The Battle of Elsenborn Ridge refers to the northernmost German attacks during the Battle of the Bulge; the area from Elsenborn Ridge itself to Monschau was the only sector of the American front line attacked during the Battle of the Bulge where the Germans failed to advance. [44]:154–61 Due to the flat trajectory and greater armor penetration of these guns, and the fact that thicker armor was used to shield them, German tanks enjoyed a superiority in firepower over nearly every American vehicle in use. Wikipedia: Elsenborn Ridge: The Elsenborn Ridge is a ridge line... the blocking line on the northern shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge... the main line of advance for Hitler's prized 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend. At Lausdell the German tanks managed to overwhelm the American lines at 08:00 hour and to fire directly at the foxholes. Between 19 December 1944 and 31 January 1945, the average maximum temperature at the front lines in Europe was 33.5 °F.
On 15 December, an American patrol advanced once more through the breach in the barbed wire and captured a portion of the trench line. One regiment of this division conquered Losheim near the Belgian-German border and followed the railroad towards Buchholtz.

[27] The Luftwaffe managed to assemble 112 Ju 52 transport planes, but the pilots were inexperienced. Only a fraction of the force landed near the intended drop zone. The battle-hardened American 2nd Infantry Division was stationed, according to the same German intelligence, to the rear and would not be able to be deployed in time for a defence of this sector.However, on 13 December, the 2nd Division moved in a northeastern direction for an operation aimed at the Roerdams at Dreiborn, in cooperation with elements of the 99th Infantry Division.
Sergeant Hunt saw from the village how soldiers were mowed down by machine guns after they had left their foxhole.

[3], The Germans' Operation Stößer was a plan to drop paratroopers in the American rear in the High Fens area, 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) north of Malmédy, and to seize the key Baraque Michel crossroads leading to Antwerp. [14] Finding Rollbahn C blocked, 1st SS Panzer Division initially moved south for Rollbahn D. The Germans changed their mind about routing both units through the southern rollbahns, and on 18 December 12th SS Panzer Division was given the task of opening up the road to Rollbahn C. They made a probing attack that afternoon which failed. Subsequently German infantry units started their advance towards the American positions to the west in order to secure important roads and junctions so that the Panzerdivisions could easily penetrate. [25]:221 Robertson's troops were heavily engaged and withdrawal was complicated, but successfully completed. "I thought that these were the Shermans that we had seen this morning near the forest, but because Floyd thought that the noise was much heavier, we stood up to be sure and walked to the road. It was also clear to me that the American antitank gun expected this manoeuvre and was ready to fire at the crossroads. While the numbers were undoubtedly exaggerated, they indicate the ferocity of the fighting.

They were met by a deluge of American artillery and anti-tank gun fire from units of the American 1st Infantry Division, backed up by strong artillery support. They penetrated a trench line behind the pill boxes and held off German patrols for five hours, but when darkness fell they returned to the American lines. Rollbahn B, that ran right in front of the Elsenbornridge , was destined for Kampfgruppe Müller. Unnoticed because of the morning fog, they drove into the streets of Krinkelt-Rocherath. [45]:334, 340 But Hitler failed to consider the constricted, winding, often unpaved roads of the northern Ardennes and underrated the capabilities of the American units on the northern shoulder. In the morning the attack was resumed and under cover of Sturmgeschütze the German infantry could reach the customs houses at the crossroads. Despite discouraging weather conditions, US troops continued to harass the Germans with raiding patrols throughout January. [17], 99th Infantry Division used the relatively quiet period to prepare an extensive defensive system, including redundant lines of communication, precise positioning of weapons to provide interlocking grazing fire, and aggressive patrols that kept the Germans off guard. The Pentagon feared that a dud would be recovered by the Germans who would reverse engineer it and use the information to design radar countermeasures or employ them against the Allies. This platoon, commanded by Lieutenant Lyle J. Bouck Jr., had dug in in foxholes on a hill above Lanzerath from where it had an excellent view on the Losheim Gap. on 16 December contained his orders:[11].

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