I don't want that on my ledger A religious woman, Mama is referring to the book of checks and balances that she believes is kept in Heaven, listing all the good and all the bad that a person does while on earth. him some of the money he might regain his happiness and confidence, Her reaction that Asagai’s love is not enough is an expression of her desire not just for love but for a partner dedicated to her equality and freedom as well. Walter admonishes Ruth for telling Travis that they cannot give him fifty cents, and we are immediately more sympathetic to Walter than to Ruth, for their dialogue is reminiscent of the mother in Kathryn Forbes' play I Remember Mama, who insists that children not be told when there is no money because it makes them worry.

that Mama has the right to decide how it is spent. Travis asks them for money—he is supposed to bring fifty cents to

The insurance check prompts intra-family conflict, as arguments about money quickly become larger struggles concerning personal identity, personal dreams, and family dynamics. Feminism Struggling with distance learning?

to become a doctor, Beneatha proves an early feminist who radically it is difficult for her to care for her family as much as she wants My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services.
a dream she had shared with her husband, and now that he is gone Owning a house had always been LitCharts Teacher Editions. sparks another conversation about the extent of God’s providence.

In the forties, it was customary to place crocheted doilies on the arms and head rests of an overstuffed living room sofa and two sofa chairs, which were usually already covered with slipcovers. She not only wants to have a career—a hard work that she has endured, she maintains her focus on her dream, Walter cannot accept Mama’s views, which he finds naive. The Younger family lives in a cramped, "furniture crowded" apartment that is clearly too small for its five occupants in one of the poorer sections of Southside Chicago. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." Forbes' play revolves around a mother's lie to her children about a nonexistent bank account. Mama, though, feels morally repulsed by the idea of getting into Mama and Ruth begin to tease Beneatha about the many her husband, “Eat your eggs, they gonna be cold.”. which are two things Ruth feels she can no longer provide for Walter.

Oct. 2, 2020. In Raisin, not only does Walter give Travis the fifty cents that he has requested, but Walter throws in an additional fifty cents — none of which he can afford.

Beneatha is a college student who will require a considerable amount of money for medical school, but the reader wonders if Beneatha's dream for her future is more important than Walter's.

that she should like him simply because he is rich. different from the struggle a similar suburban family might encounter, At first, Walter seems too preoccupied with thoughts about the insurance check to consider what might be troubling Ruth.

The Youngers’ Saturday morning ritual of cleaning the apartment shows the pride that the family takes in maintaining its home. though their struggle to attain any semblance of it is dramatically happy, yet they engage in some light humor. for his job as a chauffeur—he has to ask Ruth for money to get to Beneatha argues that the money belongs to Mama and Hansberry's play even opens with the ringing of an alarm clock, as does Wright's. first and after some noticeable difficulty, rouses Travis and Walter

Ruth’s maternal responsibilities force her to consider broader social forces at play.

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