(Season One) A feud causes Arliss to launch a full-court press to represent a teen basketball phenom. Robert Wuhl. Broadly clever and persistently cynical, Arli$$ is as incisive in its sports satire as it is juvenile in its humor. Mike Armstrong, president of multinational CSM, is interested in buying AMM. The humor works on its own merits, but the more you like sports, the more you'll love Arli$$. S3, Ep12 23 Aug. 1998 So Arliss shops the team to three prospective homes: Raleigh-Durham, Las Vegas and New Mexico. Rita: Sandra Oh. While being nominated for the civic honor ""Man of Our Times,"" Arliss must juggle one client's plans for a same-sex marriage on the opening night of a huge ice-skating tour, Kirby's gambling habit, and another client's financial ruin and impending unemployment. & Features, More

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J.J.: Ann Walker. While the insanity in [The Larry Sanders Show's] world is all too believeable, Arli$$ foolishly goes over the top in its disappointing and cluttered pilot. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Login to create it. (Season One) Arliss loses a huge endorsement deal when a squeaky-clean client gets involved in a scandal. Temptation gets the better of squeaky-clean QB Dan Hendricks. Features cameos by baseball's Will Clark, football's Nate Newton and announcer Charley Steiner. Select the department you want to search in. With Robert Wuhl, Sandra Oh, Jim Turner, Michael Boatman. The arrest of Arliss' top boxing client threatens the match he's been promoting as the event of the year. 'How to Turn a Minus Into a Plus.' |

Arliss and Kirby found an indoor, made-for-TV beach volleyball league, but face difficulties when infighting occurs between the women and a top male star gets a toe infection.

Arliss Michaels (11 Episodes) Sandra Oh. Broadly clever and persistently cynical, Arli$$ is as incisive in its sports satire as it is juvenile in its humor. Kirby Carlisle (11 Episodes) Michael Boatman. But when this proves to be more difficult than he'd hoped, Arliss' marketing skills save the day. Rita Wu (11 Episodes) Jim Turner. [HBO] HD. L.A. Kings owner Flora Lansing dangles part-ownership in front of Arliss if he can find a new home for her hockey team--provided there's a new stadium, complete with luxury boxes and PSLs. More News [HBO] HD.

The show marginally succeeds as a lampoon of the sporting world's dominant new mentality -- which is to say, venality.

The owner of a hockey team offers Arliss (Robert Wuhl) a part-ownership if he can ice a deal in a more attractive market. (Season One) An innocent remark makes Arliss appear to be a racist and jeopardizes the signing of a big client.

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