Care packages are an easy way to show your friends that you are thinking of them. It comes with a pre-potted succulent, jar candle, and matches, but you can add on small gifts like lip balm and bath bombs for an extra cost.

If you’re not one for arts and crafts, there are plenty of websites and delivery services available that will do all of the work for you. This are great ideas! Whether they are going through an exciting life event or need a pick-me-up, a friend care package will show them they have been on your mind and you care about them. Sometimes sickness just doesn't make sense. A care package doesn’t have to be physical to have an impact. Go with something that you know he'll like — er, devour — by sending this ready-to-ship care package, full of three different types of bacon jerky and a snack mix.

Care packages come in many shapes and sizes, and there are no rules for exactly what they need to resemble. Those are great suggestions! I recommend not stating specific locations of loved ones. A practical care package can arm them with every day necessities, such as lip balm, bottles of water, tissues, notebooks, pens, and pencils. If you love Jo, My Gosh!, never miss a post by subscribing to my newsletter! Well my happy body certainly does not need another cookie. A cute reminder to them that you're only a phone call away! Welcome back! If your bestie is a fan of pink nothing is more perfect than this care package idea! These adult coloring books are a great way to add a little humor to a sick friend care package. It’s also great for to use during daytime naps, and for blocking any ambient light at bedtime. Please consult professionals when making decisions. These friend care package ideas will totally surprise and help them see the cheerleaders they have even miles away. Do they spend most of their free time inside or outside? Round up all the blue products you can find and you are good to go.

Care packages — whether it's for a nurse on the front lines, a college student feeling homesick for the first time, a military member away from loved ones, or a stressed-out friend who needs some self-care — are one of the best ways to do so. This is certainly going to be helpful to many spouses saying “hmm what can I put in this week’s box”? When I moved to this neighborhood some 15 + years ago, I contacted the troop leaders. Right now in my area it is Girl Scout Cookie time again. Any coffee lovin' best friend would LOVE to receive a box like this!

Why trust us?

This is SO helpful! Joke books, light-hearted novels, comedy DVDs, and maybe even a Whoopee Cushion can get those giggles going for everyone. Long distance relationships make it tough to spend quality time with your significant other but that doesn’t mean you can’t bond in other ways. I’m going to start a Part 2 list right away! What are their favorite movies and TV shows?

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