Copyright 10. This means that it is possible to develop a theory that reflects the laws governing human nature which would assist us in differentiating between truth and opinion which would further help us “put ourselves in the position of a statesman” and predict what he should rationally do. As such, they thought it proper to give primary place to nature, science and vocational subjects whereas secondary place to Arts, literature, biography, philosophy, psychology and morality. It is being able to comprehend and deal with a certain situation while at the same time accepting it. Further, they view that such freedom should promote self-discipline and self-control the foundation of self development. Both formed as a resistance to traditional standards and in response to a time of war and revolution. According to realists, child should be given full freedom to develop his self according to his innate tendencies. The purpose of literature ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As such, education concerns with problems of life of the child. At this time it was James, who reconciled the ties of... ...Socialist realism is a literary ideology or stream which is strong enough dominating in Western Europe. The individual and his environment, natural and man-made, in American literary realism. Therefore, Aristotle is rightly called as the father of Realism. Temptation to run away to the West seems to trouble each generation of Americans. It was introduced in France after the 1848 revolution. There is an order and design of the external world in which man is a part and the world idealism by the laws of cause and effect relationships. A view that there is a form of ultimate truth even. Irasmus (1446-1536) castigated narrow educational system and in its place. The following are the chief characteristics of realistic education: Realism emphasized scientific education. Content Filtrations 6. Realism in the arts ‘I argue that the most plausible version of realism is the correspondence theory of truth’ (Realism and the correspondence theory of truth, preface.) 4. He prescribed those subjects which are individually and socially useful in the curriculum. The concept is interested in looking at the daily lives of individuals from both the lower and middle classes, whose character is determined by social factors. He favoured continuous teaching till learning is achieved and advocated mother-tongue to precede other subjects. 4. He assigned no place to religion and supported physics to be included as one of the foremost subjects of study. E.H Carr, George Kennan, Thompson, Schumann and Morgenthau were its leading exponents. Change is the fundamental feature of this vibrating universe. The artists during this period strove to prove that art... ...In order to effectively analyse and study the intricate web of action and interaction that makes up international relations, scholars have devised theories of interaction. (vii) Balance between Individuality and Sociability: Realists give importance to individuality and sociability of the child equally.

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