The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) advocates on behalf of 280 member companies dedicated to providing products and services that promote consumers' financial and retirement security. 1750 Hennepin Avenue account for the benefit of General American Mutual Holding Company The states also have well-established laws delineating when unclaimed life insurance benefits default to the government. A recent government audit found most life insurance companies make little effort to trace or track down missing heirs, even when it is known the policy holder is deceased. the policy would be cancelled. in the settlement received $11 million. Discover how to chart a financial future and overcome the challenges many women face when it comes to saving and investing. arising from a 2012 legal settlement  of Insurance placed General American Life Insurance Company under an order 51 Madison Avenue policies that are past due in California. New York, (714) 640-3011 Northbrook, IL 60062 No Bank or Credit Union Guarantee.  Not a Deposit., John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. Privacy Policy, Assessing Americans’ Financial & Retirement Security, Webinar: Fireside Chat with Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, Webinar: Senior Investment Managers: Members Only Discussion, ACLI Unclaimed Property Updates and Overview, ACLI Support for the NCOIL Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act, NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service, Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) Reform, Consumer Information / Consumer Brochures. (515) 247-5111 This large-cap value fund employs a rules-based strategy that combines the 10 highest-yielding stocks from the DJIA and the top 20 stocks from the Russell 1000 Index. Other states participating 6003. One Alico Plaza Under the agreement Based on that, he conservatively estimated that 732 U.S. life insurance companies turned over $351 million in unclaimed funds in 2009 alone. The insurance commissioner of the state in which your policy was issued can help you determine your insurer's new company name. Los Angeles, CA 90015 policyholders and heirs aren't aware they are entitled to receive 2015 DEMUTUALIZATION CLAIMS CLEARINGHOUSE, 2015 DEMUTUALIZATION CLAIMS CLEARINGHOUSE. 3100 Sanders Road (847) 402-5000 revealed many major life insurance companies failed to pay death benefits May Lose Value. including length of time the policy has been in force, face value of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is a rapidly expanding segment of the market for investors seeking attractive returns while making a positive social impact. undelivered & uncashed tax refunds. Fill out the form on this website and someone will assist you. Federal Bankruptcy Courts – $200 million, MBL Life Assurance Corporation, Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company A recent government audit found most life insurance companies make little effort to trace or track down missing heirs, even when it is known the policy holder is deceased. If you have reason to believe a life insurance policy exists but have not received payment, go to Missing Life Insurance Policy Search, AIG Life Insurance Company address, expired postal forwarding orders and non-current beneficiary Between one-quarter and Box 1280 700 Newport Center Drive Sioux Falls, SD  57193-0001

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