He asks her to just stay like that with him for a moment. He is very strict when it comes to problems and will willingly help to resolve it.

It was created by a Japanese novelist, Atsuko Kanase and was later adapted into a manga series by Takeshi Mizuno and illustrated by Ukyo. Asahina Azusa Baww Subaru was so cute too. Brothers Cocktease, Programming Conflict.
To ease the tension and be accepted as a new member of the family, she would help them whenever she can. Once he does, he turns to Ema and asks her if she's alright.

In Episode 10, he meets Ema after she has said that she would like to be more like a family with her brothers. He likes to watch the reactions of his brothers whenever they are next to Ema. 7 years ago . While she’s busy studying for exams in the library one day Fuuto comes to see her. Let’s see the bugs I encountered: The characters will say things that are different than what’s on screen, characters repeating the same line 3 times in a row, character sprite appearing on screen even though the text says “oh so and so isn’t here.” The backgrounds in the game were filtered photos which made it feel like some cheap cell phone game. I hope that BB will be just as good as PP If not I’ll probably throw my PSP out a window and break it again. series. She gets embarrassed easily, especially when her brothers get really close to her. Rui often does Fuuta’s hair styling and when Rui goes to style Ema’s hair, suddenly Fuuto realizes what a cute oneesan he really has. He then goes “oh everyone is saying you’re dating Yuusuke so I guess it’s true.” Ema then tells him that she and Yuusuke are step siblings and he’s like oh okay…well I’ve not given up just yet! you can’t and you mean Brilliant blue yes.

She answers yes and they fall silent. At the time he brushes her off, but Tsubaki tells him that she's right. He’s pretty much a kuudere in that sense and a lot like Yuusuke though not as loud XD. Anyway. Asahina Masaomi (older brother) In the Valentines special OVA, just like his brothers, he makes chocolate for her, and imagines that she chooses him and returns his feelings. This causes increasingly aggressive conflicts between the brothers, and also causes Ema more and more distress. Speaking of BL at one point Ema thinks they’re really BLing it up when they are practicing lines and Azusa reads the female part xDDD. He then goes and confesses to Ema right in front of Minakami & Fuuta |D. At least the BGMs were catchy and the chibi characters during the schedules were cute. I’ll consider Otomate all forgiven if the entire delay for Brilliant Blue was because they’re overhauling the stupid system and hopefully firing the entire programming team for Passion Pink. However, the brothers have decided that they will never give up in winning Ema's heart. Asahina Wataru (Stepbrothers) As the reality about Haruhi’s gender is slowly revealed, Tamaki found himself falling in love for Haruhi’s natural charm but still keeps her true identity from other students as she became an asset to the host club.

– Complete Series (Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray, Standard DVD).". Thanks for this =D, haha tsubaki dyed his hair after he graduated HS XD, I’m so glad you played this! Then, in the Christmas special, when Ema is hurt and they talk in her room, he is visibly moved by her words about how important he is; he then quickly excuses himself. Relevance.

(✧≖‿ゝ≖) He invites her to his new year’s concert where he says words on stage that are pretty much directed at her – apologizing for always being a smartass brat. There she tell him about her identity, Natsume comforts her and says her to stay over at his apartment. Later Natsume drives Ema home and she wonders what he wanted to say Natsume suddenly grabs her and hugs her which Subaru sees and punches Natsume telling him to not touch her but he replies that he likes her which upsets Subaru and he says he wont lose to some quitter like him.
They may be handsome men but they are still vampires. Ema drills it into Tsubaki’s head that she loves his voice and that it’s never going to be the same as Azusa but it has its own charm. At the end of episode Yusuke is saying that he will tell Ema her feeling once he passed exam. When they accidentally touch fingers at the dinner table passing soy sauce Ema freaks out and spills it.

Going on with their lives, the brother’s feelings for her start to change and could be the start of a romance or being close friends. He genuinely feels bad about her hearing something he didn't mean, and goes to apologise. She is faced with many challenges like finding out she is adopted and having to apply for college. Since neither Kenji or Yukie had any relatives, Ema was sent to the orphanage. After Ema runs from home when she finds out about her parents, Tsubaki comes after her. Lol.

He immediately accepts Ema as a part of his family, calling her big sister. For sleepover events he pushes Ema down on the bed and kisses her forehead (*´ω`*). He is the only of the Asahina brothers who doesn't have romantic feelings for Ema. On November 26, 2014, Funimation announced the DVD & Blu-ray release and English Dub of the first season of Brothers Conflict. He then says he’s tired of holding back and they start making out on his bed. reverse-harems animes are almost always super lol but unstoppably fun at the same time (moar drinking game materials! Natsume rises and says it's alright. 3. Take a look to learn more about this romantic and entertaining series and what it has to offer! Asahina Iori The two brothers do not have a good relationship, due to the fact that Fuuto treats Tsubaki like a younger brother instead of the other way around. This seems to cheer him up, and he says that he'll think about it more. At school, in her college preference sheet, she states him as her guardian. Still, only in the manga, Ema chooses Natsume, and it is (Manga only) hinted that they will marry in the future. He asks her to stay over at his apartment as its too late to return and she agrees. Ukyou comments that the car behind seems to be very lively. They call Masaomi over but at the sight of the blood he passes out. For Christmas Masaomi gives Ema a stuffed bunny he made himself and tells her there’s “secrets hidden in the back”. At the end he tells her 'Merry Christmas,' along with the other brothers, as the fireworks go off. Ema has a pet that helps her when times are tough and only her and her new brother can understand. Later Ema visits Subaru and tells him that Natsume was very happy to hear about his career on which Subaru surprises. So basically he trolls her by constantly telling her stuff but then slipping out going “oh yea just seeing your reaction for my book.” Ema asks to stay over his place using the excuse for “more interviewing”. After that, he flirts with her as usual, which makes her blush a lot. Later, in episode 6, when Azusa gave Ema a blurry photo of his younger self, Tsubaki tells him that he won't let Azusa have her.

Animes with the same concept include: Komori Yui is a very optimistic girl who is nevertheless troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena. Ema and Natsume first met at the church on the day of their parents' wedding. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Funimation acquired the North American streaming rights for the anime. Asahina Masaomi – HUSBANDO RIGHT HERE. Not only is Tsubaki a brocon for Azusa, he’s also a siscon for Ema. When Ema lies down and lets him cuddle her, he goes and kisses her saying that at this rate he’ll fall for her ;D. When Kaname starts falling for Ema for real, he starts getting jelly of her being sandwiched by her other oniichans that he loses his cool.

Also since he gets a baby & wedding end, seriously OTP. His rage only increases when Natsume tells Ema he loves her. I understand. Although he likes to tease Ema, in episode four he takes a liking to her after she comforts him. Meeting her stepbrothers, she finds out that she will need to adapt to a new environment – a home where she is the only girl surrounded by thirteen handsome brothers, and their different and sometimes clashing personalities. Ema's given name "Ema" is never said in the anime, and no one calls her by name. In one of the Brothers Conflict CDs, Ema sleeps in the same bed as Louis and tells him that he can have her.

Seeing that Natsume didn't move, Subaru then furiously demands that he let her go before running up and punching him square in the jaw. After this event Subarun let me into his futon pretty quickly.

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