Charlie, IDC readers and the mighty victorious Alliance. With Ward's help on and off the field, Dunn eventually became one of the better running backs in the country and a first-round NFL draft pick. As well, he wanted to calm the nerves of people all around the world who were frightened by what was happening. "All I Know Is, They Didn't Give Me An Opportunity And The Nba Did," Last Year's Heisman Winner Said", "PRO BASKETBALL; Ward Refers Writers to Bible", "ADL Accepts Apology of New York Knicks Player Charlie Ward; Stresses Importance of Education - Press Release", "Ward alive and well in Houston, Helping shape boys to men", Rockets' assistant coach Ward named high school assistant coach, "Episode 069 — Retired NBA Star Charlie Ward Shares his Stroke and Lifestyle", https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9153356/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_i25, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Charlie_Ward&oldid=986573271, African-American coaches of American football, African-American players of American football, Basketball players from Georgia (U.S. state), Florida State Seminoles men's basketball players, High school basketball coaches in the United States, Players of American football from Georgia (U.S. state), Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 18:14. It’s his mission. I’m not saying it’s right… I’m not saying it’s wrong but have a look at it… He was placed in an arranged marriage at the age of 18 and had 3 children by the time he was 23. It’s not like little kids crawling through a tunnel. Had his first son, Caleb, in February 2000. 2:05 The other day another “specialist” decided to challenge that… suddenly Professor Neil Ferguson completely CHANGED HIS PROJECTION… probably only 20k in the U.K. and probably 10k will die of Natural Causes anyway… so only 10k will die of coronavirus which is less than people dying from influenza in the last couple of years… Similarly, he was a leading football player for the Florida State University and as well as a tennis player. Charlie was a United States Navy Veteran and served two tours in the Vietnam War. He washed his hands of [man-made] Religion, but his faith in Spirit is unwavering, which is why he could close his early videos with such a fun ending: Even if everybody else thinks you’re a twat. They eventually did find the man who was a registered sex offender. Despite all this insult, he shows nonchalance and acts like a statue not affected by any of this. Below is a link to a wonderful video with Pimpy Investment Channel. 16:27 The ones I’ve been in were 200 Meters below ground level. Former teammates included future NBA players Bob Sura, Doug Edwards, and Sam Cassell. Is there an off-planet aspect to this Global Reset? Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. I love that Charlie Ward owns up to his life, including admitting to a period of time, before he married his current wife, when he was “a naughty boy.” Whenever he says “naughty boy” he gets this twinkle in his eyes and smiles. He was inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame with Emmitt Smith and Bobby Bowden in 2006. Noted for his outstanding performance in the game of basketball, Charlie Ward, Jr. is a former basketball player, college football Heisman Trophy winner, Davey O’ Brien Award winner and a major league baseball draftee. Can’t stand them. Charlie, a childhood orphan lives with his in-laws. So if they live in Dubai for instance, and want to buy a house in London, they hire Charlie to move some of their cash to England for the purchase. "[3] Due to his smaller stature and uncertainty about whether he would play in the NBA, Ward was not selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. He is an American by his nationality and he is black by his ethnicity. They had to remain in hiding for their safety and so they could put their plan together and now we are witnessing this genius plan in action…. But Churchill knew what was coming and when he was called, he was ready. You gotta know they’re naughty boys as well. The coronavirus is BS and there’s much else happening behind-the-scenes. Is there an off-planet aspect to this Global Reset? On contrary, his wife is supportive but doesn’t love him whole-heartedly. Like many celebrities and famous people, Charlie keeps his personal and love life private. The man who was once mere  live-in son-in-law become the most powerful man in the city. Charlie Ward: They are. 1:01 It’s a bit like Donald Trump using the word “Fake News” when we know it’s “Propaganda”… currently it’s very interesting about the Mainstream Media complete and utter brainwashing about the coronavirus… which has gone on since Time Began… and it’s been absolutely rife for the last 30 to 50 years… Charlie also said that he moves money to various countries to make sure elections go the way the elite want them to go. ______________________________________________________ Charlie served as a surrogate big brother to Dunn during the latter's first year in Tallahassee, helping him through a trying time by becoming his roommate and friend. As of March 8, 2018, Charlie is the Ambassador of Football for Florida State University. _____________________ Information posted on this site may or may not be fictitious. He was born December 20, 1950 in Panama City, Florida. Ewing, Houston, Johnson, and Starks left the bench during the brawl, which was mandatory cause for suspension according to NBA rules. 7:55 And it comes with an element of responsibility to be trustworthy… to be honorable and to try and deliver the message in the correct Spirit as well as the direct text… Additionally, He is also a former football player. Micky Ward's wife Charlene Fleming Ward has stuck by the guy's side and watched his face get turned into mashed potatoes countless times. For me, Charlie himself is priceless. It’s as if he was born to do what he is now doing on his you-tube channel—relate the truth to the world about what is actually happening. by Kat - 8.30.20 Hi Dinarlandia, First of all, thank you with my whole heart to Dyan, CH, Gaia Chosen One and the Happily Ever After Agency for your beautiful and deeply appreciated thumbs up and messages of encouragement.

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