Blame the people who think the dogs are throw away items and take them to the shelter. Jamil Pitbull Home offer blue nose, red nose pitbull puppies that are properly upskilled and taken proper care that makes them strong physically and mentally. Most of the info on this site is accurate, however… I will concur, dogs do not “sweat” . Here is a list of. Do not consider Blue Nose Puppies or adults to be imperfect in form. T even the most mild mannered females have somewhat of a temperament change after having pups. I have owned red nose, and American pit, and blue, and brindle pits, and they are much the same. The Pitbull breeders at this time bred the dogs to muscular and had a jaw with strong power for biting into things. It’s not BS. Just think that they are the ones missing out though :-). Big vicious monsters they are :-). So I just read that they are technically American staffordshire terriors. Give the kennel a thorough inspection and ask to see the parents before you decide to buy their puppy. These gorgeous dogs are surprisingly very easy to care for. Exactly! I have an issue with my neighbors as well. I can say without a doubt that I have no regrets in my choice adopting Dozer my Pit pup too be my PTSD dog. This is the benefit of adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy. Like any dog breed, however, there are things potential owners need to know about these blue beauties. I have one of them. Because these dogs are exotic and are not as common as regular pits, you may have to purchase your pooch from a reputable breeder out of state. Of course judge the dog you’re adopting into your family by their PERSONALITY and not preconceived notions of what they may be like because of color or breed. But others may be afraid of Pitbull type breeds. Even worse, these people may instantly judge you as a shady, if not criminal, individual for having the audacity to own your dog. [1] However, they do have sweat glands, called apocrine glands, associated with every hair follicle on their body. If you are willing to give these clingy dogs the attention they demand, they will fill your life with love and laughter. I adopted my pit from a shelter at 1.5 years old and everything in this article is very true. While some Blue Nose Pitbulls may suffer from increased health problems, the average Pitbull lifespan is 10 to 15 years. Adopting lets you get a feel for a dog’s personality, and you know you are providing a home to a dog in need. Pitbulls are some of the most predictable dogs in the canine world. Seriously bus. Or 6 dogs that bark at five in the morning, run in front of cars, run after kids, or gets in other people houses. While the optimist in you may look at this kind of situation as a means to educate people about the true nature of pits, these people probably have no interest in being educated. The article was mostly spot on, other than bad use of grammar. Puppies are more engaged and open to learning. The American Staffordshire Terrier does come in a blue color and some have a blue nose. Breeding for a specific color, instead of health or temperament, can lead to problems. These dogs are as brainy as they are brawny and need mental stimulation to keep them happy. Before they gained their unwanted reputation, America once loved Pitbulls terriers including the blue-nosed Pitties. Breeders will often inbreed their pups to get the color they desire and this can lead to a much higher chance of your puppy developing various health conditions. ? Some breeders charge thousands of dollars for Blue Nose Pitbull puppies. If you’re planning to get a Blue Nose American Pitbull Terrier for a dog, then you’ll have to know that you’re in it for the long haul. It’s sad that people are uneducated about the breed and believe how they want to believe. The numbers vary from case to case. And often for a far cheaper rehoming fee! Of course, the amount of food you give to your dog depends on the type of food, the size, and age of the dog, its health and activity level, and other factors.

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