Raising these cute rascals is not an easy feat. Foxes love to play with each other, or with other animals. We are passionate about pets and love sharing everything we learn about them. They look really adorable with their marble colored fur and their small size, but they aren’t suggested to be family pets.

It is not allowed to de-fang foxes because it is dangerous for them. No one can force you not to have a fox as a pet, but to help you make the best decision is to first find out for yourself if it would be beneficial for you and the animal; and having the funds and the resources to cover the cost of taking care of them, too. Some other diseases that the Canadian Marble Fox might acquire are the following: It is difficult to state the exact price of the Canadian Marble Fox because there aren’t many breeders of this animal variety. link to The Chocolate Labradoodle: Your Complete Guide. Just recently, the B.C. 99% of Arctic foxes are white, despite the blue morph being technically, genetically, dominant. For this reason, the more toys, the better! Foxes don’t like constant petting – let your fox make the choice, but give it the option. Your safest option would be to directly speak to an official who is well versed about wild animal laws governing your area for you to be guided. If you are still having the desire to have a marble fox as a pet, remember to check your state laws and guidelines on having an exotic animal in your home. Jumping Spider Care (Are jumping spider good pets? However, it is better to keep fox kits indoors for more time for effective bonding and better security. I know this sounds like domesticating a Canadian Marble Fox is preferable, but trust me, they aren’t easy to deal with. This phenomenon is also called the color phase because it has developed a non-natural color morph or the marble shade. It is CRUEL – do not do it. Provide a variety of foods to ensure proper nutrition. Start using the harness at a young age.

How do they lay eggs?

Talk to your fox, so they get familiar with your voice. Talk to your fox with a gentle voice.

In my opinion, if you are planning to spay or neuter your fox for this purpose, just skip it and find ways on how to thoroughly clean their cage. They are known for their unusual pointy muzzle and furry tails, as well. According to World Atlas, there are only 12 species that are tagged as true foxes. Sometimes these markings spread a bit further to include the thin, or connect on the forehead. Put a food and water dish as close to the door as you can. This way, the fox will not feel so vulnerable. Much has been written about the Arctic marble fox, despite not much being known about it. Do all snakes lay eggs? I've got a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and have several years’ experience working in animal shelters and rescues. Some like whole eggs – foxes are notorious for entering chicken coops and demolishing the entire egg crop, but maybe yours likes something different. Tip: tile floors are easier to clean than carpets! They need plenty of attention to not develop unlikeable characteristics. Joanna is a writer and contributor to many pet sites. They are social creatures and love to have companions with which to spend their time. Will an Australian Shepherd Protect Its Owner? For healthier fur, you can give them grain-free kibbles. Some having brown fur with specks of gray, or tan coats, or the infamous color red fox, a reddish orange, that are seen mostly in fairytales and children’s stories, many times playing a cunning or sly part. If your lifestyle won’t allow spending time outdoors with your fox, better not buy them in the first place.

Let the foam build and sit for a minute until it is a thick crust, then use a knife to remove it. It is essential to clarify that the word “Canadian” and “marble” which are attached to their name were not used to indicate another species but to describe the geographic location where they thrive and their fur coloring which is marble-like. In terms of height, male Canadian Marble Foxes are also taller with a measurement of 18 to 27 inches. Using your hand to play ‘bite’ with your fox is NOT ADVISED: foxes have very sharp teeth and surprisingly strong jaws. If possible, place the cage on top of a table, or something of similar height. If it doesn’t take it, don’t worry. To help you out, I researched to give you the Read more, Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly nature. Arctic Foxes usually come in two primary color morphs, which are white and blue. Where to Find Canadian Marble Foxes for Sale? Marble foxes are great exotic pets but are not for everyone. According to the Fur Commission USA, the first Arctic marble fox was reportedly born from a silver fox litter in Norway in 1945, at the farm of a man named Sverre Omber. Yes – foxes love to have playmates. What can you do to keep your fox entertained?

A bored fox is a destructive fox. Limit these foods to once a week, at most.

If you bought a baby Marble Fox or one that is under 6 months of age, have him socialize with humans as much as possible. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As I mentioned earlier, Canadian Marble Foxes do not naturally occur. Apparently, this fox variety results from a genetic mutation that happens when arctic foxes are bred with red foxes. A perfect example of this is the Canadian Marble Fox.

Will Siberian Huskies Protect Their Owners? How many of them are left in…, Where does the fennec fox live? Let it be. Arctic foxes with a marble complexion are predominantly white, with dark markings accentuating the inside rim of their ears, and highlighting their eyebrows and eyes.

