We always hear interesting things about camels, which are among the most curious animals. 9. When they are provoked, they spit greenish substance from their stomach. The long beautiful eyelashes in camels help it in blowing sand out of eyes. Camels are herbivores; they eat desert vegetation, such as grasses, herbs, and leaves. In this article, I will give you some interesting information about the characteristics of the camel. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Camel's foot consists of two toes that spread when animal touches the ground and prevents sinking in the sand. We have heard many tales about the tiny rabbit, now it's time to unfold something about the “Giant Flemish Rabbit”. The third is a very thin lid which works as a sort of “windshield wiper” to clean off their eyes. Camel's ears are covered with hair, even on the inside. Camel eyelashes are surprisingly long and thick. Due to having these eyelashes, it can be protected against strong winds and storms in desert areas. Besides ears and eyes, their nostrils prevent the sand from entering by closing in between two breaths. It was … Camels can travel at least 50 km in deserts without getting tired. If Children Grew up Isolated from Adults, Would they Create Their Own Language? Most mammals would die if they lose 15% of their water (critical loss of water is called dehydration), but camel can lose of 20-25% water without becoming dehydrated. The defense system of the ears; Camels have furry ears and inside the ears. Camels are protected from the hottest and coldest weather in the atmosphere thanks to their fur. 7. Camels have thick lips which let them forage for thorny plants other animals can’t eat. 4. They have 3 seriously protective eyelashes. We are constantly hearing about camels. Yes, you can be jealous! Long eyelashes are practically important in a desert environment to keep some visibility. Many times more beneficial than cow’s milk. Rhino birds have prominent feather eyelashes, an unusual feature in birds. Some mammals, such as camels, polar bears, seals, and aardvarks, have full nictitating membranes. Camel is the only animal whose body is well designed according to the environment changes. 6. Why does a camel have nostrils which can close? Another interesting feature about camels is their long eyelashes. Many features of camels are important and beneficial for human beings. Other Adaptations: 1. beautiful brown eyelashes! These birds are among the breeds that live. 6 Amazing Things We Should Learn From Camel Feet, 7 Interesting Facts About The Largest Breed of Rabbit - Flemish Giant Rabbit, 10 Prehistoric Creatures Other Than Dinosaurs That Could Leave You Petrified, 8 Largest Animals in the World Known for Their Distinguishing Characteristics, This Rare Piglet Squid is Just Adorable and Cuter Than the Real Piglet.

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