There is a mysterious history and a dark underside of York. If you passed it, you'd never return. Dutery says he actually saw the grotesques, which could have been seen as toads and that fit with road. More from Gary on the Seven Gates of Hell. In the 1800s, a colossal mental asylum stood in the woods of York …

Did you know: If you use the Roadtrippers mobile app, your trips will instantly auto-sync over... Ready for navigation and good times! Several stories are out there, including this one: Once upon a time, seven gates surrounded an insane asylum. Please stay safe and call ahead to get the latest information. Before retirement in April 2019, Jim McClure was editor of the York Daily Record/Sunday News and associated digital products since May 2004.

– Wikipedia has an entry for the Seven Gates of Hell with some additional sourcing. this is located in York County, PA according to Google. An insane asylum supposedly located there caught fire, allowing the inmates to escape, but seven gates surrounding the asylum trapped them and many were burned or were killed or lived on to stalk and murder. I had run across the Hellam Township website (I had been there before) in looking around for information on a recent Brenneman’s one-room school post. It *is* worth noting that the "gates" are on private property and the property owners do not take kindly to people trespassing. Both agree that there are seven gates in a wooded area of Hellam Township, Pennsylvania, and that anyone who passes through all seven goes straight to Hell. The story of historically black churches in York County begins with 17 members, Roman Catholics worshipped in the York County region since its earliest days, See additional York Town Square posts here. Parks, towns and neighborhoods: Neat places to visit in York County, Pa. Gate 2: Just after Gate 1 you have to keep your eyes open and make a left hand turn or you will miss … The fact is that our Township’s name is a corruption of the name ‘Hallam’, named for Hallam, England.”. The locals swear the other six gates remain, but I have a feeling that it might just be the regional equivalent of a "Snipe Hunt". That place has been described in books, on the Web and in the newspaper. He also served as state editor for Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland for Gannett’s USA TODAY Network. What happened at this site in the middle of no where? The Confederate soldiers grave near the river is one. Though I've never been here at night, I've spent a lot of time in the woods around this area and there's nothing haunted about it. Check out our Retro York Facebook page. We’ll just let the township’s description, excerpted here, describe this place – or maybe alleged place: “Perhaps the most notorious of Hellam’s mysterious and spooky places is that part of the Township known as “The Seven Gates of Hell”. Local historians agree,  dismissing the location with a Harumph!

History and journalism are part of a continuum, and this site hopes to intrigue readers on both accounts. : We mentioned the Hex Murder earlier. Click to find a great deal for this hotel. The location in question never housed an institution; the aforementioned doctor only constructed one gate, to keep out trespassers. Books have been written on this remote place with the gates in eastern York County's Hellam Township. Tall tales, trip guides, & the world's weird & wonderful. Another story links the ‘Seven Gates’ to an eccentric local doctor who erected a large gate at the entrance to his property, and rumors sprang up that there was a series of gates beyond that one along a road leading deep into the woods with something mysterious hidden at the end of road. (1) Whats at the end of the 7 Gates, ive heard is a church or a asylum? York, "Toad Road was real to the extent that it was part of our culture, even if it was little more than a story told in passing - something to do and somewhere to go, in a place with nothing to do and no place to go," Dutery wrote. The gates' role in the story is disputed.

These creatures inspired the locals to give the place the name 'Toad Road.' That might be true today, but if you go up there, property owners asked that you respect their private property. These are internationally known gates. I love those moments when you run across fascinating material when you’re looking for something else. How does the "Hell" in Hellam Township connect with the Seven Gates? The Seven Gates of Hell is a modern urban legend regarding locations in York County, Pennsylvania. So is the the going confusion between Hallam (Borough)  and Hellam (Township.

It is the story of Toad Road, and it is so heinous that its name has been changed to Trout Run Road. USA.

