Changing eye color. Stereotypies are characterised by an unchanging, repetitive pattern of behaviour, and in captive animals can be associated with the need for improved welfare.

Abnormal behaviours may be exhibited by half closed unfocused eyes, inability or unwillingness to move, extended head and lack of ability to right body position. Article: Michaels, C. J., Gini, B. F., Clifforde, L. (2020).

87, No. Tongue flicking. Although well known in certain species, little is known about abnormal repetitive behaviours and their correlation with welfare in reptiles, especially snakes. The study also looked at various enrichment options, including prey scent trails and altered feeding schedules, which were designed with the known wild behaviour of the species in mind, but found these did not reduce the prevalence of the stereotypy. Access to over 2.2 million abstracts, over 145,000 full text documents, and news articles, book chapters and disease datasheets, VetMed Resource smart searches are based on commonly researched topics, and your own requests. With no vocal cords, arms, or legs to let us know how they’re feeling, snakes can often be rather difficult to decipher, leaving owners confused and frustrated. Coiling into “S” shape. It’s best to leave the animal alone at this point, but this is also a good time to check the temperature and humidity of its enclosure, as problems with these factors commonly lead to unhappy snakes. One other really common question that people will ask is why is my snake moving around the terrarium and he has his mouth open? If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. This is no cause for concern, as your snake has simply outgrown its skin, but the animal will likely be very uncomfortable as it prepares to shed, so handling should be avoided if possible.

Slow and controlled tongue flicks simply mean your snake is taking in its surroundings.

With no vocal cords, arms, or legs to let us know how they’re feeling, snakes can often be rather difficult to decipher, leaving owners confused and frustrated. However, constant or severe head wobbling, sometimes to the point of being upside down, can be an indicator of a neurological problem or very high stress levels in your snake. 3.

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30, pp. Head wiggling. A common reason for that is your heat gradient is wrong. Enriching the animals’ environment is the most frequently used method and often results in either the elimination of or reduction in the proportion of time spent stereotyping.

59-65, Warwick, C., Arena, P., Steedman, C., 2019, Spatial considerations for captive snakes., Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, Vol. It can be easy to get discouraged by a pet that doesn’t outwardly express joy and excitement, but by understanding snake behaviors, you can assure your wiggly little friend will live a healthy, peaceful life.

Regular eating and drinking, normal basking patterns, and relaxed breathing are all signs of a content snake.

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That's not a behavioral problem. The detection of stereotypical behaviours can enable animal care experts to recognise an issue and take steps to tackle it. Snakes don’t really “yawn” out of sleepiness, but instead open their mouths incredibly wide to gather air particles to smell.

And while your snake may not form an attachment to you like a dog or cat, curling up in a ball on you or staying generally close to you for heat is a good indicator your snake is comfortable and relaxed with you. If only all animals could wag their tail like a dog or purr like a cat to let us know they were happy. 4.

2, pp. Snake Behavior Problems. It should always be in the high 80's maybe the low 90's.

People have an instinctual fear of snakes that stems back for thousands of years.

Like most websites we use cookies. 5 Snake Behaviors Explained. Along with this, your snake may hiss or puff up. means you agree to our use of cookies. Though all behavior is relative to breed and individual reptile, here is some common snake body language to help you understand your slithery friend a little better. Access to over 2.2 million abstracts, over 145,000 full text documents, and news articles, book chapters and disease datasheets

For the case report, researchers at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) looked at a captive snake, a male false water cobra (Hydrodynastes gigas), hatched at ZSL London Zoo in 2011 in which abnormal repetitive behaviour had been reported by staff since May 2017. That's natural snake behavior. If you’re looking for signs of an overjoyed, cheerful snake, you probably won’t find them, but that’s not to say that snakes can’t live pleasant lives.

Like this guy here, he wants to go explore to one side and the other. In many cases, this merely means your snake has smelled something new or interesting. However, if your snake deliberately retracts its head and coils its neck into a curved stance, it is in defense mode and has positioned itself to strike.

More studies on the behaviour of both wild and captive snakes are needed in order to best interpret these findings. As pet owners, we all want our animals to lead the happiest lives they can.

Some of the more common behavioral problems that people will ask about, really aren't behavioral problems at all. 2. A strike may not come immediately, but your snake is at the ready to defend itself if needed. It's not a behavioral problem it's a natural thing that they do.

For snake owners, it’s important to remember that snakes don’t have the range of emotions that many other pets do. As you’ve probably seen, snakes can open their mouths almost impossibly wide to swallow prey, so occasionally they’ll widen their mouths beforehand to make the eating process easier. Snakes are probably the most misunderstood, and most illogically feared creatures on the planet. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible.

Most of the time what that's an indication of is that the heat is much too high in the tank, so it's an indication that you need to adjust the heat.

This is very similar to the way snakes flick their tongues to smell, but on a grander scale.

5. In this case, your snake’s curiosity may lead them to bite, so be watchful of quick tongue flicks during handling to avoid any unwanted nips.

They're escape artists.

The results are important within the field of reptile welfare, as they indicate that stereotypies can exist in snakes, and that greater understanding of this behaviour is needed in order to improve their environment and raise welfare standards. This affliction is common in spider morphs of pythons, so be especially mindful of head movements if you own this particular type. You probably already know snakes use their tongues to smell. A persistent abnormal repetitive behaviour in a false water cobra (Hydrodynastes gigas). Snakes are quite flexible, so you might find yours in the shape of an “S” at any given time. Eckstein 42 reported the observation of this tail vibration in the grass snake, N. natrix, as well.

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