When Rosa embraced it, she set it free, and hence, became the thing itself. There are ideologies and objectives that bring people together, but to knit the society in a tighter bind, you need something more. That is why presidents like Arnold Borms (Jip van den Dool) and Joost van Moerland (Steef de Bot) were driven to death by suicide after coming in contact with the well residue through Jacob. Basically, it’s pure evil! By becoming the personification of Beal, Rosa now contains all the guilt (and secrets) of the Ares Society members. The well is the receptacle for all of that brutality and whatever Ares crimes followed. The trick of Ares Society menbers is that by expelling their guilt they can keep doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Also, I have a huge soft spot for a good horror-comedy. However, she was also an old lady in flashbacks when Maurits (father of Carmen) was young and went through his president initiation.

The test is different for everyone; for Carmen, it was to kill a baby; for Rosa, it is to kill her best friend Jacob. It has to be a “three can keep a secret if two of them are dead” sort of thing. V, When Shonda Rhimes officially left ABC Studios in 2017, the showrunner and super producer signed a major deal with Netflix that would allow her to cre, After the coronavirus pandemic shut down Hollywood and halted production of Grey’s Antaomy, the cult favorite series will be returning for its sevent, “You want to know why I don’t like haunted houses?” Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) asks halfway through New Girl’s first Halloween episode, the aptly t, Off the top of your head, can you recall who Fennec Shand is and where we last saw her? “Episode 8” is both unapologetically frightening and deeply thoughtful, likely leaving viewers pondering its meaning for hours (if not days).

Rosa first goes to the eerie circular balcony where prior presidents have traditionally “offered” their shame egg to Beal from a distance. “So we can be the leaders this country needs. She goes back home, but Ares follows her there too. Instead, there is a whirling black well, made up of all the black goo “offerings” the leaders of Ares have been feeding it for centuries.

However, Carmen can’t bring herself to do it. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. In other words, the Beal was never a monster chained up in the basement. Do you know the history of, Season four of The Crown is just days away from hitting Netflix, and fans of the Netflix original series should buckle up for will be the most dramatic cha, Shonda Rhimes’ New Series Is Like A Regency-Era. The obvious conclusion is that she is somehow the personification of Beal.

Maurits realises what has happened and he runs away, while the rest of the alumni stand there, confused about what happened to Rosa. The storyline kept me on my toes and a lot of scary/WTF moments (which I love). If you haven’t yet seen the show, head over to Netflix. To test the mettle of the new recruits, an initiation ceremony is devised. Then, in the last 15 minutes of “Episode 8,” all is revealed and destroyed. We start out by talking about “Beal”, the old lady, and that weird black substance. It turns out that her mother had also been a member of Ares, but when she met Rosa’s father, she decided to leave it all behind. This is what the entire gruesome twist means for Rosa. Ares is a Dutch horror drama streaming television series, created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander van Meurs. When Jacob touches the Ares members, he shows them all their evil deeds and it’s too much to bear. Ares hasn’t been offering up their shame to Beal. Thankfully, we have answers on Ares’ viscous black shame well, the disturbing transformation of biracial, working-class medical student Rosa Steenwijk (Jade Olieberg), Dutch slave trade history, and how it all comes together.

– Netflix Review. Something to fear,” Maurits tells Rosa. Only those who pass it have a chance at peeking through the curtain. Netflix’s ‘Ares’ begins with one such initiation. At the beginning of the series, Ares members like Carmen Zwanenburg (Lisa Smit) point out which people in the pictures are their direct ancestors.

Rosa’s mom probably lost the ability to be rid of her guilt which means her conscience is killing her. Ever since Ares premiered on Netflix, we’ve seen people ask a lot of questions about both the plot and the ending.

If you’re looking for a mostly spoiler-free review of, The Dark and the Wicked – Movie Review (3/5), Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? The process demands the ultimate sacrifice of her, she has to entirely give up the guilt that holds one back from doing bad things. Why doesn’t Jacob’s black fingers work on Rosa? Jacob came in contact with the goo because the substance seeped into the walls of the Ares catacombs — not because Beal is hiding down there.

