www.levanbanjos.com National Banjos Mostly open-back models. Dallas Pony pictures R J Ward research Mesa, AZ USA 85201 They were a significant contributor to the manufacture and distribution of musical instruments from the middle of the 19th C. Widely known for pianos, organs and harmoniums, found and retailed all over the empire, wood wind, brass and subsequently, as fashions demanded, zither and banjo-mandolins (or mandolines) banjos' imported from th USA and zithers. New link But most banjo makers today use mylar for the instrument’s head, which has both a brighter tone and the additional benefit of not being affected by weather or humidity. That said, for a beginner on a budget Rogue can provide a surprising level of quality without breaking the bank. Tilley research Banjo makers from around Dorset, VT USA 5251 Wilkes Research The banjo’s rim, the hoop that goes around its body, is also known as its “pot” and is the most crucial part of the banjo’s construction. by Consordini Staff Last Updated December 27, 2019. 409 Benton Lane If you know already that you want to play bluegrass, you’ll be best off finding a banjo with a resonator, even though they might be a bit more expensive. the world including www.ballardbanjers.com B. Schall. P.O. 5680 Valmont Road +353 91 796156 PO Box 89 Similar to the MB-100 but with a resonator, Epiphone’s MB-200 offers a significant step up in both volume and appearance, making it an excellent choice for aspiring bluegrass banjo players at around $300. Initially they were making components such as reeds, friction pegs and manufacturing flutes. Ditson pictures Jas Morrison pictures $197.50. Wilkes research Titusville, FL USA 32780 +1 (828) 226-2286 But what of the tradition, the history? SC.nb("scott", "phillipsbanjos.com", "", "", ""); Open-back banjos, hand-made in the Appalachian mountains with native hardwoods. This is a list of builders of 5-string banjos, both Bluegrass (5-string resonator) and Traditional (open back) models. The name or letters will be stamped on the tailpiece, indicating the banjo was made during the golden age by Lyon and Healy. Matsumoto, Nagano Japan 399-0015 You won’t impress anyone with its design or its tone quality, but it’s a good starter banjo if you can’t afford to step up to a more reliable manufacturer. SC.nb("Customer.Relations", "gibson.com", "", "", ""); Handcrafted, custom banjos for over 30 years. Burke pictures Much like a drum, the banjo has a head stretched across the top that serves as its sounding board. Ibanez’s beautiful B200, which carries a price tag of around $400, is a banjo with a resonator that can pack a solid punch of sound. The main thing to know when buying a beginner banjo is that better instruments have a tone ring, and lesser instruments do not. 84 Womack Street Brooks Masten The most common types are 4 string banjos, 5 string banjos, and 6 string banjos, though 12 string banjos and even fretless banjos are also available. +1 (800) 5-STRING www.wildwoodbanjos.com, The Banjo Loft Joseph Wallis 1848 - 1926. Luckily, even mid-level banjo brands have adopted maple or other hard woods, so you can find a fine instrument with a maple body without breaking the bank. www.chuckleebanjos.com PRAGUE, 5 Czech Republic Appearing and sounding like a banjo, they are tuned just like a guitar so you won’t need to learn any new chords right away. Editorial Note: At some point I will remove this listing, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Clamp new research Gibson TB pictures Scott Zimmerman // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Gruhn: Collecting Vintage Musical Instruments. Change in focus due in 2017. Thomas Upcott Quality banjo brands often use multiple plies of maple, the wood used in building violins, in the rim of their banjos. +1 (724) 943-4581 severe and the loss of companies represents a thinning of the herd. Clarinbridge, Co. Galway IRL H91 Yp28 More Bree Pictures Click the bar to view more details about the maker. Boosey research Schall pictures SC.nb("patrick", "pisgahbanjos.com", "", "", ""); Jaroslav Prucha Box 132 53 if Gibson is ignored). Russell Springs, KY USA 42642 Eminence, MS USA Ending Nov 9 at 6:56PM PST 6d 2h. Leedy Hollander research Tim Gardner Bruno research Most banjo techniques rely on the banjo’s unusual tuning system, which is lost on a six string banjo. 7151 New Hope Road An impressive list of artists. +1 (260) 657-5486 Antique 8 string banjo dated late 1800s to early 1900s Mother of Pearl inlays. 112 Silverwood Drive They use tried-and-true designs from other brands and develop low-cost ways of building the instruments on an industrial scale. A note of caution, however: some customers have reported receiving strange promotional materials reflecting the founders’ ties to scientology after purchasing a Deering banjo. Duffin new maker Portland, OR USA SC.nb("zachary_hoyt", "yahoo.com", "", "", ""); 118 M Mid Town Court www.cbguitars.com Antique and Vintage Banjos. Farris Travel Banjo Company +1 (540) 230-0085 Butler pictures See other items for sale from marknmandee, See other items for sale from pastandpresentstore, ANTIQUE 1920s WURLITZER 4 STRING TENOR BANJO, See other items for sale from big-league-antiquities, See other items for sale from atomicspacejunk88, Vintage La Pacific Antique 4 String 21" Small Banjo Ukulele Unique birds eye, See other items for sale from shadesofthepast1, Antique Waverly Tailpiece Vintage Tenor Banjo 18 Fret 4 String, See other items for sale from ruth1239872012. We are in the top 0.3% of web sites world wide and we don't sell a bean. SC.nb("jason", "romerobanjos.com", "", "", ""); Openback and bluegrass banjos, entirely hand made; Standard “New Vintage” and custom. Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Banjo Barometers. en.pruchabanjos.cz Gretsch pictures It is roughly the size of a ukulele, but it looks and sounds like a small banjo. Addition of Pictures Hardy, link to Williamson Uncovering the best banjo brands before you know how to play the instrument can be quite a challenge. When you buy your first banjo, don’t worry too much about the bridge, because you can always replace it with a better version later if you’re not satisfied with the sound. Liberty Co. research Mills River, NC USA know of any builders not on this list, please Know anything? SC.nb("stelling", "stellingbanjo.com", "", "", ""); From the Sullivans of First Quality Music fame. Wurlitzer pictures American Made Banjos | Available at Banjo.com. +1 (417) 839-5951 Research into Ward & Jordan www.bishlinebanjos.com Addition of Pictures Grimshaw In fact, the top string on the neck – known as the thumb string or the drone string – is much shorter than others, starting in the middle of the neck instead of at the end. from one-man shops, so perhaps it means that competition in this segment was 9 bids. www.cloverlickbanjoshop.com Founded in 1873 in Turkey, Epiphone was later acquired by Gibson, and these days they specialize in building Gibson designs in Asia to keep the prices low while benefiting from Gibson’s excellent design. This comprehensive guide offers the basics of how to buy a banjo, a rundown of some of the best banjo brands for beginners, and specific banjo reviews that will help you find a first banjo that will be a perfect fit. +1 (541) 593-0253 As of July 2020, there are 54 (or www.stealthbanjo.com Eggleston, VA USA 24086 You are viewing the text version of this site. 9777 Missaukee Lane Lange pictures builder has retired or ceased manufacturing. Also see the SHS online store at www.shop-shs.com and the SHS main site at www.shsint.net. vintagebanjomaker.com. Unique among the companies explored in this guide, Deering specializes in making banjos. To view the full version please install the Adobe Flash Player and ensure your web browser has JavaScript enabled. Prague CZ Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Dayton corrections and link Different Types of Headphones and Their Best Uses, The 8 Best Bone Conduction Headphones To Buy In 2020, The 10 Best Pedalboard Power Supplies For Your Effects 2020. Bradbury research These include the Star brand by Lyon and Healy around 1890 and Maybell by Slingerland in the early 1900s. Blue Lake, CA USA 95525 This is among the best entry-level banjos for anyone who can’t afford to invest in a higher quality instrument but wants to make sure their banjo’s sound will be passable in their first band. TW Bacon research SC.nb("info", "tranjo.com", "", "", ""); Colin J. Vance Luscomb pictures This results in a far darker, mellower tone preferred by singer-songwriters, folk musicians, and anyone interested in playing the old-fashioned clawhammer technique. Coker research His work has appeared in "Cold Storage," "Butcher Knives and Body Counts," "Writer's Journal," and "Lighthouse Digest.". +1 (650) 588-5558 Wilmshurst research & pictures Gold Tone has licensed one model. T Lyons research Essentially the same as a 5 string banjo but with no drone string, plectrum banjos are strummed with a guitar pick and are frequently used in Dixieland Jazz music as a result of their bright tone that can cut through a dense ensemble sound. Well-built necks will also have a truss rod inside, which allows you to make adjustments in intonation and keeps the neck stable. Waverly Instrument Wooden Banjo 4-string Antique Banjeaurine Slingerland ? Carl Hose is the author of the anthology "Dead Horizon" and the the zombie novella "Dead Rising." Parslow BIO 3 BANJO + CASE GREAT ANTIQUE CONDI. +1 (303) 449-0041 What type of banjo is best for beginners: Acoustic or electric? Makers alphabetically "Walliostro" . Mark Hicler Images courtesy of Maurice Benton and the Saleroom. Typical of the period his company moved into the centre of London as it grew, initially from Providence Street in Walworth to 6 Union St., Borough SE London and then to 133-35 Euston Road in 1867. Fortunately, the best beginner banjos are often very reasonably priced, but it takes some research and prioritizing to make sure you’re getting what you want from your new instrument. Many of the www.hendricksbanjos.com No banjos currently in production, a sad condition for a past great name in instruments. Bree Pictures Burlington, WI USA 53105 Christian has been with Tommy since 2007 and has another shop in Memphis. Butler research But Deering’s banjos-only philosophy has led to their well-deserved reputation as the number one banjo maker in the United States. defunct listings were for old-time, open-back banjos and most of these were North Port, FL USA 34290 Otto Schlight new maker following are my criteria for inclusion in this list. Buffalo Grove, IL USA 60089 Identify the names of banjo makers from the golden age of the banjo. This is a list of builders of 5-string banjos, both Bluegrass (5-string resonator) and Traditional (open back) let me know. www.cedarmtnbanjos.com How can the brand that defined the instrument just vanish overnight? You can always amplify your acoustic banjo with a microphone, and it is much easier to find a quality acoustic banjo within your budget. South San Francisco, CA USA 94080 This means that Rogue has some of the lowest prices around, though the quality of the instrument sometimes reflects the price. While you’re not going to get the refinement of sound that comes with a banjo in the $500+ price level, the MB-200 can’t be beat for its level of quality at this price. MacCord picture links Despite the patent, it didn’t take long for other clockmakers to jump on the bandwagon and copy the Willards’ design. Have a Henning pictures He was still listed as a banjo/multiple musical instrument maker out of the same address in 1915. SC.nb("colin", "vancebanjos.com", "", "", ""); 1000 Corporate Grove Drive Some 5-strings are made each year. 6 or 7 string banjos were specifically made for the English market and are rarely seen it the USA.

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