Leave the fox for a while in a large cage.

Spaying or neutering your fox should reduce the pungency of its markings, but don’t expect it to go away completely! Foxes are not particularly fussy eaters. Will you be able to keep the Canadian Marble Fox as your pet for a very long time?

Canadian Marble Foxes are almost cat-like in appearance; that’s why many are interested in owning them. Their most notable feature is the grayish-black ring around their eyes, often referred to as a burglar’s mask. My name is John Carter, the owner of this blog. It also depends on the type of fox they would allow you to own. Be gentle, and patient. You should also have them vaccinated since they are prone to rabies and distemper. Do not feed them sweet foods that don’t offer much nutrition. Dog kennels like these will do fine. DO let him or her see you, and talk to your fox in a soft voice.

Use a stuffed animal instead. Unlike the wolves, foxes don’t hunt in packs, they are more of a lone hunter. This is an integral part of the bonding process. In this dispensation, dogs are bred for a myriad of reasons like sports, show, family pets, helping people with disabilities, and so on. #1: Marble fox legal issues: Where are they legal/illegal? The answer is yes. Clean your Marble Fox cage twice a week.

You must let the fox kit settle in its new home. Depending on how comfortable your fox is with you, it may take several attempts at this, or even a few days. They are destructive, like their Red Fox parents.

They were only called “Canadian” Marble Foxes because they are a native of Northern Canada and some other areas within the Arctic Circle. For the cage, a large dog-style kennel will be big enough. If a fox gets too scared, it may bite.

If you feed your fox raw food, he or she may require frequent worming. Fennec foxes typically sell for $2,500 to $3,000. You may add some dish soap in the solution you made to deter flies.

If you choose to buy a Canadian Marble Fox from a legal breeder, understand that there are some risks you need to be willing to accept. Do NOT attempt any type of training.

They breed different fox varieties, so there is a possibility that you can purchase a Canadian Marble Fox from them. Is It Legal to Own a Canadian Marble Fox? In other words, they can be artificially bred anywhere as long as the breeder is a professional, and it is permitted by the state. I strongly suggest that you do in-depth research on this fox variety before spending your hard-earned cash to purchase one.

Regular handling – especially when they are young. Also, you have to carefully study how to tame them and cater to their needs because they are simply not wired to be stay-at-home pets. They should be adopted early because they can develop a fear of their owner.

Some are afraid the owner will sue them if it dies in their hands. A perfect example of this is the Canadian Marble Fox. When your fox finally takes the treat from your hand, stay with him or her.

How should you handle a marble fox? It is a difficult thing to put a price on a marble Arctic fox because people are attracted to different levels of marbling, and attractiveness is subjective. They are also thieves by nature, and will hide objects. Their pointy muzzle and furry tail are similar to their other cousins even though they are a bit smaller. Understand that the Canadian Marble Fox is not a domesticated variety, so you would have to spend months training them. How Big Do Canadian Marble Foxes Get When Fully Grown? It is imperative to find a vet who is familiar with this procedure, or at least willing to research prior the procedure! You can also re-arrange its pen once in a while. This is your one-stop shop for all the information you need about keeping an Arctic marble fox. Since Marble Foxes are a crossbreed of Red Foxes and Arctic Foxes, they can exist and live anywhere, depending on where they were born. Although both are initially members of the same family, the evolutionary path they have taken for 10 million years is poles apart.

See more ideas about Fox, Cute animals, Pets. Garden snake vs Garter Snake (How are they Different?). Under six months of age, foxes are fearless, so this is the best time to interact as much possible. This offers a very comprehensive list of facts about this fox variety to help you decide whether owning them is worth the risk. Don’t worry, it will hear you – its giant ears will make sure of that!

Background check the breeder you are buying from if they are licensed by the. History & Origin: Where Do Canadian Marble Foxes Come From? 4 Main Reasons. Or how about the kindling you stacked by the Read more, Just like any other humans, dogs are especially prone to heavy breathing, especially after they went out for a walk or what we call their ‘exercise’. Foxes love squeaky toys.

Combine water and vinegar and spray it all over their cage. Here are some reminders before buying your very own Canadian Marble Fox: Below are some known reputable farms/breeders where you can buy your Canadian Marble Fox: Lost River Exotics has a small farm in Southern Indiana, run by a family of animal breeders. This gives the fox a domain in which it feels safe, but also means it has enough room to walk around. In Asia, only Korea and Japan have an established law allowing foxes. They can get along with dogs, but they need constant exposure to them. Do NOT pick up your fox kit.

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