This information will provide Medevac team with potential threat to containment inside of the helicopter.

My hobby's are firearms, skiing, martial arts. CAB. g. Method of marking pickup site (line 7). Der 9 -Line MEDEVAC Format wird vor allem für die Beantragung dringenden Evakuierung der Kampfunfall vom Schlachtfeld eingesetzt. They are all artistically enhanced with visually stunning color, shadow and lighting effects. Step 3: Determine number of patients by type- this is not only important information to have when calling in the 9line but it will also allow medical personnel to properly triage patients based on their medical condition and chances of living. How To Call In A 9Line MEDEVAC … Line 4: We needed two IV suspensions. ... - Location of pickup site (line 1).

B – Urgent surgical;

Each one of the nine lines provides vital information that’s used to transmit from how many patients there are, the mechanism of injury, necessary equipment to bring, the location, and the possible hostile/non-hostile scenarios that could have manifested. picture source: ASLT.


B – Hoist: This means that the Medevac team is going to have to pick up the litter and cannot land the helicopter. E – Other: This information will be transmitted beforehand.

Number of Patients by Type. In this step medical personnel and medically trained operators can begin to tend to life threatening wounds while maintaining security.

Team will need to clip a rope onto the litter and “hoisted” up. I’ve personally made hundreds (if not 1,000’s) of medevac calls like this, and it’s extremely important for you to get them right the first time. Step 3: Contact MEDEVAC channel.

OMK provides resources and content to young adults who are thinking about joining the US Armed Forces, but don’t know where to begin. All supplies were already on hand because we had a well-stocked medical MRAP at the scene.

What is the time limit for sending the first, 12. Line 7: Method of pick-up site marking: HHB. A – No enemy troops in area; Some items use the U.S. military 9line MEDEVAC while others use NATO 9Line or internally generated 9Lines with the unique information required for supporting units.
Line 2- Radio call sign & frequency ... - ... whether the Ambulance ( air/ground) will need escorts to go along for security.

Line 4: None was request. 87 0 obj <> endobj

There are rounds going off nearby, it’s loud, and you can’t hear anything. Line. C – Chemical.

Line 8: A – All three patients were U.S. Marines.

9 LINE MEDEVAC WITH MIST PDF - provide extensive information about 9 Line MEDEVAC Request ().
Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Clear the battlefield. brief, to include surface conditions, weather, If evacuation is by aerial means, take all, Guide the helicopter using hand and arm signals, landing and take off, as the tactical situation, Learned the pertinent information to collect as, as how to record it using brevity codes, when, Examined the difference between peacetime and, Learned how to transmit a proper 9 Line MEDEVAC, Learned how to prepare for evacuation and, MEDEVAC mission deals solely with the movement of, The same format is used to request evacuation by, Priority is the highest precedence that can be, Which precedence no longer exists under NATO, The welfare of the casualty always outweighs the, When marking the pickup site, the evacuation crew, 7.

They are nicknamed DUSTOFF in Afghanistan and they go where the humans and sophisticated equipment failed, leading to some casualties. - request medical evacuation stp 21-24 smct ... this period of training is designed to prepare units on proper format for requesting a medical evacuation request using ... - Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: STEVENSD Last modified by: WOLLAMJ Created Date: 5/13/2002 7:50:54 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show, - Title: 1 Author: WYP Last modified by: BGP Created Date: 12/8/2002 7:22:07 PM Document presentation format: (4:3) Company: BGP.

We used a 9-line is a standard secure way of relaying information between patrols and patrol teams that were over the wire and garrison command.

Save life, limb, or eyesight.

MEDEVAC: evacuation using special dedicated medical assets marked with a Red ..

This is why we are Nine Line: 9 Line is a military term that Medevacs use for calling in a combat injury. Line 7: Green smoke can. f. Security of pickup site (line 6).

