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Encina: Now step out or I will remove you…I’m giving you a lawful order get out of the car now or I’m gonna remove you…. ©2020 Verizon Media. Home features 'Black Lives Matter Cemetery' in front yard as form of protest, Sandra Bland's sister marches in her memory, Texas lawmakers demand answers over Sandra Bland video, Sandra Bland: New video of traffic stop emerges, 2020 presidential election results: Biden stands on the brink of winning, Missing woman's body found in Midlothian forest preserve, 'Count Every Vote' protest in Chicago calls for Trump to concede, Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting election outcome, Arrests made after fires set, clashes with police in NYC, Kinzinger tells Trump to stop calls to end vote counting, claims of fraud, Woman, 70, hit by stray bullet inside Austin home, Pritzker warns of 'painful' cuts after IL votes against tax referendum, Georgia 2020 live presidential election results, Underwood, Oberweis nearly tied as absentee votes are counted, Republicans declare victory in IL graduated income tax amendment decision, IL 2020 live presidential election results. — Leah Binkovitz (@leahbink) July 21, 2015, 6. Encinia’s Digital Presence Has Vanished. He attended Texas A&M University and graduated in 2008 with his bachelor’s in agricultural leadership and development. Bland: I’m under arrest for what ? As more information comes to light, here’s what we know about Texas trooper Brian Encinia. Brian Encinia is a former Texas based trooper who was charged after Sandra Bland's death. Click to copy. The 28-year-old’s death sparked a national outcry as activists said she never should have been arrested and her family argued that she wouldn’t have taken her own life. What do you see? Encinia had arrested Sandra for a minor traffic violation on July 10, 2015. Encinia ventured into police work after a career in agriculture. Bland: Don’t touch me, I’m not under arrest. Bland was booked on a third-degree felony for assaulting an officer on Friday, July 10, and reportedly hung herself with a trash bag two days later. Encinia was charged with a perjury but later he was released on bail. ", "This family needs an answer to the principle question: What happened to Sandra Bland?". After a heated The 52-minute video is being called out for inconsistencies. 4. Bland: I don’t have to step out of my car. Lisa Turtle is Back as Lark Voorhies Will Appear in ‘Saved by the Bell’ Revival! The story of Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old who was found dead in a Texas jail cell earlier this month, was given more context on Tuesday when dash camera footage of her arrest by Texas trooper Brian Encinia was released. Key Details About His Initial Encounter With Sandra Bland Were Left Out, Official arrest report of #SandraBland from Officer Brian Encinia. All Rights Reserved. He began working for the Department of Public Safety in Waller County as a state trooper and has held the position for a little over a year. Brian Encinia. Bland’s videos discussing her past troubles with PTSD and tweets on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, on the other hand, are still present on the internet. "Once you see what occurred," said @SenRoyceWest, "you will probably agree with me," that Bland should not have been in that jail. Der Zuschauer beobachtet im Online-Stream die Kandidaten bei ihren Dates und intimen Gesprächen. Encinia: You mind putting out your cigarette, please? As more information comes to light, here’s what we know about Texas trooper Brian Encinia. SOURCE: Bustle, Houston Chronicle, Twitter | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN, Here’s Why Many Are Speculating That The Sandra Bland Arrest Video Was Edited, WATCH: Officer Threatens Sandra Bland With Taser In Newly Released Dash Cam Video. Encinia claims Bland was combative and demanded she stop recording the arrest, but laws state that it is legal to record police if it doesn’t interfere with their duties. They're more split on the video than you might think. Copyright © 2020 Interactive One, LLC. What exactly are they hiding? NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Video images of violent interactions between law enforcement and Black men and women stir painful memories for the family of Sandra Bland. Texas Department of Public Safety officials informed reporters this week that Encinia violated several traffic stop and courtesy protocols. In the police report, the officer says he asked Bland to exit the vehicle to continue with his investigation. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. A DPS spokesman didn’t state what exactly the officer did wrong, butlegal experts claim his alleged abrasive behavior could be a factor. “Regardless of the situation, the DPS state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” said DPS Director Steve McCraw. After footage of Encinia and Bland’s encounter was released to the public, suspicions of editing and Encinia’s own account of the incident were called out. The video shows he actually opened the door to Bland’s Hyundai after pulling out his stun gun. 2. Brian Encinia’s Career As A State Trooper Is Fairly New. Part of HuffPost News. And the last thing their families should have to do is fight for answers. Bland, who was accused of assaulting trooper Brian Encinia, died in a Waller County jail three days after her arrest from an apparent suicide. Encinia Is Currently On Administrative Leave. 3. Bland's family is calling for a federal prosecution. Trending. Text CLEVELAND to 23845 to join our text club to be notified first of contests, breaking news and more! When asked by reporters if Sandra Bland caused her own death, West said “no.” He also added that she didn’t deserve to be arrested in the first place. All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. McCraw told the Washington Post today that Encinia did not display proper conduct. Officer Brian Encina (while writing ticket): You seem very irritated. Maybe one day, we white people may escape from our self-imposed hermetically sealed worlds that cut us off from the realities of our neighbors of color, a day when we become fluent in the multiple languages of "race. Full video from the Sandra Bland traffic stop. The nearly hour-long video shows an opposite portrait of what the 30-year-old officer painted in his police report. LISTEN LIVE. Die Paare besuchen traumhafte Ausflugsziele und gehen dort auf Tuchfühlung. Encina: Mind putting out your cigarette please? Brian Encinia’s Career As A State Trooper Is Fairly New. The FBI is currently working with Texas Rangers on the case after Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences in Houston labeled Bland’s death a suicide. He attended Texas A&M University and graduated in 2008 with his bachelor’s in agricultural leadership and development. Bland: I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette? 20 Männer bewerben sich um die Gunst einer einzigen Traumfrau. Es sind sowohl Gr… Copyright © 2020 WLS-TV. Bland’s rights were also violated during the arrest. 1. Trump’s Corruption Was On Full Display At The RNC. On July 10, 2015, Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia pulls over a 28-year-old Black woman, Sandra Bland, for failing to signal a lane change. It isn’t known if Encinia had a social media presence, but his LinkedIn page was deleted after his name was announced to the public. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. Black women and girls should not be killed in jail in America. She was pulled over by Encinia for failure to use her turn signal near Prairie View A&M, where she was expected to start her new job the following Monday. He claims that facts in her favor were omitted from the final report. After working as an ingredient processing supervisor at Blue Bell Creameries for six years (2008-2014) he worked as a chief in the Brenham Fire Department from 2009 to 2013. By PAUL J. WEBER and CLARICE SILBER May 7, 2019 GMT. Bland's family is calling for a federal prosecution. Grand Jury Could Still Snare Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland. Preliminary Investigation Revealed Encinia Violated “Courtesy” Protocols. Die Bachelorette ist eine Sendung aus dem Genre der Kuppel-Shows. By Kim Bellware. And why exactly are we tolerating it? By Michael McLaughlin. Citizens are allowed to remain silent after handing over their license and proof of insurance.

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