Likewise, there is no reference to modafinil in the comics but in real life, this might help make Batman’s feats a little more accomplish-able. So, so far your Batman training is combining CrossFit with Ninjitsu, the Keysi Fighting Method and MMA. In general, Batman would likely have to be ‘genetically gifted’ in order to accomplish all of this. There are plenty of examples of ‘real world’ polymaths (Leonardo Da Vinci being one of the most famous) and the internet theoretically makes it easier than ever to become highly adept in multiple subjects. Movement Training Explained: Ido Portal, Movement Flows, and More, Prediction: Entering the Online Gig Economy May Soon be Compulsory, What is Functional Training? Learn how your comment data is processed. Predator, BAT-GENIUS: Anton Furst – He Made Nightmares into Reality, GREAT BOOKS ABOUT BATMAN: “Wisdom from the Batcave”. BUT, it’s effective and will leave you sore and wanting more. Superhero Jacked - Instagram - YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions. I can’t speak for your mental health, or your lifespan though…. Batman also used meditation techniques in order to further aid his recovery and to instill more mental discipline. Being Batman (or like Batman) means saying no to goofing off, eating crap and missing heavy squats at the gym. It has also been suggested that Batman learned speed reading (actually relatively simple to pick up – stay tuned for an article on the subject) and memory techniques in order to help himself learn and retain information much more quickly. For example, ‘The Feynman Technique’ involves learning a subject at least well enough that you are able to teach it to others, using a series of steps. Training Unusual Skills for Unexpected Situations – Ready for Anything! Likewise, Tim Ferriss has suggested a process for learning subjects more quickly that he refers to as DiSSS and he once used this strategy in order to learn a language in just a few days well enough that he could be interviewed in that language.
What would ‘peak human’ mean in our real world?

What can we learn from this fictional character, what real world inspiration can we learn from his example, and what part of our own greater potential as human beings can we embody through the example of Batman?
And there are instances in the comics where Batman has demonstrated enhanced senses, advanced meditation, extreme control over his own physiology, tying a range of knots, demonstrating geographical knowledge and more. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We know for a fact that Batman engages in a pretty serious whole body, cross-modal training regime. Eventually those neurons will develop a long-term relationship.

Acting skills (for undercover work) I’ve discussed this concept plenty on this website, but essentially this describes the ability of the brain to grow and change shape in response to training and stimulus. But that’s only scratching the surface of what bats can do.

A chronological crusade through Batman comics, Scribblings, Writing and Analysis by Adam Sorice, Musings on sci-fi action figures and toys. They require a trust that nobody will attack you while you perform them. Neuroplasticity – An In-Depth Guide to How it Works and How to Transform Your Brain, Training to Develop Synaesthesia for Improved Memory and Maths Ability (Theoretically), How to Train Like Bruce Lee for Insane Power and Speed, The Surface Pro 3 – Ideal Productivity for Web Entrepreneurs, The Neuroscience of Genius And Increasing Intelligence, How Caffeine Affects Neurotransmitters and Profoundly Changes Your Brain, A Detailed Guide to Your Brain – So You Can Start Hacking It, Almost Every Bodyweight Exercise Ever (150+ Moves), The Top Skills Worth Learning for Internet Entrepreneurs. Some styles are recognized, some are not. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Batman’s Mental Health, Part 1. The idea that a human who has trained themselves to their physical peak could potentially go toe to toe with gods. And when things don’t go your way, you don’t bitch and moan about it, you simply put any negative experiences behind you and move on, focusing on the task at hand, and refocus on what your next achievement will be.

Perhaps they have a mutation on the gene DEC2 (reference), which has recently been shown to drastically reduce our need for sleep. Negotiation Skills He’s multilingual. Training for Athletes and For Life, Hill Sprint Benefits for Athletic Performance (Sprinting, Jumping, Kicking).

Batman Training for Skills, Psychology and Tools. Imaginary Axis has an excellent video on Batman’s origins where they explain how he would likely have used the uberman sleep schedule in order to give himself more time. It means when we get adrenaline and nor-adrenaline dumped into our body during the fight or flight response that we move, we act, rather than freezing like a deer in headlights while life steam rolls right over us without mercy.

