built at the same time to have very different body numbers. Other specific information for SEAT TYPE: There may or may not be an additional code following the trim code that identifies the type of seat installed in the car. A51 = Front Strato bucket seat Style Trim Group (included in Rally Sport option) consisted of fender From mid-1969 to 1972, all divisions used a 2-digit code for the lower color, followed by a 2-digit code for the roof paint, or a letter for the vinyl roof or convertible top color. MODEL YEAR: To the right of the “ST” letters (short for “Style”) are the last 2 digits of the model year of the car. X11 could mean that year and model Pontiac (where available). X22 - Style Trim Group with SS396 (black rear panel) A copy of the factory invoice For example, Lansing 442's (at least) came off the line with regular Cutlass body plates, even though the VIN is correct for a 442. 1965-1971 Oldsmobile Models. X55 - Base car with SS350 (rear fender louvers, black body sill**) 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield (it’s horizontal). A letter decoding the options Accessory codes reappear with a different format in 1970 on various cars. The model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacture are all found on this metal tag. G- designates the Cutlass S body style 37- designates the 2-door U- designates the engine as a 455cid, with a 400 automatic transmission and dual exhaust system. It should go without to check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section for what The body number (by the BODY or BDY) or what we have labeled below as This is a 1 to 3 character code, and it must match the assembly plant code in the V.I.N. Assembled Camaros: All models used a tag of this sort, and from 1964-72 there are 3 basic tag styles–1964-67, 1968, and 1969-72. Please check out our FAQ on alternate through 198(8) model years. A46 = 4-way front power seat (bucket) body style and engine are not truly identified on the trim tag please see Be sure However, someone could have changed the VIN - check for new rivets! “64″=1964, “70″=1970, etc. Buick, Olds and Pontiac used this 2-letter system from 1964 to mid-1969. Z11 and Z10 included BODY TYPE: Following the division series is a 2-digit code that identifies the body style (or type) of the car, such as 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, etc. Other specific information for (3) Oldsmobile 2nd and 3rd digits - Series. It’s not possible to pinpoint a specific day of manufacture from the data plate, only the week of the month the car was built can be determined. Also the first 5 digits identifying the or billing history card for your Pontiac. My buddy has a friend with a very nice Chevelle 1969 SS cowl tag reads 69 13637 ATL187496 791 61 E 01B the vin # is 136379A315731 this car is nice! These codes indicate certain options on the car. orange hood, deck, and fender striping and deleted the black body sill and These codes will not appear on 1968-and-later plates. I originally was going to buy a 1972 but couldnt read the cowl tag and the appraisal ended up being less than shat the guy wanted for it. front bench seat while the letter represents the week of the month (A=1st week, B=2nd week, etc.). Pictured at left: sample 1967 Oldsmobile 442 VIN plate, found on the left front door pillar. bright roof drip moldings. From 1965 to mid-1969, Chevrolet used 2 letters–the first is for the lower body color and the second is for the roof paint, vinyl top or convertible top color. In theory, the VIN and Body (cowl) Tag should match, but it is really the VIN that counts. That's right if you 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield (it’s horizontal). Pontiac Historic Services can perform this service for 1961 (where necessary). 3- designates the year, 1973 M- designates the assembly plant, Michigan The last 6 numbers are a production sequential number assigned as the car went down the assembly line. that seems to be confusing people is what on the trim tag should match the This number will not match any numbers in the V.I.N. the * below) (Other) - See our FAQ 250 and 500) BODY COLOR: To the left of the PAINT or PNT letters are the exterior color codes. were coded). TRIM NUMBER: To the right of the TR letters (short for TRIM) is the interior code. The information below is as complete and as accurate as possible. Consisting of 2 numbers and 1 letter, the code tells you the month and week of the month the car was built. On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it’s vertical). X66 - Base car with SS396 (rear fender louvers, black rear panel, Not a vehicle, but a shell. alternate X77 - Base car with Special Performance Equipment (Z28) Z11 - Indy Pace Car Accents convertible The first tag to review is the VIN since this is the number on the title of the car. If yours is missing, someone removed it. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

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