The poor dear almost didn't make it," Marisol said, smiling at Aurora while she spoke the last part. She could manipulate water well enough and could hold invisibilty for ten counts. 7/18/14: Click here to vote. It scared her. It's kind of boring but we start using our Powers soon so things will get more interesting then.". 2004 - Nerissa is turned into the Dragon and destroys Eastern Pod. "I have to go now sweetie," Marisol smiled so sweetly at her before she hugged her,"Be good mija*, I will see you again.". It was the fifth day of swimming that they finally reached Mako island. She didn't want to be left alone. Isn't she a Mako Mermaid too?? "You don't want Ambrose to get hurt because of you, do you? Aurora lifted her head again. It made her uneasy, the same way she felt when she knew Marisol was angry. As a mermaid, she had the ability to swim at super speed of 600km/h, hold her breath for more than fifteen minutes, and dive at a depth lower than any ordinary human being is capable of.

* The Barents Sea is off the north west coast of Russia, 2004 - Mimmi is left at Mako by Nerissa and Zac is left on land, 2004 (after Mimmi left at Mako) - Aurora/Rita leaves Mako, 2004 - Nerissa is turned into the Dragon and destroys Eastern Pod. Aurora hugged her back. It was so warm here. She seemed to be studying Aurora. Aquata is a character on "Mako Mermaids". It's rude to ignore people. Despite this, Aquata has a very close relationship with her younger sister, Sirena, and, before leaving, even gives her sister her Moon Ring. She had dark skin and black curly hair and had smiled brightly at Aurora, before she had lowered her head. Nguyet had seen those marks on her arm. Marisol was in a far better mood than Aurora had ever seen before. She sounded so scared and didn't think her accent had ever been so noticeable with just one word before. Featured Articles have been updated.

She is a member of the pod who always follows the rules. It swum off happy once she'd gently tickled its snout. Coral spoke again. One of the Mako sharks had swum right up to her and gently bumped its snout against her hand. His new found merman abilities will cause problems for the mermaids. Maybe they were common here though. Has your Mother given you any training? She'd been starting to get the hang of freezing water but the last lesson hadn't ended too well. Mako could actually be a real home for her and Marisol would never be able to get to her again. And now she was a part of that. Lyla (friend). I know s1 of Mako was released in 2013 but I counted up how many Full Moons there were over the course of Mako and got 13 (including the two between s1 and s2 and I guessed there was one Moon between s2 and s3/4) which means the events of Mako all took place in just over a year, so for timelines sake I made it 2015 Zac was turned. The others talk way too much, Cordelia and Ula are the worst - I've met seagulls quieter than them.". One of the smaller ones came loose and tried to wrap its tail around her finger. the redhead asked. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Mimmi is a Northern mermaid who came to the Mako pod with unusual knowledge and powers. Coral asked, apparently not believing her. The one who spoke directly to Marisol wore an extravagant amount of shells tied and woven into her dark hair keeping it back off her tanned face. "The new Mermaid. This article is a stub. Aurora had only been in a Moon Pool once before back when they had stayed in the Celtic Sea on the south coast of the land called Ireland. One of the blondes asked. The Spanish version of this wiki is looking for admins: Mako Mermaids Wikia. The blonde Mermaid smiled, "welcome to our Pod Rita.". "Things are changing up North, Selene. Coral looked ready to say something in return.

Marisol wasn't kind. There were seahorses with their tails curled to the coral. Land people lived there and it was too dangerous for Mermaids. It just looked like she'd bashed into some coral, so Marisol saw no reason to heal the bruises over. "Yeah." "What situation has made it so you have need to leave her with us?" She picked up a lot of unusual ones on the way to Mako that she'd never seen before. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aurora's arrival at Mako. There were sharks too. Aurora just nodded.

mermaids. Aurora swam up to the surface.

Not many Mermaids liked Mermen and it would put Ambrose in danger. Marisol had at first been adamant about not stopping for too long wanting to get there as quick as possible, but after Aurora had nearly fallen asleep more than once while trying to keep swimming, she'd given in.

The following morning, he wakes up discovering he has become a merman with a fish-like tail and the ability to control and manipulate water. "Rita can stay with us," Selene announced, "She'll be accepted into the Pod as one of our own.". Marisol took her before a group of three elder Mermaids in the Mako Moon Pool. This is set in 1984, I have a timeline drawn up and will be in the AN note at the end. Aquata is friends with fellow mermaid, Maya. She inwardly winced at her voice. Aurora's story, starting with the night that Dragon came and going back to her childhood to see her reasons for the carnage she caused. "Because she's not from here Ula," the other blonde said. The Mermaid with the extravagant shells asked. Vanora asked me to show you around Mako.". "We were only teasing," Coral said defensively. Your review has been posted. She didn't know these Mermaids, she didn't know what they would do, or if they were even a threat to her. Do you have any cool shells?".

Go and celebrate somewhere else and take your ramoras away with you.". Aurora had always thought the whole idea of Pods and their importance wasn't real, that it was just something played up for some reason, but the sudden change in Vanora's attitude was enough to convince her it was real. I'm worried for my daughter's safety. 1978 - Aurora's born.

"Why do you talk weird?" Yet it was now. Selene asked her. It wasn't her name. long time, I'm honestly quite disappointed I didn't see Weilan Aurora had said she didn't want to go to Mako and Marisol hadn't reacted the best. The waters around the island were the warmest Aurora had ever swam in and the reefs were so bright. Mermaids are one of the most popular mythological creatures ever. Mako Mermaids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Aurora swam slowly only centimetres above the sand between the outcrops of reef. She'd gotten Ambrose to teach Aurora everything she knew, but Aurora wasn't allowed to mention Ambrose. "There are a few other Mermaids your age here, you'll fit in with them. The newcomer made a move to swim forward and Coral backed off. Aurora wasn't allowed to hide anything from her, not even the smallest Cowrie shell. ... Weilan recounts how their mother helped defend the Eastern pod from a rebel mermaid named Aurora but never returned after going to face her alone. She had no idea what to do or say. She didn't like the whole situation. Veridia tilted her head slightly. "Leave her alone Coral. There's a good place out past the reefs closer to the forbidden land that always has lots of shells. Aurora lowered her head and studied the water.

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