Going all the way back to the time the Dutch used slaves (as seen in a flashback), so it’s centuries of bad karma. However, it’s often the same questions, so we’ve tried to make a little FAQ here and give our answers. While there was not really a monster chained in the dungeons of Ares, it meant that the guilt of the people in Ares was struggling to break free. This should mean that she is very dangerous to them (just as Jacob’s black fingers was) while she isn’t dangerous to everyone else. 9. When she shows up, she is entirely covered in the black goo. Obviously, this will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from Season 1 of Ares including the actual Ares ending. The story revolves around a secret society that claims to be behind the development and success of the country. Operation Christmas Drop Ending, Explained, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Everything We Know, A Cheerful Christmas: Filming Locations And Cast Details. Shady Ares leader Maurits Zwanenburg (Hans Kesting) obliges Rosa and takes her into the depths of the Ares house.

They kill themselves because they cannot live with what they have done. We could watch history repeat itself on The Masked Singer season 4.

It seems like you can’t leave Ares without paying a price.

We witness it from the point of view of a girl who is an outsider, completely unaware of the existence of the society and what it offers. They look like mirror images of each other, bound with the same chain. And yes, it does happen that I find myself screaming, when watching a good horror movie.

Rosa Steenwijk may not have known it, but this was a revenge story all along. Rather, the group has simply been vomiting their guilt into the well for centuries. Rosa is already on the brink of a meltdown, but Jacob tells her to do the right thing and set Beal free. With Saturday Night Live At Home now fully in the rearview mirror, the cast of the NBC comedy sketch series are eagerly anticipating their return to 30 Roc, That Americans have a long, rough week ahead is an understatement. Obviously, this will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from Season 1 of Ares including the actual Ares ending. However, this image (which we see several times during season 1 of. What about a guy by the name of Mythrol? Join our mailing list to receive the latest horror reviews and news (1-2 mails per month!). In the final episode of ‘Ares’, Rosa comes to know everything about her past as well as that of the secret society that she has become a part of. Want the Netflix series Ares ending explained? Posted by 4 months ago. Fortunately, horror doesn't use this nearly as much as comedy. Beal is the guilt of everyone in Ares, and the people before them.

At first, it looks like she might have drowned in it, but then the lights start flickering and we see her footprints on the floor.

Rosa then sits at Mauritz's desk, since she is officially the president of Ares. Meanwhile, Carmen convinces her father that she should be the one to become the new president. It is here Rosa learns there is no monster living in the basement of Ares at all. Binged it in one night and LOVED it!

Not everyone can do that, and hence, the filter. Jacob comes into connection with the black stuff (Beal) and this actually becomes a part of him in the form of black fingers. The monster Rosa has seen — the monster we’re meant to believe is “Bael” — is the personification of Ares’ multitude of wicked transgressions, starting with Ares’ slave trade industry.

We don’t know for sure yet. Rosa nearly follows in those men’s footsteps, but asks to go downstairs to see Beal herself. Close. The fact that this is special becomes clear when everyone is surprised that Rosa can “expel” while just a novice. It’s not even Election Day yet, and already, America is seeing record voter turnout. She quickly rises up the ranks and, in the end, becomes worthy enough to know the secret of Ares. She must have some power and the Ares Society both needs AND fears her since they keep her locked up. Let’s get into the Ares ending by talking about some of the most asked questions about elements of the story.

Now that Rosa has taken on Beal, she has released the “chained up”-monster by bringing it into this world and setting it free. By this point, Rosa has already stabbed best friend Jacob to death, committing the kind of murder necessary to ascend to the coveted position of president of Ares (it is also a great enough sin to lead to the creation of a shame egg). We witness it from the point of view of a girl who is an outsider, completely unaware of the existence of the society and what it offers. Oh yeah, and I absolutely HATE when animals are harmed in movies, so I will immediately think less of any movie, where animals are harmed for entertainment (even if the animals are just really good actors).

She was ready to make some sacrifices, like leaving her family behind for a while, but when things started to get out of hand, she acknowledged that something was off about the whole thing.

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