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You’ve probably heard the name before as Sun Wukong is a very famous character from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Save your coins because he is Celestial and you will always want to have a Celestial hero in your team! Wu Kong – The Monkey King Faction: Celestial Type: Strength Class: Warrior Role: Continuous Damage Rarity: Ascended Wu […] Level 21: Damage increased by up to 200%. When he acquired a weapon of incredible destructive power from a sea dragon there was no force beneath heaven that could best him. Copyright © 2019-2020. Update 1.33 for AFK Arena has added a new event “Sun Wukong – King of the Monkeys”, in which you can get this hero for free.
Level 101: This ability cannot be dodged. The emperor was a shrewd man and immediately dispatched riders to find the source of the lights. Level 141: Ability is activated every 10 seconds. As on the first day, he invariably left a trail of broken Hypogean bodies behind him, quickly building up a great deal of fame in this strange new land. Once all the clones have disappeared from the battlefield, the original Wu Kong will return to it. AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List), AFK Arena & Overlord Collaboration: Ainz & Albedo Release, Halloween Event: Magician Hat & Gift Card, Bountiful Trials Event: Ainz Ooal Gown / Albedo / Pippa, Voyage of Wonders Guide & Map: The Realm of Denial. The little monkey stood upright and took a few quiet steps forward on soft feet that had never before touched the earth. It is said to be capable of injuring and killing almost all beings. Event Time: Unlimited . Level 81: Clones receive 200% damage. Roaming Esperia. The event is unlocked after you reach chapter 17. You can see all of the ongoing events and past events! Albedo is the new AFK Arena Dimensional hero, getting released in the huge update AFK Arena x Overlord Collaboration. Wu Kong gains a 2-layer protective barrier at the start of battles. Wu Kong throws his rod into the air so that it falls down upon the most densely concentrated area of enemies on the battlefield, dealing 270% area damage to them.

There will be a lot of events and 2... During the Halloween event, complete the daily quests to obtain Arcane Scrolls, which will be used to get the new Elijah & Lailah skin... Would love your thoughts, please comment. Note: Sometimes the game is just laggy and the share button doesn’t appear.
Be quick, redeem them to get those... A huge Collaboration event between AFK Arena and Overlord is coming soon into the Estrilda world! Besides the normal Tavern pulls, you can also buy him from the Labyrinth Store for 45,000 Lab coins. During one of their many skirmishes, the monkey king leaped far away. Type: Melee This time however was like nothing he had ever seen. As before, this didn’t go unnoticed by the higher powers of the realm. AFK Arena was made by Lilith Games. Moments after landing, he was greeted with a flurry of cruelly barbed crossbow bolts. Wu Kong is able to predict when his enemies will use control effects against him and will momentarily disappear from the battlefield to evade the attack and summon a cloud clone in his original position. A deceptively heavy and powerful rod that can grow on command.

The gods sought to bring the audacious upstart to heel, but even the forces of heaven were found wanting when they dared confront him. This ability also deals additional damage that is equal to 8% of his enemies’ current health value. Faction: Celestial The summoned clone shares the same attributes as Wu Kong’s “Cloud Clones” and can be summoned once every 11 seconds. This ability also deals additional damage that is equal to 8% of his enemies’ current health value. Wu Kong disappears from the battlefield after summoning 3 clones of himself. AFK.Guide is trying to be the biggest database of guides for all AFK Arena players. Enemies that were successfully struck by the rodwill lose 100 Haste points for 8 seconds.

There is another new hero being... First look of the new Celestial hero in AFK Arena, Zaphrael - The Righteous. Sun Wu Kong. Get to Ranhorn -> Library-> Unions; Click on any Union. Role: Tank As he could travel thousands of leagues in a single leap, he sometimes landed in unfamiliar territory. Copyright © 2019-2020. If your Union doesn’t have full Heroes yet, add the missing Hero there and the button will show up.

Faction: Celestial  Type: Strength  Class: Warrior  Role: Continuous Damage  Rarity: Ascended. If Wu Kong is dealt damage that exceeds 10% of his max health he will lose 1 layer and mitigate the damage received. Sharing Brutus Skin & summon pulls works too!

The stone cracked as a cold wind blew around it. 229k members in the afkarena community. [+10 Unlocks] Gains a 4-layer protective barrier at the start of battles.

The Misty Valley is a new event in AFK Arena. This ability also deals additional damage that is equal to 8% of his enemies’ current health value. Such power does not go unnoticed. He accepted, eager to receive the privileges that come with the title of celestial. This was a land of darkness and war. afk and chill.

When there are no enemies nearby, Wu Kong will travel towards his enemies upon his cloud and proceed to attack them when within range. Enemies that were successfully struck by the rodwill lose 100 Haste points for 8 seconds. Sun Wu Kong laid waste to his assailants, fighting his way through the barren lands and beyond.

If the Union already has full Heroes, replace a Hero in your Union with any other different-tier version of it. Click on any union. Clones possess 90% of the original Wu Kong’s stats, however, they will receive 220% damage dealt from enemy attacks. AFK.GUIDE is an AFK Arena fansite, and is not affiliated with Lilith Games in any way.

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