Add a Name to this List Equipped with tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, its formations have fought in many campaigns, including the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

- 146th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps during the Second World War -. A Challenger 2 tank at Lulworth Ranges, Dorset, 2016.

If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. You will need a reader's ticket to do this. These regiments were mainly former cavalry units, most of which had mechanised in the 1920s and 1930s.

The RAC now includes ten regular and four yeomanry regiments, operating both as main armour and reconnaissance. It has served in several deployments, including the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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27th Oct 2020 - Please note we currently have a large backlog of submitted material, our volunteers are working through this as quickly as possible and all names, stories and photos will be added to the site. recording and preserving recollections, documents, photographs and small items. 1939-1944. You need to sign in to tag. This cavalry unit is the senior regiment in the British Army, having been formed in the 1650s. The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) was formed on 4 April 1939, just months before the outbreak of the Second World War (1939-45).
You can order records in advance to be ready for you when you visit Kew. Let us know. Want to find out more about your relative's service? Want to know what life was like during the War? We are also looking for volunteers to help with the website. Please ensure the tag is appropriate for the record. 146th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps.

Date: 1943 Jan.- Mar. If you have a general question please post it on our Facebook page. HQ Armour Centre Opened.

Explore the history and collections of the Royal Armoured Corps by visiting the regimental museum at Bovington in Dorset. This makes it one of the younger corps in the British Army.

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The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) was formed on 4 April 1939, just months before the outbreak of the Second World War (1939-45). Library contains an ever growing number diary entries, personal letters and other documents, transcribed into plain text. Helping people find out more about their relatives wartime experiences since 1999 by The Reconnaissance Corps was also part of the RAC from 1944 until its disbandment in 1946.

On the creation of the corps in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, it comprised those regular cavalry and Territorial Army Yeomanry regiments that had mechanised, together with the Royal Tank Regiment.


The RAC also included the battalions of the Royal Tank Regiment, previously known as the Royal Tank Corps.


In use from October 1942 serving in India and Burma with the 50th Indian Tank Brigade. Enter the tag you would like to associate with this record and click 'Add tag'. Formed in 1939, this acts as the overall corps for the armoured units of the British Army. If you can provide any additional information, especially on actions and locations at specific dates, please add it here.

Burma 1943: Royal Armoured Corps: 146 Army Tank Regiment, Have you found an error with this catalogue description? Read tagging guidelines. Mk 1 Tank crew helmet, Royal Armoured Corps, 1942, A Scimitar CVR(T) light reconnaissance tank, 2011. This record has not been digitised and cannot be downloaded. We currently have a huge backlog of submissions which need to be edited for display online, if you have a good standard of written English, an interest in the two World Wars and a little time to spare online we would appreciate your help. Royal Armoured Corps The Duke of Wellington's Regiment's two junior battalions, the 8th Battalion (8 DWR) and the 9th Battalion (9 DWR) were both simultaneously converted into armoured regiments, becoming respectively 145 RAC and 146 RAC .

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