How do we know? We are pretty sure that the Kawasaki engineers weren’t lining up to copy the lackluster 2018–2019 Honda CRF250 powerplant, even though it has an even bigger bore and shorter stroke than the KTM. Spring rate: 5.0 N/mm The rear suspension felt well planted and stable. We set sag for each test rider at 105mm, and that was it. The Yamaha simply is amazing in this area and can let any rider be lazier while still maintaining speed. Only in a racing situation. Brakes. Kawasaki used lower front-engine mounts that allowed the change from through bolts to stud bolts. While the Yamaha doesn’t have amazing brakes, the rear brake on the blue bike is more linear and easier to modulate. I have been riding the 2019 Yamaha YZ250F for some time and have become well aquatinted with it, so Keefer asked me to conjure up this article and now here we are! Kawasaki made numerous changes to it all in the name of finding more high-revving top-end power. The new suspension is a big improvement over the Single Function Fork from Showa on the previous model. Overall width: 820mm A lot is riding on the 2020 KX250’s much-improved engine and suspension package. It should be noted that the KX250 goes toe to toe with the 2019-2020 YZ250F up hills and in a drag race. 2020 sees Kawasaki adopt the KYB 48mm inverted spring coil fork and the new Uni-trak shock set-up has been updated as well featuring dual compression adjustability for low and high speed damping. The Yamaha is more chuggy and you can feel every time that crankshaft comes around, which gives me that planted rear end acceleration feeling. It was easy to ride for lower-level riders. The bottom line is that for 2020 Kawasaki made a move in the right direction in making the KX250 a better more competitive machine. After playing with some clickers we came up with a comfortable setting and I came away quite impressed with the comfort as well as the performance of the front and rear suspension. One of these things is something every racer really needs; the other is something every racer really wants. The tank area of the seat is flatter and this allows the seat to be flatter and smoother making it easier for the rider to move weight forward. Do you think Kawasaki borrowed a page out of KTM’s playbook? We wouldn’t be entirely wrong saying that the KX250’s engine is all new. (3) Launch control. Go down to 4.8 N/mm springs (or as low of 4.4 N/mm) to get the supple Yamaha SSS fork feel you are looking for. 2019 has been an incredible year for the green manufacturer with multiple race wins in both the 250 East and West championships as well as taking out the AMA 250 MX title with Adam Cianciarulo, so 2020 appears to be another strong year for Kawasaki in America and in Europe. To up the ante, the KX250’s compression ratio was increased from 13.4:1 to 14.2:1 via the new bridge-box piston’s revised crown design. Q: HOW GOOD ARE THE NEW KAYABA COMPONENTS? Upon further inspection we noticed that the pedal has a very long stroke to get the brake to work and when it finally does it gets very grabby feeling. Clutch: Wet multi-plate, cable actuation, Chassis: Tubular-steel, semi-double cradle frame The 2020 KX250 costs $11,048 Ride Away and is available now. The goal was to produce a high-revving powerplant. Racer X Films: 2020 Kawasaki KX250 with Grant Langston - Duration: 4:36. To help the KX250 pass the AMA/FIM sound test. (4) Starting. To do this requires a very aggressive cam profile, which puts tremendous strain on the basic bucket-on-shim system. The inherent problem with this strategy is that Superbike racing and motocross don’t have much in common. This is the cheapest-priced bike in the class at $7799. Thankfully, it has considerable adjustability and great mapping options.

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