Being like Batman means learning from mentors and trainers who are smarter and better than you, who have the real world skills you want to learn, whatever that may be. Cordyceps works by increasing ATP and so this would stack especially well with creatine, which recycles and reuses ATP.

EXTRA! SUPERHERO THEORY 101 – Create Iconic Well Defined Characters, The Man from Gotham – Bill Finger Returns in Documentary that Proves Everything You Know About Batman is Wrong, HOW TO BE LIKE BATMAN PART#4: Build Self Confidence Brick by Brick, 5 Memorable Ways Grant Morrison’s Run on Batman Made an Impact, 5 Embarrassingly Bad Batman Habits That Had to Go, The Forces that Shape our Stories – Why We Crave Superheroes/Modern Mythology like Oxygen, Batman as Demon – 15 Hellish Visions of the DARK KNIGHT. This routine is pretty brutal. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Then maybe you could learn something close to what Batman is supposed to know…. Imprisoned in some ridiculously hopeless situation, a deadly death trap or poisoned yet again by one of his rogues gallery, rather than going to pieces he relies on his mental training. Meditate to keep your mind sharp, body relaxed, and reduce the effect of stress on the body. Bat-Fan Extraordinaire. If you look deeper, you then have the huge list of different skills he has been described as having. Within karate alone you have Shotokan-ryu, shito-ryu, wado-ryu (the style I trained in), goju-rhy, uechi-ryu, shuri-ryu… you get the gist. There are 4 days of programmed training, and the other 1-2 days can be added as activity or mixed martial arts training.

Just as important was his attitude to life and exercise, the way he kept a smile on his face and a positive attitude contributed to his longevity.

Let’s start by looking at how Batman actually trains and what he’s capable of according to the comics and other media. Batman also trains in martial arts and according to some sources, he knows ‘all forms of martial arts’. But if you want to be like Batman, it means going the extra mile, going beyond mere fitness to peak conditioning. We all need to be able to squat, pick something up from the floor, stand up and lift the object over our heads.

Go for walks outside. Maintaining a relationship is also pretty much off the cards, as is having friends, drinking alcohol or even engaging in hobbies outside of the whole ‘become a living weapon’ malarkey. When I think of an IRON-WILL I think of Louis Zamperini, the real life war hero who was the basis of the movie “Unbroken”.

Transformers, Photoshop, Daily Life, and more..! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Batman 1947 by Scott Hampton – 8 Pages of Perfection, 21 God Damned BATMAN Memes to Tickle Your Utility Belt, Batman – The Greatest Fictional Character of All Time, The Art of Batmanliness – Being Brave means Being Vulnerable, Batman’s Love Affair with Physical Pain – The Benefits of Pain, Batman Court of Owls_Wolverine Enemy of the State_Superman Red Son and Friends. We can increase our plasticity by consistently learning new topics (which has been shown to increase brain derived neurotrophic factor and other neurotransmitters related to plasticity) and also by using a range of supplements and nootropics. For a little more energy, you’re also going to need some supplements.

Modern people push kids in strollers and don’t develop strength endurance from carrying objects over long distances. Sherlock Holmes was one of the inspirations behind Batman and this shows in his super-human breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as his claim to being the world’s greatest detective. This will make you pretty lethal but it’s only part of the story. His strength, speed and endurance. Add in movements like crawling, walking, pushing and pulling, holding, jumping and running, and you have covered most ranges of motion.

Batman relies on his mind to provide him with the answers he needs, and is highly adaptable in any situation. Your stop of Toy News and Action Figure Discussion! But if we were looking at a way to really become Batman at any expense, they would certainly help a lot.

That means you’re aiming to become stronger, faster and more flexible.

So, if you were to follow this kind of protocol, there’s a chance that you really could become Batman without killing yourself. The Batman embodies such values as physical discipline of his body through rigorous systematic training. Alongside this, I take a vitamin supplement that has a huge dose of vitamin C and D in it and I use turmeric, omega 3 and magnesium threonate to support brain plasticity and general mental prowess.

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