RELATED: The Office: 5 Funniest Michael Quotes (& 5 Most Heartbreaking). Andy and Haley are my OTP, and I'm still mad they didn't end up together. Mutt was honestly a super-boring character — he barely spoke!

Which Halloween Special Should You Watch, Based On Your Zodiac Sign. HBO's The Vow: Where Are The Former & Current NXIVM Cult Members Now? Ending Marissa and Ryan's star-crossed romance this way just made everything else feel kind of pointless. Season 7 was actually really strong: Losing Elena gave us more time to focus on characters we actually liked, like Bonnie and Caroline, and gave Damon and Stefan room to become the core relationship of the show. It is very difficult to pull off killing one of your main characters, even on a show that had done it successfully before. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. He even showed a few vulnerable moments when he comforted Pam, or when he protected Jim from Roy. The man's greatest talent is making everyone in the office instantly uncomfortable, and his screentime wasn't even really that amusing.

His emotions were forever written across his expression, and he was quick to call Michael out. This one really hit home for me. While others in the office might have tried to tolerate Michael's bad behavior, lies, and other antics, Stanley didn't tolerate them at all.

If you are a true Office fan, you will know! Honestly, good riddance to Lucas and Peyton! Look, I don't like Michael Scott as a person. I know there are some people out there who didn't even try to watch after Lucas and Peyton left, and to you I ask this: Did you actually like Lucas or Peyton that much?? He had more story to tell! Charlie felt unfairly sidelined (his relationship with Claire was so sweet, then the show seemed to forget about it!! Victoria Pedretti's Love was a lot more dynamic and entertaining than Beck, and it was really fun to finally see Joe meet his match.

What do you think? Coach wasn't the strongest part of the New Girl pilot, but Damon Wayans Jr. is an amazing comedic actor who could've brought so much to the early seasons of New Girl — he proved this by returning in Season 3. I am NOT going to say it was a good thing that Joe killed Beck. Number 1 kiss ass and number 1 grossest relationship (with Erin).

Sometimes, character departures breathe fresh life into the show! But when they finally got into a relationship, she was extremely controlling and acted out in ways that didn't seem to fit the previous character fans had been introduced to, making them truly doubt how much they respected her. She seemed to be made genuinely uncomfortable by other members of the office, such as Michael, but she put on a brave face every day and did her best for the place. I literally cannot remember a single thing about Ethan's character other than that he was hot...and I think he hit a girl with his car? We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. 11 Character Departures That Ruined The Show And 10 That Actually Made It Better. IMO her character there was also super annoying and has alot of the same mannerisms as Erin. Why do they always steal the best characters from a show for the spinoff? Each character has their own personality that adds to the comedy and endearingness of the show, making it feel like home for fans to binge time and time again. Rank these Office characters on the scale of being the worst. A sad excuse for a new Michael Scott, DeAngelo Vickers was absolutely the worst. Thinks he is all that because he got promoted? Is there anyone more creepy?

It's all I could think about.

He was a bit of a bully when it came to Dwight Schrute, often taking the pranks too far, and he definitely loved to watch people squirm while he wound them up. He contributes nothing, but we do love every joke made at this expense. Goodbye!
Icy on the outside, and rude af, but she does have a soft side.

He had zero personality and we did not miss him. Why did Naomi and Annie fight over him?? Reporting on what you care about. ), and her relationship pairings felt off (I cannot believe they put her with Chuck). Once again, killing off a main character is very hard to pull off — especially when you've only got four of them. It was cool that they had their own show, but it came at the cost of The Vampire Diaries, which was never the same after they left.
NEXT: The Office: The 10 Funniest Cold Opens, Ranked. We already had the asshole character with Jeff — we didn't need such an openly racist, sexist character. RELATED: The Office: 5 Funniest Pam Quotes (& 5 Most Heartbreaking). Ranked by you! By Dave Bath Oct 08, 2019. Staci is a politics/psychology graduate from Scotland who went on to work in neither of those fields in the end.

This was Game of Thrones at its best — unpredictable and willing to do anything.

They preferred the original characters rather than a woman who came in to run the place and ruined the entire tone of the Scranton office. I never felt her death was properly mourned (no funeral!! But other times, a character's departure is so unwarranted and frustrating that it actually makes you stop watching the show. Sometimes change is good.

Jan was from corporate and for a time, seemed to be one of the most sensible characters who had to constantly dodge Michael's lies.

It happens in every long-running show: Actors want to leave a show, so their characters are written off.

Despite his anger issues, his obsession with Cornell, his inferiority complex, etc you were still always in his corner. When offices merged and Scranton expanded, Andy was introduced to the office and although he wasn't really any more obnoxious than half of the original characters, he just wasn't particularly welcomed by fans. Adam DeVine was a great addition to the show, and he really freshened up some storylines that were getting tired. She's a freelance writer who contributes to various Valnet sites and, when not working or travelling, spends most of her time watching horror movies, wasting an unreasonable amount of hours on the PS4 (despite being a Nintendo girl at heart), and trying to force her cat to love her. The Office: 5 Worst Characters (& 5 Everyone Loved), The Office: 5 Funniest Pam Quotes (& 5 Most Heartbreaking), The Office: 5 Funniest Michael Quotes (& 5 Most Heartbreaking), The Office: The 10 Funniest Cold Opens, Ranked, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Black Noir, The Boys: 5 Things We Want For Homelander In Season 3 (& 5 We Don't), Cobra Kai: 5 Burning Questions From Karate Kid The Show Answered (& 5 More Left Open). He makes gross, bigoted jokes, and seems to regard everyone around him with very little respect.

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