Also of interest: What do you think about those ghost stories linked to historic sites in York and Adams counties? The fact is that our Township’s name is a corruption of the name ‘Hallam’, named for Hallam, England.”. Due to the spread of COVID-19, some points of interest may be closed or have restrictions. Many patients died in the flames, while others escaped and were soon beaten to death. There are two popular versions of the myth, with numerous variants of each. He is the author or coauthor of seven books on York County history and holds a master’s in American Studies from Penn State Harrisburg, where his research focus was on York County journalism history. More:Murder and witchcraft: The incredible story of York County's Hex Murder, More:York curiosities: 7 Gates of Hell tops list. Hellam Township’s website tells the story of one of York County’s most persistent myths – the presence of the Seven Gates of Hell. It was said that other gates went up beyond that one, and something mysterious awaited travelers passing through those gates deep in the woods. A farmer was killed in a home invasion, and the scene of the crime, a house in Rehmeyer's Hollow, stands today. The next morning, the girl finds a hook on the car's door handle. An Atlantic Coast road trip from Boston to Miami, Declare independence at these Revolution-era pubs, The most amazing campgrounds for stargazing with the kids, Your road trip guide to every awesome detour off I-70, Road trip to New Brunswick's best little coastal towns, Yoho National Park: A place of “awe and wonder”, An adventurer’s guide to Fundy National Park and Fundy Bay, Squamish is the perfect base camp for the Sea to Sky region. From Hellam Township's website: “Just as there seems to be no truth to the rumors about the ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ (no asylum ever existed there, and the local doctor had only one gate and that was to keep out trespassers), there is also no truth to the story that Hellam Township was named for ‘hell’! More: Seven Gates of Hell and Toad Road, Part II. Some say that the gates were put up by the local search party to trap the remaining inmates. So what is the Seven Gates of Hell, with its alleged insane asylum and all? (See the post: Date nights in Rehmeyer’s Hollow and other stories about York County’s Hex Murder.) It's like the guy and girl whose car stalls on a dirt road after hearing that a convict with a hook for hand is on the lose. “Just as there seems to be no truth to the rumors about the ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ (no asylum ever existed there, and the local doctor had only one gate and that was to keep out trespassers), there is also no truth to the story that Hellam Township was named for ‘hell’! Those inmates were burned to death or else lived on in murderous wrath. More from Gary on the Seven Gates of Hell. Trespassers will be prosecuted.”. Also of interest: What do you think about those ghost stories linked to historic sites in York and Adams counties?.

Trout Run Rd, When you think about that: Who would ever know? A trail leading to the gates is known as Toad Road. That school, as it turns out, is in Lower Windsor Township. Before the house was torn down, bullet holes were visible in the garage door and in the wall on the side of the house where the garage door was located. The Seven Gates Of Hell, York PA. For those of you that don't know the wide spread tale of the seven gates of hell, I will treat you to the delight myself. Both accounts agree on only one gate being visible during the day, but the other six can be seen at night. Here are two of the most popular: A worker on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge fell as cement was being poured to form one of the bridge supports. A indie movie, "Toad Road," draws from this place of incredible horrors.

What is special about Gate No. Haines Shoe House, historic barns, the “Codorus” steamboat,  Codorus Furnace are on there. Do people visit Toad Road? worker on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Another story has a local doctor building a gate at the entrance to his property. Apparently, the area in question is a wooded area off Trout Run Road in the northwestern part of the Township.

According to the legend, no one has ever passed the fifth gate, but if they passed all seven, they would go directly to hell. Anything else? Murder and witchcraft: The incredible story of York County's Hex Murder, York curiosities: 7 Gates of Hell tops list. I went looking for these gates when I was sixteen, and while I found the first set of gates, all we did was get lost in the woods looking for the rest. (2) Ive also heard that noone has ever past the 5th gate, is this true? Anything you plan or save automagically syncs with the apps, ready for you to hit the road! The story is an urban legend, or myth. Does York County have other urban legends? This location is on private property and is presented for information purposes only. See additional York Town Square posts here. And now,  another couple of words from the township: “Just a note: this area is private property. It is a story of death and despair. The gargoyles, or whatever they were, vanished in the early 1970s, I think." Actually, no.

How could have such a story have started? Dutery said people talked about it all the time, but few visited it. Another story about the gates of hell is of a man in the 1950s who murdered his wife and children with a shot gun and impaled their corpses on the spikes of one of the gates. Like talking history? Page 1 of 3 - 7 gates of hell, York PA - posted in Haunted Places: Hey everyone, ive been reading about the 7 gates of hell in York, PA. ive just got a few questions. 17406

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