from Chicago Dieses Auto ist wunderbar! SUV Review: 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe GTS, Yes! But its weight-per-horsepower ratio is a rather mundane (for a Porsche) 8.5:1.

— The car is really nice, other than that! ( I am a mechanic and worked on toomany of them with same problems).Dump it. Does drink gas but well worth it. Gas milage is not good but who cares you have 500 horses to feed under the engine. Such a pleasure to drive —on turns almost feels like your going straight! Ritzy Porsche Cayenne SUV is cool, but not hot. You want to know how many kilograms per horsepower? I`m retired now & enjoy the finer things in life & the Porsche Cayenne is one of them. The Cayenne comes with a reasonable number of standard features: Leather interior, a trip computer, power windows, power front seats, air conditioning and cruise control. Transmission: Six-speed manumatic Brakes: Four-wheel disc with ABS Tires: P255/55R18 all-season Price: Base/as tested — $62,500/$69,020 Destination charge: $1,045 Fuel economy L/100 km: 15.6 city, 12.2 hwy. Answers are provided by third parties. How can you not want to rush out and stock up on Cayennes? Porsche forgot about the toxic fumes from the battery.

Porsche do go that extra mile with thought into style/ comfort/ class. I love how fast and reliable my Cayenne is. But they are no worse than VW, Volvo or Audi. We do not guarantee accuracy of responses, *National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, began because we believe everyone deserves access to unbiased, accurate information about every vehicle. Poorly designed and very expensive to own. Cayenne = Power — This is my second Porsche Cayenne S and I love the power and acceleration, great performance for an suv.

of torque (the engine was introduced midway through the 2004 model year). and 229 ft.-lb. Love the power and handling and overall utility of vehicle.

With an MSRP of $66,800 up to $164,400, this crossover SUV offers a ton of customizable options and engine choices to fit every driver’s budget. Edmunds gives the new 2020 Porsche Cayenne a solid 8/10 rating. Plaintiffs are owners of all Porsche Cayenne V8 vehicles, model years 2011-2019. 2004 Porsche Cayenne Pros and Cons Member4491 Real Porsche performance in a practical suv package. Read More, Solid German engineering. By way of comparison, the Boxster (the 2004 model, as Porsche hasn’t released the upcoming new model’s price) is a significantly higher $47.34 a kilogram. Unauthorized distrbution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. by Sean Try to find a high end independent car mechanic and avoid the Porsche dealers like the plague as the parts and labor will kill you. What's the 2004 Porsche Cayenne wheel bolt pattern? Interior is cheap and the worst part is the battery right under driver seat. Did you?

06/11/10. But what I found disconcerting is the SUV’s part-throttle acceleration — or, rather, the almost total absence thereof. 03/18/10. Ticks all the boxes. What’s that? This is excellent value for money now. Did you? This car is fun to drive and gives you all the fun you can expect driving a Porsche. Still, one can’t get around the fact that the five-seater Cayenne is a bulky brute that, depending on how it’s optioned out, can see its curb weight blimp out to 2,535 kilograms. Outstanding — This truck is so much fun. It is like you never left the living room or the lazy-boy recliner because the ride is so smooth and comfortable. I just love it! © 2020 Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. It is great for long trips and towing. Simplifying the I would not buy it used again. Took my daughter for a soccer trip to Michigan on some curvy roads.

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Sign Up, Already have an account? Porsche seems to be particularly proud of the fact that peak torque is held all the way from 2,500 r.p.m. from long beach California Pros: View reviews where users commented on categories. Both its transferasemodule and transfer case itself and even servo motor goes bad.

Porsche’s six-speed Tiptronic S manumatic — which allows the driver to shift gears by moving the selector lever on the centre console to the left into the manual gear selector gate or by using thumb-activated switches mounted on the steering wheel — can mitigate some of the lethargy. We tested a 2004 Cayenne S with a base price of $55,900 and more than $10,000 in options, including leather upholstery and air suspension. Such a joy to drive —try one out and see for yourself why Porsche has such a great reputation. Great power and handling. What's the 2004 Porsche Cayenne towing capacity? Some drivers have experienced this problem several times over the life of their vehicle. This is my winter commuter. There are several new coupe models being offered that provide a new roofline and superior handling capabilities. Interior is cheap and the worst part is the battery right under driver seat. Chronic Transfer case problems $6900- in... © 2020 Vehicle History Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Cons: These are my ideas based on test driving the original 03–07 models, owning an 08 GTS, and having looked at/ read about the newer models. Get the real truth from owners like you. The tester had the optional six-speed Tiptronic S manumatic transmission (add $4,000 to the base price), which takes another six-tenths of a second. It is all overthe web. The NHTSA is investigating these claims. Engine Power, Utility, Speed, Handling. Retrouvez les cotes auto PORSCHE CAYENNE 2004 classées par versions. Quiet but powerful. it's really fun to drive! Still, can’t seem to part with my 955 S so now the plan is to use it in winter months... can’t wait to feel the handling in snow and up Canadian winter hills! — The coils were only about $55 a piece so not too bad. Performance is very good, 365 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON, M4W3L4, Very reliable if you keep up with regular services. It does things that SUV's shouldn't be able to do. I am happy with the overall performance. When necessary, the PTM will direct up to 100 per cent of the engine’s torque either to the front or the rear wheels. Nice interior and exterior quality. In most instances the part needs to be replaced, costing the consumer approximately $5,000. (The company’s champ in this department is the Carrera GT, at 2.3 kg per pony.). Factory stereo not great... we were also looking at the Audi Q8 Porsche.

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