Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. He was born very far in the past. Korean Name

Hair Colour Or at the very least how long has it been since he started climbing the tower... anyone got an idea?

Active Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Well, from all of the information and the new information we gained from the latest chapter, Anne learned of events that happened before all of that. Volume 2 Taichi Ichikawa [12][13] (Twitter) (JP) Johnny Yong Bosch (ENG) Male Cookies help us deliver our Services. Physically Bam would be 25-30.

Powers and Stats.

Baam will realize his powers and advance farther as he climbs the Tower.

The following is a list of techniques copied from his battles and the person who copied it: Key: Return of the Prince Arc | Workshop Battle Arc/Post-Workshop Battle | Dallar Show Arc | Name Hunt Station Arc | Floor of Death Arc | Hidden Floor Arc/Pre-Revolution | Post-Revolution | Last Station Arc. Mental age is hard to gauge and if you are talking about physical age that would be pretty hard to say because age in Tower of God is really weird and Bam could easily be 6000 years old by the end of the story.

70 year in mental age the end and in weight 2 meter 10 like a bit urek . FUG Slayer Candidate

SIU has stated that Baam is very strong against, SIU thinks that if there was a female character that Baam would hate, it would probably be the female equivalent of.

Wave Controller[11]

With this mode, he is able to force data Zahard to use more of his power but was ultimately overwhelmed by him and had to use the Thorn. We know that Zahard became the ruler of the Tower a long time ago, and established the Zahard princess's system shortly after.

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Originally, there were twelve warriors who accompanied Zahard during his climb of the Tower, and Arlen was one of them. Hidden Floor

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