(This may not be possible with some types of ads). I use also Legacy Family Tree and sometimes Ancestris (no big problems with gedcom export / import with Gramps). (this comment may seem redundant but unicode support should not be taken for granted - major commercial programms do not support it). I think this app is simply great! After testing over half a dozen programs I chose Family Historian. You can search and filter entries in a variety of different ways including by name, relationship, family, location and much more. Although I have my tree 'private' on Ancestry, I never use it online, much prefer the desktop model and also when we tour in our van and are out of wireless reception area, we can still work on our trees. For those people who use multiple programs, do you keep your trees in the different programs in sync or do you have different trees in different programs? If I can get used to it, I will pursue it. The expanding number of genealogy programs on the market makes it easy to research your ancestry. This is a blog compendium for RootsTech 2017 related blog posts. Through the free version, you can view family, index or pedigree formats. One the other hand, there is an active community of users and developers answering questions within hours. Having said that I find the Ancestor tree cumbersome in trying to fit it into less pages. Genea-Musings features genealogy research tips and techniques, genealogy news items and commentary, genealogy humor, San Diego genealogy society news, family history research and some family history stories from the keyboard of Randy Seaver (of Chula Vista CA), who thinks that Genealogy Research Is really FUN! © I am still in the 'thinking' stage about how I want all of this information to be stored and organized.I appreciate all the comments that have been made because it gives me a better idea of what is working for others. Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin provided me with a review copy of his latest book, The Spyglass File , three weeks ago and I have been reading s... For my readers:  What desktop software programs and/or online family trees do you use for your genealogy research? i'm using gramps and still find it very lacking, there's not one chart where i can see the uncles/aunts for … However, I always advise people to have their own private database as they are so much more versatile than Ancestry or other online databases. I started a blog to help others with problems that wasn't able to find solutions to (link below). The developers have put a lot of time into this program and made it quite complex. I appreciate not having my data locked into a proprietary file format. I switched from PAF to Family Tree Maker (FTM) for Mac about 4 years ago when PAF fizzled out. It is available in a number of languages. Lots of potential however the program crashes (in windows 7) every hour and now the windows-controls have disappeared and the window cannot be resized. For example, you may be limited to how much you can see of your family tree. There is no single manual. You can attach links and other media to entries, helping to clarify information or to provide fun facts. It's OK to have more than one response. Gramps (Image credit: ShutterStock) Gramps has more features than many other free genealogy search options available. Right now it depends which machine or OS I am using or what I am doing. The expanding number of free genealogy programs on the market makes it easy to research your ancestry. Paid programs offer more features, such as more ways to create charts to display your family tree and more ways to denote complex relationships, such as a mother who married several times. The extensive documentation covering both technical aspect of the application and subject matter of the field and intuitive design, justly described, of the application has precluded my need to ask for help. So in summary this is a good package (particularly as it is all open source and free) but could be so much better. Legacy Standard supports adoption. A wiki system is available as a documentation and help systems. All Rights Reserved. Gramps est tout simplement parfait. In my Linux I use Gramps. I started with PAF 15 years ago but switch to RootsMagic4 years ago for my computer. For many years I had been working on books on several of my different lines and the new program, whilst having more Word like features in the book section, failed to have a 'Wrap Text' feature around scans, photos etc. I also use Heredis. I do have a tree on Ancesrry, in fact two public and one private tree on that site. I have a private tree on ancestry.com that syncs to my Family Tree Maker, but I also have the current version of Legacy. When you start using GRAMPS it has a rather steep learning curve. Thank you very much! The location feature is particularly useful. Ancestris. LifeLines is an MIT-licensed tool for genealogy which sports a text-based interface, and although it has not been updated in several years, is recognized as one of the first open source projects for tracing family history. It is the best program to use if you have online trees there. Néanmoins, il nécessite une configuration It seems as if they typed up a list of 1,000 features in Latin, then ran it through Google translate, then implemented them all willy-nilly. Every now and then a evaluate other genealogy software but so far I always returned to GRAMPS. The whole documentation needs a thorough update (in my opinion) - it just hasn't kept in line with the numerous changes. Maybe over the summer I will give it the scrub down and makeover it deserves. You can search and filter entries in a variety of different ways including by name, relationship, family, location and much more. This program s popularity stems from its extensive records, some of which are private. However, RootsMagic Essentials does not support same-sex marriages   one parent has to be the mother and the other the father. This software has excellent viewing capabilities. Tried to resurrect it but it appeared that I need to downgrade GRAMPS, as well as GTK and all the related crap back to the old versions just to be able to import the old work files. Sure, for me the only trouble with Gramps are those "unattended errors" that happen several times a day, sometimes several time a session. On peut tracer tous les événements de sa vie, ce qui rendra service à nos descendants, si nous en valons la peine ! Prior to that I was using Brothers Keeper, and prior to that ROOTS III. Legacy2. I use FTM to sync my tree on Ancestry. You will receive a verification email shortly. within GRAMPS the entry of data is very efficient. Wikitree4. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

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