That’s why when we talk about “the ozone hole,” we generally mean the one that happens every spring over the South Pole, where that kind of extreme cold is widespread. ... 2020… Earlier this year, the layer of ozone over the Arctic thinned out enough to be considered a serious sized hole. According to polar vortex expert Amy Butler of CIRES/NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory, the size and strength of this year’s polar vortex were indeed remarkable. It rarely gets that cold in the Arctic, even in the winter. Be very afraid. In places, ozone levels can drop below 100 DU. In comparison, the lowest March ozone value observed in the Arctic is usually around 240 Dobson units. A NASA analysis found similarly low values. Still, the hole was massive -- most of the ozone typically found around 11 miles into the stratosphere was depleted, the group said. The largest-ever Arctic ozone hole developed this spring. The last time such a strong chemical ozone depletion was observed in the Arctic occurred nearly a decade ago.
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