There will always be opponents like that, strong enough to take all your punches and there isn’t much you can do but land some punches and keep moving. Hello again Fran,yes mate,the All Blacks are a very special outfit.I was up at 2.30am to watch the game even though I knew our boys would be up against it.But they competed well and had to play the 2nd half the way they did and not die wondering I suppose.Yes mate,maybe I did have the wrong of the stick in regard to what your clip is about and went off on a bit of a tangent there.ha,ha.But I do understand what you are saying and agree absolutely,just thought I’d throw a few thoughts in and maybe start an interesting debate.As usual mate your knowledge and enthusiasm is very much appreciated.I hope you get out our way again before I finish up in the game,it would be great to run through some stuff and have a yarn in person.Look after yourself Fran. Should I. Of course, there’s a bit more strategy to it. I’m definitely going to borrow the…”strangle it at birth” metaphor. Much of your fight strategy against southpaws will revolve around countering that left hand. If you punish him for throwing a left hook, he will throw less left hooks. The left cross is going to be the southpaw’s number one weapon because of it’s power, speed, length, and unconventional angle. On the other hand, if you’re one of those ultra-tense beginners hopping around from outside of range with 1 or 2 shots at a time before going berserk in close range, you never get a chance to learn how to feel the rhythm of punches. So it could be gradual or sudden…up to you. Let’s talk about ranges, there are a few ranges that will make an opponent throw a left hook. that’s not my first comment in this site, I wanted to share my training situation cause it’s hard for me and I want to know if there is someone who have some advice or being in a similar situation. 3 times per week would be no problem for amateur bouts. I was surprised, mildly speaking, when I came across... by Mel. This is the perfect article for a video. Next post: Side Stepping for Effect – 90 Second Boxing Tips. I agree with everyone else…Great stuff as usual Fran…I am still left shaking my head at the fact that I have gone to a few different gyms and they do NOT explain this stuff at all! In terms of the inspiration (and the metaphor is visceral…bit King Herod really isn’t it), it was from yet another YouTube video that stuck in my craw talking about how to defend combinations. than a punch you can see. Hello Ric. Previous post: The Boxing Pivot, Check Hook and a Silly Concept!

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