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- Operational OB-GYN Practical Knowledge Test Test your knowledge of operational medicine against the Undersea Medical Officers and Surface Warfare Medical Officers.

CAV. Or use it to upload your own PowerPoint slides so you can share them with your teachers, class, students, bosses, employees, customers, potential investors or the world. This video describes each of the 9 lines used to format a MEDEVAC request.. Line 6: No escort requested at this time. Support unit will need to compensate with a carousel. If so, what type? Number of patients by precedence:A - UrgentB - Urgent SurgicalC - PriorityD - RoutineE - Convenience, Line 4. For example, CT (Charlie Tango) may be the radio frequency channel; Charlie may stand for latitude and Tango might be for longitude. It is very important that the information needed is communicated clearly to ensure that the soldier gets the care that he or she needs in a timely manner.

A 9 Line Medevac is a standard collection of codes that every Marine, military officer, helicopter and medical personnel (everyone at the Shock Trauma Platoon (STP) and Forward Resuscitation Surgical Suite (FRSS)), and all security guards … HHB. - Agenda Phonetic Alphabet ... K Kilo L Lima M Mike N November O Oscar P Papa Q Quebec R Romeo S Sierra T Tango U Uniform V Victor W Whiskey X X-Ray Y ... - CONDITIONS: In a field environment, given an injured soldier, a radio, a combat ... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND WITHIN TWO HOURS TO SAVE LIFE, LIMB, OR EYESIGHT. 2.

Undoubtedly it is a part of every army training. A – Panels: This provides information to what color the panels are going to be.

What are the correct codes for 1 Urgent and 2, 8. CAV.

9-Line Medical Evacuation Request .....C-1: 12 July 2019 ATP 4-02.2 v Preface Army Techniques Publication 4-02.2 provides doctrine and techniques for conducting medical evacuation and medical regulating operations. Important: no matter what the situation on the ground the radio operator should remain calm and collected at all costs. Smith called in for aerial support and medevac to extract the two wounded Marines and KOS Marine.”.

E – There are enemy troops in the area, give number if possible (whether there is a vehicle or just ground troops). Line 1: Coordinates were given outside Camp Jackson on a push.

That's all free as well! Step 4: Using 9 Line MEDEVAC format call-in MEDEVAC.

Received my second tee today “ Live it Love it, or get the Hell out”. The radio man (for platoon), corpsman (for recon team) or CIA agent (SEAL team) will spit a 9 Line off, so the enemy can’t follow the code. The info, divided into 9 lines (hence the name), effectively communicates info on patient #'s, injury type, location, and more.

9 Line Medevac: What It Is, What It Does, And 2 Real World Example Scenarios.


Is there a contamination at the site? This video describes each of the 9 lines used to format a MEDEVAC …

Medical evacuation, often shortened to MEDEVAC or MEDIVAC, 9-line MEDEVAC is the timely and efficient movement and en route care provided by medical personnel to wounded being evacuated from a battlefield or combat zone to injured patients being evacuated from the scene of an accident to receiving medical facilities, or to patients at a rural hospital requiring urgent care at a better-equipped facility using medically equipped ground vehicles (ambulances) or aircraft (air ambulances).

It is a standard format that’s universal during wartime as a means of communication to detail important information and as little information as possible to complete an objective which is typically the extraction of an injured individual to a higher echelon of care. e. Number of patients by type (line 5). Line 4: Special equipment required: - ATK. 0 Security at pick-up site:N - No enemy troops in areaP - Possible enemy troops in area (approach with caution)E - Enemy troops in area (approach with caution)X - Enemy troops in area (armed escort required)* In peacetime - number and types of wounds, injuries, and illnesses, Line 7.

Again, operating personnel should practice radioing for help as part of their response to an attack.

Because of 9 lines it consists of , sometimes it is called “a 9-liner.” Before we call a MEDEVAC over the radio it is good to gather some necessary details – the data you will be requested to give the rescuers to make their mission feasible.

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