The first one can be found in Room #5 around the area where the Big Daddy was found.

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On the left side of the room will be a turret, so hack it. The ammo itself is difficult to come by, but results are more than satisfactory. In BioShock, Point Prometheus was used in the 'creation' of Daddies and Little Sisters-- as such, wandering through its corridors and rooms reveals a lot of the nature of the place.

Head into the Genetic Modification Library on the left side of the balcony, and then head into the Mendel Memorial Library on the left side of the hallway. You will notice a bunch of Big Daddy helmets in front of you, as well as Tonic #52/53: Hacker's Delight 3 on the left side of the desk directly in front of you upon entering. If you head inside this door, there will be a security camera, so hack it. You will now be tasked with looting a dead Big Daddy to find the Suit Control System, so loot the glowing Big Daddy corpse in the far left corner of the room. Drawings by the Sisters, conditioning machines, and evidence of genetic modification all paint a vivid picture of what led to Rapture's demise. This walkthrough is the property of Head across the balcony to the other side to reach the entrance of Failsafe Armored Security. If you head down into the central room of Candidate Conversion, you will find two turrets on either side to hack. You should notice a door across from a vending machine. BioShock's 12th level, following Apollo Square. Point Prometheus. The Teddy Bear in front of the Gatherer's Garden will contain 200 ADAM, some ammo, and some first aid kits. Save her with . Buy Tonic #51/53: Human Inferno 2. She was crying next to a dead big daddy that I did not kill in a part of the map that was out of the way. The second sample will be on this desk, as well as Tonic #49/53: Safecracker 2. There will be a security camera and a turret to your right upon entering, so hack both of them. Head behind the security camera to find an apparition sequence, as well as a desk at the back of the room. So I’m currently in Point Prometheus and need one more Little Sister, however after following 2 different Big Daddies to three different vents each, and knocking on them, no one comes out. Once the turrets have done so, destroy them, and head through the windows to enter the facility. You will now be tasked with heading to the Little Wonders Educational Facility, so turn left from the corpse, and head through either of the doors here. I found her., Point Prometheus Bathysphere Station Glitch. Exit this room, and head down the hallway to Eugenic Analysis. Directly behind this corpse is Weapon Upgrade Station #11/12. At this point, you should notice a Big Daddy, so have him call the Little Sister, kill him, and deal with her. You should also find Audio Diary #114/122: Why Just Girls?

There is a Power to the People machine in the Atrium right at the begining of the game, behind the dead Big Daddy, and another one at the Optimized Eugenics part of the level, at the upper most point of the map. You'll notice a splicer hacking two security bots, and while these bots will attack you at first, they will quickly deactivate, and you are free to hack them yourself. This level holds a library and museum which may have once covered the whole level. Now head into either entrance of Optimized Eugenics. In this area, I also encountered a Big Daddy and Little Sister. Head around the machinery to the other side of the machinery to find Audio Diary #120/122: Protector Smell on top of the machinery. Follow the arrow into the main room, and Tenenbaum will give a speech informing you to become a Big Daddy. This is a more efficient version of the first tonic and gives you four fewer alarm tiles when hacking. From where you entered this location, if you head straight ahead, it is the first door on your left. If you are playing the Japanese or Korean versions, you will unlock: Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks. community members have thanked the author. To your right on a file cabinet immediately upon entering this door will be Audio Diary #122/122: Protecting Little Ones. There are turrets on either side of this room upon entering, so hack both of them. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 16. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Favorite BioShock game from the collection? For the completionists: Have you got platinum? Equip whichever Big Daddy helmet you want.

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