You can see the original ending above, and here’s the alternate ending. Depressingly, Clerks originally ended with Dante getting shot and killed by a robber. Studio execs preferred an ending that didn’t result in any heads in boxes—or at the very least, not any human ones: Instead of the ending they went with, they wanted to soften the blow by using the head of a beloved family dog instead. I know you will!”. The studio preferred dollar signs to happy endings. Due to audience feedback, this scene was cut, and so the movie ends when Josh goes back home.". The original script called for Vivian to receive her envelope of cash as per the original agreement. Can you imagine a happy ending for Jason Bourne? PG The way it ends now is with Butch and Sundance leaving the house with guns a'blazing, and we hear return fire. It was rumored that Big was a remake of the Italian movie, directed by Eva Amurri's father Franco Amurri and starring Renato Pozzetto, but it was never officially confirmed. Even after the movie had started production, no one knew exactly where Ripley would be when the credits rolled. Then she launches that sucker overboard as Bill Paxton laughs maniacally, flashing some dangerously crazy eyes. Barry Sonnenfeld Spills the Tea on the Behind-the-Scenes Drama of Making ‘Big’, 06 March 2020 Producers thought it was too dark and would only provide additional money for filming if the alien bit it in the end instead. The implication is that Susan used the same machine to make herself young to grow up with Josh. Stallone’s original screenplay had Rocky accepting money to throw the fight against Apollo Creed—who would have been Jamaican, by the way. The 1986 version of this movie-musical was supposed to end with Audrey II killing Audrey and Seymour and taking over New York City.   | When Billy's mother is complaining at the dinner table, Billy goes to remove a roast from the oven. | Variety If you weren’t a fan of the Heathers “quasi-happy ending,” take your pick from these three depressing versions: Scar still meets his much-deserved end, but he burns to death instead of being ripped to pieces by hyenas. Whether the directors simply changed their minds or were influenced by the reactions of test audiences, some of our favorite movies once had completely different endings. The amusement park where Josh finds "Zoltar" is Playland Amusement Park, which has been operating in Rye, NY, since 1928. Brad Pitt stuck to his guns and said it was Gwyneth’s head or no head—and no film—at all. Kurtz says that George Lucas was concerned about how Han’s demise would impact merchandising and refused to kill any of the main characters off, which is why the movie ended in a “a teddy bear luau” instead. | If you’ve always been disappointed in the voiceover that originally concluded Blade Runner, you’re not alone. Crazy Credits Everyone involved with the film agreed that the ending was a little lackluster, and test audiences agreed. It's said that Frank Oz and most of the actors, including Rick Moranis, much prefer this ending. Wished we were older, so we could do more. The cut was restored in the 2007 12-rated Family Fun DVD edition. Some believe that a home video release of this movie in New Zealand included an alternate ending. Rocky then uses the cash to help Adrian open a pet store. Or rather, I suppose, Thelma got the Butch Cassidy treatment. Andie ending up with Ducky? That would have deprived the world of Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, and Rambo. Everyone loves this Cinderella story because there’s a happily ever after. Here’s how it went down: Duckie and Andie walk into the center of the room at prom, the DJ plays David Bowie’s “Heroes,” they dance, and, presumably, our favorite misunderstood misfits are together forever. Spoilers abound! Kubrick cut the scenes at the last minute after seeing audience reaction: “When I was able to see for the first time the fantastic pitch of excitement which the audience reached during the climax of the movie I decided the scene was unnecessary.” He actually had projectionists cut the scene from the film by hand and mail the strips back to Warner Bros. Bad audience reaction prompted a change to the ending we know now: the famous bathtub shooting. There’s a “happy” ending where he does the same thing, but gets to ask her out for coffee when he runs into her later in life. You’ll come back! No kidding. Approx 10 seconds is altered overall. Quotes Instead of Aged Rose quietly dropping her priceless Heart of the Ocean bauble into the abyss, the original ending had her giving a seriously cheesy speech about life being the only thing that’s priceless. Goofs According to producer Gary Kurtz, the first version of the script included the death of Han Solo during a raid on an Imperial base. | The little girl really wanted to see the castle and the start of Mia's fabulous new life, so Marshall convinced Disney to buy some footage of a European castle, to which they digitally added the Genovian flag. The ending that was used, of course, was Major T.J. "King" Kong riding a nuclear bomb like it's a bucking bronco, followed by Dr. Strangelove miraculously regaining the ability to walk just as the Doomsday Machine activates and detonates nuclear bombs across the world. Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King's hit novel originally ended with a two-minute hospital scene, a way to show us that Danny and Wendy had survived. | The ending of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is pretty iconic in its own right, but Hitch had intended it to be even more memorable: The script called for the final shot to show the Golden Gate Bridge completely covered in feathered foes. The alternate ending allegedly shows young Josh sitting in his classroom at school when he turns around to notice a young female classmate of whom who he recognizes as Susan- who went back to the fairground machine and wished that she was Josh's age. Poor Jason Bourne could have had a happy ending with Marie (until they inevitably killed her at the beginning of the sequel, anyway). The script went through multiple rewrites, and multiple finales were written up. Big is a 1988 American fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Penny Marshall, and stars Tom Hanks as Adult Josh Baskin, a young boy who makes a wish to be "big" and is then aged to adulthood overnight.

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